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Quantum Detoxification: Purification of Consciousness

At the heart of the ancient traditions of health care is the idea that changes in consciousness entail changes in the body. Harmony in the body largely depends on the harmony in the mind. In India, the word amma refers to all toxins that accumulate and undermine health, both physical and mental. Most practitioners of Eastern medicine know that cleansing the patient’s mind helps to streamline the physiological functions of his body.
Western medicine recognizes the existence of a connection between the mind and the body, but has very vague ideas about its nature. Scientists observe and measure the effect of prolonged stress on the biochemistry of the body (the stress reaction “run or fight” saturates the body with cortisol) and note the corresponding changes in behavior (the occurrence of addiction to unhealthy foods and the development of problems with sleep). Any doctor who happens to be on duty at the intensive care unit will tell you that on Monday morning, just when the festive atmosphere of the weekend is replaced by everyday worries and anxieties, the number of patients coming with a heart attack or stroke sharply increases. In terms of integrative medicine, or wide-minded medicine, stress, anger or frustration experienced at the mental and emotional levels are sometimes manifested in the form of physical symptoms to get your attention. Negative thoughts and feelings pave the way for the weakest organs and begin their destructive work.
Therefore, detoxification is not limited to the physiological aspects of toxicity, which we can see and measure. It also provides relief from negative thoughts, emotions, and relationships.
Detoxification is more than cleansing the body and improving the efficiency of the liver. It includes meditation, purification and peace of mind. Detoxification at the physiological level contributes to detoxification at the quantum - mental - level, and vice versa.
The program provides an opportunity for several weeks to change some patterns of behavior. A change in thinking patterns is also envisioned. Since quantum toxins of stress and continuous reflection are among the main obstacles to health and physical well-being, it is strongly recommended to resort to quantum detoxification, which is the cleansing of waste and slags that fill the mind every day, and gaining attention that is displaced from the mind by disorderly, constantly returning thoughts. You can easily start this process with the help of several practitioners, which I recommend to your patients to include in the three-week program.
Harmony in the body largely depends on the harmony in the mind

“Think positively” is the most common slogan. But although positive thinking is much more pleasant than negative thinking, it absorbs attention, vital energy, and is capable of causing illness and hindering recovery. The awareness of the current moment, the distraction of attention from thoughts, whether positive or negative, is what will eventually redirect this very energy to something other than the generation of thoughts.
Attention - the energy of life
Awareness of the true meaning of the concept of "attention" is the key to quantum detoxification. Right now, when you read these lines, pay some attention to your right hand. Do not interrupt reading. Do both at the same time. Feel your right hand. You do not need to look at it; you can feel it in the process of reading. Feel her warmth, her moisture, the touch of her fingertips to each other. Now think: your hand existed before I asked you to pay attention to it, but you did not feel it.
You did not realize its existence. The moment you paid attention to it, it became a part of your consciousness and a perceived reality, and it becomes your experience. Thus, we can conclude: what your attention is directed to at the moment determines your experience at this moment. The overall experience of your life is the sum of all these moments.
Now imagine: in order to direct attention to the hand, you activate a chain of neurons (nerve cells) that connects the brain to the hand. The charge you send along this circuit, which was the second completely completely inactive, is literally an electrical charge. It is a stream of electrons, which in turn - as scientists in quantum physics - have found out, is energy or light. This energy, before you directed it along the chain, was used for something else. At the time you decide to use this energy to connect your brain and hand, you redistribute energy (as is the case with digestion and detoxification systems). You divert attention from where it was previously sent, and direct it along a chain of neurons to your arm. Instead of associating the brain with the hand, it connected the brain with thoughts and did it automatically, by default. Purposefully changing the object of attention, you use the will.
When attention is directed to thoughts, you are not aware of the reality that opens before you every moment. Thoughts are turned to the past or future, they wander in imaginary places and situations. Stuck in their grip, you find yourself immersed in thought. Curiously, your body does not know about it and reacts to thoughts as if they reflect reality.
When you imagine yourself fighting with someone, it produces adrenaline. It transforms your quantum thoughts into physical reality and pays for it. When your attention is paid to the hand, you are aware of the present. Your hand exists here and now. It is not a thought about a hand in the past or the future. The same applies to any part of your body: it exists at the moment. By focusing your attention on the hand or on any other part of the body, you are thereby present in the present. The chains you use actively transport electrons. As you invoke these electrons from the thinking consciousness, the number of your thoughts decreases, their intensity decreases, and the consciousness begins to calm down. In the meantime, there is friction in the new chains that are currently in use. Heat is generated, the chains heat up, the frequency of vibrations increases. Redirecting the flow of attention, directed at thoughts, to other objects is the art and practice of gaining presence in the present. It is an effective quantum detoxification tool that is initially applied individually, but ultimately, moving from one individual to another, corrects the collective insanity of toxic emotions, toxic relationships, and a toxic lifestyle.
A new, healthy life requires a change in the way of thinking. It requires conscious effort and is at first fraught with great difficulties. But over time and with constant practice, the difficulties gradually recede, and a new habit is formed - the habit of constant presence in the present. This practice is a form of meditation.

