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How not to recover while on vacation

Staying at New Year's holidays at home and not getting better is almost impossible.
Taziki with salads, TV, sofa, lazy company of friends - this is so familiar to many. And on January 14 you suddenly find five extra pounds.
I usually do not take risks, and if I have a few days off, I go to the resort. Recently, most of all I like to have a rest with my daughter Marusya, and before that we had a wonderful vacation with my husband.
I'm not a fan of outdoor activities. In Moscow, I'm constantly on the move - there are three shots or two interviews a day, and you need to buy something, meet someone. I try to plan everything to get as much as possible, to be disciplined, not to relax. I often dream of just lying on the bed, watching a TV show, reading a book. Therefore, I prefer a calm all inclusive, beach on the beach, in general, the life of plants.
On vacation, I usually go with a laptop, I upload cool American comedies, serials, take with myself something to read and go to warm places.

If still you can not go on holiday and spend it at home, try to come up with several ways to have an active pastime, not related to food.
You can always go shopping, go to the movies, ride a bike or ski, make a snowman with a child. It does not require such a waste as a trip to the resort, but it will take you and tear off the festive table.
Once, however, my husband and I decided to make our vacation more active and went to France, to the mountains, to ski. And I only once in Moscow went on a snowboard and more than anything from winter sports did not try. Yura, too, was not particularly interested in this. We arrived, settled in a chalet, and in the morning I decided to go for a drive. Yura stayed at home, and I went on a descent with our common friend and his child. He asked me if an instructor was needed. But I'm a proud girl. No, I say myself. A friend advised to keep the fir-trees, and together with the daughter they rolled and soon disappeared from view.
I got up on the snowboard, buttoned up, got up and drove off. Very quickly I realized that keeping a tree is a mistake. The mountain was very steep, the descent was difficult, as on black tracks.
I flew on this snowboard, like crazy, I was very scared. I do not remember how many meters I drove down, but panicked terribly and soon flopped down on the ass.
Unexpectedly, I drove to some kind of track with obstacles, where only professionals skate.
A real nightmare!
Thank God, nothing happened to me. I unbuttoned the snowboard, threw it on my back, and, showering with burning tears, went back. I do not know why I went up, uphill, because down is much more convenient. Probably with fear. To top it all off, I also forgot the phone at home and could not call anyone, tell what happened to me. When I returned to the chalet, I threw down a snowboard, I swore to my husband that I would not go to such resorts any more. The beach, the sea and the sun are the places where I feel good.
But passive rest is the way to excess kilograms, this is well known. You come to the sea to the resort. I want to try everything, all inclusive beckons with variety, and in the long run you come from vacation not so harmonous as before. A little saves tan, which visually improves the shape, but it does not solve the problems.

If you are inclined to fullness, do not relax too much on vacation. Understand: if you start eating everything offered in the hotel restaurant, this will only complicate the task of losing weight.
It is better to let the extra food included in the cost of the voucher, get to the staff than settle on your hips in the form of fat. Swim more, go on excursions, flirt with men around and forget about food. Or switch your attention to other components of the rest.
For example, my most romantic dinner was in Thailand. Yura and I sat at a table by the sea, for us the Thais performed folk dance, we ate lobsters and other seafood. But the food did not absorb all attention. I remember more how candles and torches burned by the sea, how beautiful the Thai dance was, how we talked with Jury about life.

If you overeat the first of January, do not need a second to finish all that is left. Food from you will not go anywhere, and the saggy waist, on the contrary, is just waiting to appear. Remember that I wrote about unloading days.

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How not to recover while on vacation

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