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Classification of sources of human thoughts and actions

Classification of sources of human thoughts and actions
Love Profession Food and Drink
7th Self- Comprehensive Happy Eats and drinks all
higher realization, insight, Tao, satori a man fulfilling his dreams for life with great pleasure
6th Philosophy, Spiritual Thinker, Should in
ideological religion,
theory author diet
to the principles
5th Economy, Social Organizer Conformist:
social ethics as all

4th The science, He needs everything Is full It feeds
intellectual art understand,
to detect
knowledge of technology Clearly different theories of nutrition
3rd Literature Universal Is full Sophisticated
sentimental emotionality of emotions gourmet, connoisseur
2nd Dancing, Erotic searches Is full Gourmet glutton
level of feelings gymnastics,
1st Instincts Instincts Of those who Learns only
mechanical or hidden reflexes (hunger, appetite) sells his life serving for a fee through hunger and thirst

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Classification of sources of human thoughts and actions

  1. Sources of Medication Information in Human Milk
    HERBS FOR INCREASING THE AMOUNT OF MILK Is it safe to drink herbal teas during breastfeeding? I heard that some of them may even increase the amount of milk. Remember, herbs are medicines. In fact, many of the drugs sold were made from herbs. Be as careful and careful when taking herbs as you are careful about other prescribed and
  2. Classification of sources of gas and dust emissions.
    In fig. 2.1 shows the classification of sources of air pollution by the main technological processes of the woodworking industry. This methodology contains design formulas and specific indicators of emissions (emissions) of pollutants from a number of main production processes and equipment that have been studied quite well in terms of their impact on
  3. Classification of methods of action of drugs
    1. Khan fa. Fa - a technique. Khan Fa - treatment through the opening of pores. 1) Shen vena biao traction - treatment with acute and warm medicines. Used for outdoor cold in winter. For example: rheumatism, flu with wind and cold, acute glomerulonephritis, acute allergies. 2) Xin lien tia biao - treatment with sharp and refreshing herbs. Used with outdoor wind and heat (increased
  4. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of development of primary and secondary alteration. Classification of inflammatory mediators. Characteristic of their biological action
    As mentioned above, microorganisms, their endo- and exotoxins, various bacterial pathogenicity enzymes, components of the bacterial cell wall (lipopolysaccharides, peptidoglycans, teichoic acids), as well as mechanical, chemical trauma, ischemia, hypoxia, most often act as damaging agents. The significance of the various etiological factors of inflammation comes down,
  5. Mindset
    Mini Grooving Our life is what we think about it. Marcus Aurelius. “Reflections” John Wood, founder and president of the Center for the Development of Organizations, does not tire of reminding: while thinking in the system does not develop and evolve, its structure, including the mind, remains unchanged. One of the components of the ability to think systemically is the constant study of our patterns and stereotypes of thinking. here we
  6. Transmutation of negative thoughts
    Anxiety is a child of Fear. If you kill X Fear, Anxiety will die of hunger. This advice is very old, and yet it is never useful to repeat it, because it is absolutely necessary for all of us. Some people think that by killing both Fear and Anxiety, we cannot do anything. I read articles in serious journals whose authors were of the opinion that without anxiety a person would never accomplish any important
  7. Clarity of thoughts and deeds
    Good health people will have the ability to think, decide, and do everything with speed and clarity; speed is an expression of freedom. They are fast, accurate, agile and ready to answer the requirement of necessity. Healthy people have the ability to always restore order. This desire for order can be observed in animals and in the plant world. The beauty of movements or forms is an expression
  8. Industrial poisons, their classification. General patterns of action of industrial poisons. The main areas of prevention
    In the national economy of the industrially developed countries of the world, several hundreds of thousands of chemical and chemical-chemical properties are used with which the workers come into contact. These are inorganic, organic and organoelemental compounds. Of the inorganic compounds, the most common are metals (mercury, lead, tin, cadmium, chromium, nickel, zinc,
  9. Classification of antiarrhythmic drugs, or classes of antiarrhythmic action
    Antiarrhythmic drugs are grouped in four classes. Class I - substances that block fast Na channels of the cell membrane, i.e., inhibit the rate (Vmax) of the initial depolarization of cells with a fast electrical response (“membrane stabilizing” means): IA - quinidine, novocainamide, disopyramide, aymalin, primalin, cybenzoline, pyrmenol ; IB - lidocaine, trimecain, pyromecain,
  10. Has my way of thinking been the reason for having a child with severe physical disabilities?
    To think that you have the ability to cause a physical disability to another person is a big arrogance. No one person has this ability. I often meet with parents, in particular with mothers who feel responsible for the physical disability of their child. In fact, they feel guilty because they are not familiar with the law.
  11. Human person
    It is most fruitful to think of a human person as divided into three parts, or, even better, to realize that each individual represents three different personalities, each of which pulls in his direction ... So it is surprising how anything ever turns out to be made by Every man: a man or every woman carries all three in his head. Parent represents someone in
    In this question, we still encounter a sharp opposition of action, as an objective process, and psychological processes that ensure its implementation, but are no longer actions. Any human action, no matter how it is produced — physically or ideally — is an objective process of transforming the source material or position into
  13. Human estrogen
    17 beta estradiol (E2) This estrogen, often called simply “estradiol,” is the main biologically active estrogen produced in the pre-menopause period. It is this estrogen that is the optimal activator of estrogen receptors and provides all the benefits that are associated with "estrogen therapy." Estron (E1) This is a type of estrogen that is still produced alive.
  14. Where does human energy come from?
    To understand an object in this world, we must first ask ourselves what parts the object consists of and how it is composed of them, where its energy comes from and how this energy is supplied to the proper channels. To understand a car, we must first describe its parts and their location, and then consider how its mechanism turns the energy of gas into rotary
  15. The history of human intelligence
    The history of the development of human intelligence can be briefly defined as the search for ways to effectively communicate with a person’s own brain. When a person drew the first line, a genuine revolution began in his mind, in the history of which the intellect cards are the last frontier achieved. (For more on this issue, see Lorraine Gill's The Line Man Invented.))
  16. Behaviorist portrait of human behavior
    Like the psychoanalytic approach, the behavioral approach to personality is full of determinism. However, unlike the psychoanalytic approach, it gives very little attention to the biological determinants of behavior; it focuses exclusively on the determinants of the environment. Darwin’s ideas also greatly influenced him. In the same way as evolution by natural selection forms in species an adaptation to
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