Below is a description of some practical tools for thinking about quantum toxicity and practices for use during the program.
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Quantum Detoxification: Purification of Consciousness

  1. Quantum toxins
    Toxicity is not limited to the scope of food and chemicals. There is another kind of toxicity that is equally pervasive and has the same effect on health, although this effect is more difficult to measure. Toxic thoughts, toxic relationships, anxiety, which is a byproduct of modern life, are all pollutants that negatively affect our consciousness and
  2. Purification methods
    This presentation of the main mechanisms of detoxification helps to understand why different programs produce different results. Some are designed to remove toxins quickly, others do it slowly. But they also differ in how well they align the intensity of the detoxification regime with the intensity of the hepatic detoxification, and this, in my opinion, determines their safety for
  3. Correction of the detoxification process
    Purification and detoxification programs speed up the process of eliminating toxins and increase its scale. But the acceleration of its first stage (release of toxins) does not at all entail an automatic acceleration of the second stage (neutralization of toxins). Different mechanisms operate at these two stages, and therefore they must be implemented in a balanced way. To avoid discomfort at the same time
  4. Periodic detoxification
    The next most common question that arises after the program is completed is “When should I repeat the program again?” How often and how long you should do detoxification depends on how clean your diet and lifestyle remain and what results you intend to achieve. But with the modern lifestyle in large cities it is impossible to completely avoid
  5. What is cleansing
    The possibility of healing is much closer than you think. It is in you, and you do not need recipes, medical procedures or recommendations of expensive specialists. Cleansing increases the intensity and effectiveness of the detoxification process, supports it with the help of suitable nutrients, restores bowel functions. Today, cleansing and detoxification programs are regaining
  6. Ayurvedic detoxification programs
    Compared to other cleansing practices of the Ayurvedic detoxification program, toxins are released more slowly because they use heat-treated products. But slowly does not mean ineffective. Many health problems are more successfully resolved with the help of long-term low-intensity detoxification methods. In addition, the ancient practices of Panchakarma reach
  7. Detoxification program: basic mechanisms
    The process of food processing is completed approximately 8 hours after it is taken. Only then can the body begin to collect debris that has accumulated not only for the current day, but also for weeks, months and years (if not decades). Due to lack of energy or time to cleanse the body, deposits of waste are formed. When food is completely digested, the start of detoxification signal is activated, and toxins
  8. Classification of methods of extracorporeal detoxification
    Above mentioned the main groups of methods of extracorporeal detoxification. In the classification of A.M. Sazonov, L.A. Ender considered in detail two of them. 1. Methods of enhancing natural detoxification systems: a) infusion therapy; b) hemodilution; c) forced diuresis. 2. Methods of artificial detoxification: a) hemodialysis; b) peritoneal dialysis; at)
  9. Body detoxification support
    The second important factor in the success of the program is to support detoxification of the body. You can render it in different ways. INCREASING THE EFFICIENCY OF DISPOSAL OF SLAGS The success of the program largely depends on the effective removal of slags. Spending less energy on digestion, absorption, transportation and assimilation of food, the body will direct more of it to its internal
  10. Purification programs with additives
    Purification programs with nutritional supplements have appeared in the detox world relatively recently. You drink cocktails specifically designed to provide the body with proteins, fats and some carbohydrates, as well as nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary for the liver. You also eat a limited amount of solid food that is not
  11. Body detoxification methods
    1. Select methods of extracorporeal detoxification: 1) Plasmapheresis 2) Hemosorption 3) Forced diuresis 4) Photohemotherapy Answers: a) correct 1,2,4; b) correctly 1,2,3; c) 2,3,4 correctly. 2. Literal translation of the term plasmapheresis: 1) Separation into layers 2) Absorption 3) Formation of complexes Answers: a) correct 1; b) correctly 2; c) correct 3. 3. All components of hemodialysis are
  12. Active detoxification methods
    1. Patient S., 19 years old, was admitted to the intensive care unit. From the anamnesis: 15 minutes before admission drank 100 ml of vinegar. Admission: BP 80/60 mm Hg, tachycardia up to 110 min, hemolysis of blood up to 500. Choose the sequence of application of detoxification methods depending on the stage of exogenous poisoning and justify your choice. 2. Patient K., 80 years old, was in the intensive care unit
  13. How to enter detoxification mode
    The body, designed to meet all these needs, is forced to prioritize, redistribute and reorganize. Since digestion consumes so much of the energy budget, detoxification is partly delayed. All additional modern toxins, to which we are exposed, penetrate into the circulatory system and body tissues, are delayed
    Among a large number of methods for treating various diseases involving toxicosis, intoxication, and also in cases of poisoning, extracorporeal detoxification methods are widely used, aimed at accelerating the elimination of toxic substances from the body, protecting and maintaining the functions of organs and systems of the patient. Despite the high importance and active use in the complex
  15. Extracorporeal Detoxification Techniques
    Based on the above classification, we consider the main methods of extracorporal detoxification. Infusion therapy The task of infusion means is the binding and neutralization of toxic substances. One of the most effective means of detoxification is serum albumin, produced in the form of a 5, 10, 20% solution. It has significant oncotic pressure and contributes to
  16. Weekly cleansing
    In the first 3-5 days of the program, you will see how much the body resists the change of deep-rooted eating habits, even those that you deeply consider to be harmful and from which you would like to get rid of. But it is necessary to conduct at least a weekly program. By the end of the week, as the toxins are released from the tissues they occupy for their subsequent neutralization and
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