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Good mood

A person with good health is free from anger, fear and suffering, and he has a good mood and satisfaction under any circumstances. The more difficulties and enemies he encounters, the happier he is, the greater his enthusiasm.

Your appearance, voice, behavior, and even your criticism will cause deep gratitude and fullness of feeling among all those present. All your words will be filled with deep benevolence, like the singing of birds, the humming of bees in Tagore's verses.
The stars, the sun, the mountains, the rivers and the seas are all ours. How can one be miserable? We will be full of charm, like a boy who received an amazing gift. If we are not like this, we have lost good health and are deprived of this fourth side of health - good mood. A healthy person is never angry!
How many real friends do you have? A large number of them and the acquisition of new friends indicates a wise deep understanding of the universe. Parents, brothers and sisters, of course, are not friends. A friend is one who you like, delights you, arouses your respect, who loves and admires you, who helps to fulfill your cherished dream at any cost to yourself, of course, when you did not ask for it.
How many friends do you have? If it’s not enough, then you consider yourself an exceptional person, or you’re a sad criminal without a good sense of good mood to make others happier. If suddenly you have two million true friends, you can assume, you can say that you are a friend of the whole earth and of all mankind. It is not enough that your friends were only people, living or dead. You will love and admire ALL creatures and things, including grains of sand, water droplets and blade of grass. "All the time I am present at the work of Nature, I admire and enjoy the simplest of creatures," said Wil Rogers, "I have not met a man whom I would not love."
If you are not able to make your wife and children your true friends, you are very sick. If you are not satisfied with any circumstances, you are a blind person who does not see either this limited world of relativity or the infinite, absolute Universe. Both are full of wonders. If you are suffering something, whether in a mental, moral, physiological, or social environment, climb into a secluded room and express yourself your grief.

If you have few intimate and close friends, it will be wise to watch yourself: take a teaspoonful of sesame seed powder and salt - gomassi to neutralize the acidity of your blood. The action of this advice can be seen on your children. Stop giving them sugar, honey, chocolate, which oxidize blood: unhappy Yin-children will be pulled by Yang-children and will find cheerfulness and fun for a week or two. Sesame seeds in a certain proportion (4 parts of roasted sesame seeds, ground into powder with 1 part of sea salt) and salt destroy the harmful effects of sugar on the entire human body, especially on the nervous and cerebral systems. Each particle of salt is covered with a layer of sesame oil, this prevents the appearance of thirst. Salt, meanwhile, penetrates the bloodstream and normalizes the acidity of its composition.
Remember, excess acidity and death are one and the same!
Rarely meet a man or woman with a sweet, pleasant character. The vast majority of them do not know how to achieve a good mood, but do not blame them for this: they are unwell. They do not know how to eat or how to drink.
If you have the correct consciousness of the amazing structure of the Universe, then you are full of endless joy and gratitude. But you cannot help others in acquiring this joy and gratitude and cannot share it with them. Give only your good mood, charm, friendly voice, simple words and "thank you" under any circumstances and as often as possible.
In the West, someone said: "Come on and take it," in the East we say: "Give, give and give forever." If you leave nothing to yourself that distorts your essence, you will get your own life - the whole Universe, and without any payment for it. You are the unique son or daughter of the infinite Universe: all of her creations, all that is alive, destructive and creative, are all necessary for you. If you know this, everything will come to you in all its wealth and abundance.
If you are afraid of losing your money or benefits, following the principle of "Give, give and give," you are sick and unhappy, you are a victim of your own forgetfulness. You have completely forgotten the basis of your luck and life, the infinite Universe: your sense of absolute justice is partially or completely eclipsed, you are unable to see the great law of nature.
If you give someone a small or large amount of your money, do not assume that you follow the Eastern principle of "give, give and give." You apply the "come and take" principle, the basis of Western economic theory, a tool to justify various types of colonization and exploitation of people of all races. The work of most of the so-called lower social strata — workers who are in a worse situation — brings them new fruits of exploitation and poverty. Give back what you got from others, an incomplete sacrifice. We remind Ali Babu, who gave only what he himself stole from the original 40 robbers.
Eastern giving, by contrast, is a sacrifice filled with endless gratitude, the result of a sense of freedom that is not bound to any debts. To sacrifice is to give the best and more that you have. Sacrifice is the demand of inner love, infinite freedom and absolute justice of life. True sacrifice is a consequence of the joy given life or the general scientific, omnipotent and self-supporting principle of life. This SATORI is self-liberation.
Mother Earth endlessly gives herself to grass as food. The grass gives itself to food animals and also endlessly. Through animals, life makes this world a happy, joyful, interesting year after year. Only people destroy and kill everything. Why do people not give themselves to others? In nature, one, dying, gives life to another. Man, in turn, must give himself the cause of the realization of the radiant miracle of creation; infinite freedom, inner happiness and absolute justice. Unable to understand this - either a slave, or sick or crazy.
If you are attractive, always disposed towards all people, always ready for others to give the best thing in the world, you will become happier than everyone - hardly one of the millions is able to experience great joy.
By studying our Macrobiotics, you can achieve all of this. You can really see the new horizons, which were called "Shaungrila" and "Erehwon", which people only dreamed for 300,000 years.
Macrobiotic medicine is the real lamp of Aladdin, the flying carpet that brings you the realization of your main dream. But to achieve this, you must first restore your health, increase to at least 60 points the indicators of the “Seven Health Qualities”.
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Good mood

