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Lose weight safely!

So, you gathered the will into a fist, appreciated the pros and cons, firmly decided to get acquainted with a slender body, while hidden under a layer of fat. Before you choose a training program and diet, be sure to pay attention to your health. It will not be superfluous to pass the most simple tests, talk with the district therapist.

Please do not rob yourself by stepping over an important stage of collecting information about the state of the body.
1 Health data will help you better know the features of your body and find the best course of action that will be crowned with success.
2 If you do not care about your health at the start of a big way, you can repeat my first failure.

Remember: the result directly depends on your determination to reveal your inner beauty!
I do not want my readers to join the ranks of losers, wailing about the meaninglessness of diets. And I'm not talking about the uncontrolled intake of diet pills. Now I firmly know that you can not joke with them. Only well-being in the process of losing weight and stable, but not fast results will lead you to the figure of your dreams. Do not be lazy how to prepare for an exciting journey to harmony!
I talk about how to start a diet as comfortable and harmless as possible and I hope that you can avoid my mistakes

First you need to decide on the goals of your beauty marathon: how much you want to lose and for how long. Many girls succumb to general losing hysteria and begin to drive pounds, which do not need to touch. As a result, poor health, depression, decreased immunity, digestive problems, and even alimentary disorders - bulimia or anorexia. Agree, no one wants to earn a feeling of constant hunger or a distorted perception of its own weight.
Doctors consider normal weight, calculated by the formula: height in centimeters minus 100, what is higher - the beginning of obesity. With my height of 165 centimeters, even during pregnancy, when special criteria are applied to body weight criteria, I weighed no more than 63 kilograms.
If it were not for work on television, then it would not be necessary to lose weight! After all, in the most "fatty" times, I normally passed a simple test - take a fold on the abdomen with the fingers of two hands. Do not pull strongly, but you shouldn’t hold it at all without pressure. If it turns out 3 cm - your weight is most likely within the physiological norm. L here fold less than 3 cm indicates a lack of body weight.
The second technique that allows you to independently determine how your weight corresponds to height is the calculation of body mass index. The formula I = m / h, according to which the index is calculated, was composed in the second half of the XIX century by a statistician from Belgium, Adolf Ketele. Body weight in kilograms must be divided by height in meters, squared. We will count on the example of my 57 kg that were once critical for a video camera.
Growth in a square is 1.65 multiplied by itself - 2.7225. We divide 57 by 2.7225, round up the result to an integer, and we get 21. In order to assess whether body weight is normal or excessive, we must use the interpretation system developed by the World Health Organization.
Body mass index The correspondence between the mass of a person and his height
16 or less Severe mass deficit
16.5-18.49 Underweight
18.5-24.99 Norm
25-29.99 Overweight [pre-obesity]
30-34.99 First degree obesity
35-39.99 Second degree obesity
40 or more Third degree obesity

Of course, the independent application of even such a time-tested formula provides only a rough estimate. After all, the body mass index does not show, for example, the corresponding

wearing muscle and fat, which is also very important. That is why I recommend a consultation with a nutritionist, at least one before the start of the diet and a couple during the entire period of weight loss. You need to clearly understand that obesity is a disease, and since you are determined to get rid of it, you cannot do without a doctor.
Considering that, having studied a couple of books and a dozen sites, we will receive the same amount of information as a professional doctor owns - complete arrogance
The human body is the most complicated system that physicians have been studying for years: it takes six years for basic education for doctors to do a residency. After all, it does not occur to anyone to independently fill their teeth or arrange a gynecological examination!
If you live in a small town where there are no specialized clinics for working with weight and even a nutritionist you can’t find a day with fire, feel free to go to a gastroenterologist and an endocrinologist. The fact is that all diets and all recommendations for losing weight, including mine, are designed for relatively healthy people. A medical examination may show that your weight problems are associated with hormonal disorders or gastrointestinal disease. In this case, you first need to deal with their health. Return it, you see, those extra pounds will go away.
After a long study of the topic of weight loss, discussion of these issues with friends and doctors, I formulated several principles of harmonious weight loss.
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Lose weight safely!

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  3. Why do we lose weight?
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