  1. Mood Disorders
    In case of mood disorders, a person is engulfed in severe depression or mania (rapid mood elevation), or at times relive depression, at times mania. Mood disorders are divided into depressive disorders, in which a person has one or more periods of depression, but no periods of mania, and bipolar disorders, in which periods of depression are replaced by periods
  2. Attention and learning: mood dependence
    Mood is a steady emotional state. Experiencing emotion, we pay more attention to those events that fit our mood. As a result, we will learn more about such events. One of the experiments that demonstrated these phenomena consisted of three stages. At the first stage, the subjects were hypnotized and caused them either to have a joyful or sad mood (
  3. Mental states, feelings and moods
    In Soviet psychology, the theory of mental states for a long time was developed in works of an applied nature, mainly in the field of sports, flight, cosmonautics and some other areas of labor and social activity. They developed the concept of a state of readiness for a certain work [13, 41, 62, 70]. The essence of this theory is to determine the ways of forming
    The purpose of this chapter is to learn how to acquire the mood we need and stay in it as long as possible. Probably, you noticed, if the mood is good, then the observance of the desired diet is not difficult, the tone is elevated, and the splitting of fat is advancing. In other words, a good positive mood, a necessary condition for comfortable weight loss. And here it is very important for us to understand
  5. Good appetite
    If you are not able to eat the simplest food with joy, pleasure and deep gratitude to the Creator, you have a bad appetite. If you find very appetizing plain black bread or whole cooked brown rice, you have a good appetite and your stomach has a feeling of healthy hunger. A good appetite for food and sex is health itself. Sexual desire and happy satisfaction - necessary
  6. Oh good air
    Air, good in substance, is air in which there is no extraneous impurity of steam or smoke. It must be open under the sky and not closed in the walls and under the roof, of course, except for those [cases] when the air has undergone general damage, then open air is more susceptible to it than closed and closed. In other cases, the open air is better. This good air is clean and transparent: it does not
  7. Good memory
    Memory is the single most important factor in our life, the basis of our individuality, the compass in the sea of ​​existence. Without an excellent memory, without a treasury of the past, we will become nothing more than cybernetic machines. For example, very young children look at the fire with fascination, play with it and eventually burn it. The memory of this experience usually causes them to handle fire carefully for
  8. Deep and good sleep
    If you are dreaming or talking in a dream, your rest is not deep and is not sufficient. The best sleep is between four and six hours, if it is sufficient for you, if you do not fall asleep 3-4 minutes after the head touches the pillow or, at least after a while, your mind is not free from some anxiety, your sleep not calm and then you can't
  9. Good food
    Grain (unrefined whole grains): brown rice, buckwheat, wheat, corn, barley, millet. Eat them raw, boiled, infused, with or without water, pounded and baked. Eat as much as you want, provided that you have the rest of your meal. Vegetables: all kinds in their season, excluding only potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes. Permitted vegetables: carrots, onions,
  10. Stage 2. Compilation of psychological portraits of "good father" and "ideal man"
    Students carry out work on the compilation of psychological portraits of the "ideal man" and "good father." They are offered instructions: “Rank the qualities of personality proposed below, which characterize the“ ideal man ”. The ranking is carried out as follows. First, choose the quality that you think is necessary for the “ideal man” to the greatest extent. Put the
  11. Everything is new - well forgotten old
    Needless to say, long before the scientifically based conclusions of dietitians, popular wisdom substantiated acceptable and, for the most part, reasonable combinations of food: cereal and butter, soup and cream, meat and vegetables, etc., etc. doubts and nutritional moderation promoted by “dividers”. Of course, one should, if possible, introduce more fruit into the food, and
  12. Stage 1. Compilation of psychological portraits of "good mother" and "ideal woman"
    The teacher provides students with basic theoretical information regarding the topic of the lesson. Students are then asked to complete the following assignment: “Rank the qualities of personality suggested below to characterize the“ ideal woman. ” The ranking is carried out as follows. First, select the quality that you think best characterizes the ideal woman.
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