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Quantum toxins

Toxicity is not limited to the sphere of food and chemicals. There is another kind of toxicity, the same pervasive and having the same effect on health, although this influence is more difficult to measure. Toxic thoughts, toxic attitudes, a sense of anxiety, a by-product of modern life, are all contaminants that negatively affect our consciousness and the functioning of our body. Although stress is not on the list of major environmental threats and is not recognized by most very busy doctors in hospitals as a serious health disorder, it is the same toxin as chemicals in our food, water and air.
Stress is the same toxin as any harmful chemical from our food, water and air
Today, we are flooded with such a stream of information as never before in human history (even the television news reported by a seated speaker in the studio is duplicated by a scrolling line at the bottom of the screen.) Our attention literally doubles. We are at any time available for communication on mobile phones, e-mail, faxes, and not to be continuously in touch became almost taboo.
We are always extremely busy trying to make a brilliant career, make brilliant acquaintances, grow brilliant children, acquire a brilliant home - never was the thirst for achievement so great and did not force us to live in a state of constant tension. Because of this race, we almost do not pay attention to your body, which can suffer and malfunction imperceptibly for us.
These incessant, painful, terrible reflections pushed me to go on a journey of self-healing. I managed to cope with allergies, overweight and irritable bowel syndrome, but my toxic thoughts did not bother me and prompted me to go deeper into the essence of what was happening to me. The toxic food I used, the toxic daily routine that I followed, and the toxic hospital environment filled with fear and disappointment, in one of the most toxic cities in the world, surrounded my body with an unbearable tribute, and only when the pain caused by constant anxiety in my chest led me to the thought that it could be a harbinger of a heart attack, I started looking for a different solution. My initial experience of meditation gave me hope. I went to India.
Whatever I have achieved in calming down my mind, it allows me to recognize in the complaints of my patients the same problems that once haunted me. Non-productive reflections rule us and control our life. We are bogged down not only in harmful eating habits that cause damage to our body and deprive it of the energy it needs, but also in continuous thoughts. They also require energy, exhausting the body and depleting the resources used for self-healing. I call the negative effects of stress "quantum toxins", because they can not be measured with medical devices. Stress finds many ways of its manifestation in the body, behavior and appearance, influencing the manner of eating, addiction and belief in one's own ability (or inability) to overcome it. Quantum toxicity, without a doubt, is one of the greatest obstacles to well-being.
How did this happen?
Toxic thoughts, toxic attitudes, a sense of anxiety, a by-product of modern life, are all contaminants that negatively affect the mind and functioning of the body
Quantum toxicity is by no means a new concept. Thousands of years before people invented preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, fertilizers and many other chemicals, detoxification was a priority for some very influential people on our planet. Buddhism, one of the oldest spiritual teachings, was determined by the Buddha himself as a way of detoxification. My friend and teacher Robert Thurman, a professor at Columbia University and a specialist in Tibetan Buddhism, once explained this to me as follows:
"In the center of the Buddhist Wheel of Life is a circle, and in it there are three animals - a pig, a cock and a snake, holding each other by the tails. The pig, symbolizing illusion and ignorance, seems to say: "I am the center of the universe and the most important being in it, and all the others are separate from me!" This deep conviction of a selfish being puts him in a position of confrontation with the universe, in which, sooner or later will be defeated. Proceeding from this perspective, the creature wants to absorb as much of the universe as possible, and this is called greed, which is symbolized by the cock. If this were possible, the creature would devour the entire universe to no longer fear it. But the universe is infinite, and, therefore, this is impossible. So, from the same perspective, the creature fears that others will want to devour it, and, encompassed by paranoia, it seeks to drive them all away, and this is called anger and hatred, which is symbolized by a snake.
Only freed from error, greed and anger, you can return to the state of enlightenment
These three toxins or toxins in Indian-Tibetan medicine correspond to phlegm, wind and bile, in the physical sphere - to the types of the organism "kapha", "watta" and "pitta", and in general, to communication, movement and heat. Health for the unenlightened person is a balance of these poisons and energies - the best that can be achieved. But true health, long-term and happy, is achieved through detoxification, the removal of poisons through wisdom, understanding the true nature of reality, the experience of unification with the universe, filling with energy and bliss, aversion to greed, fear of someone and hatred of someone, sympathy for everyone people who are treated as equal to themselves and beautiful in their differences, such as they see a beloved child, lover or good friend. This is the true health of enlightenment. "

Enlightenment, like true health, may seem to many people unattainable, but getting rid of poisons, which Buddha spoke of, is more important from this point of view than what we can do by changing food, drinks and using natural cleansers. In this state, we live with the consciousness that we already have everything we need. Only this really puts an end to the unbridled consumption and insanity of modern life.
Within the proposed detoxification program, you will be offered a short-term practice of meditation. This is a chance to relieve yourself of the spiritual burden and begin to understand what true health, long-term and happy, can mean to you.

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Quantum toxins

  1. Quantum detoxification: purification of consciousness
    At the heart of the ancient traditions of health care is the idea that changes in consciousness entail changes in the body. Harmony in the body largely depends on harmony in the mind. In India, the word amma means all toxins that accumulate and undermine health, both physical and mental. Most practitioners of oriental medicine know that purifying the patient's consciousness
  2. T-2-TOXIN
    T-2-toxin is a product of the life of fungi of the genus Fusar-ium, so until the late 60's the toxicoses caused by this mycotoxin were diagnosed as fusarotoxicoses. Many authors have been studying the fusarotoxicosis in our country (A.X. Sarkisov, 1948, MI Salikov, 1956; NA Spivtseva, 1966; IA Kurmanov, 1960-1971, etc.). A fusariotoxicosis clinic was described in a large
    Classification of bacterial toxins. Louis Pasteur in 1887 conducted experiments proving that substances that are formed as a result of the life of microorganisms and are found in nutrient broth, you can cause the same clinical signs of the disease, as well as when infected by the causative agent of the disease. E. Ru and A. Yersin in their experiments in 1889 confirmed this conclusion.
  4. What is a toxin?
    Toxin is something that disrupts the normal course of physiological processes and has a negative effect on the body's functions. Toxins are divided into many different types, having completely different properties, originating from many different sources and possessing different mechanisms of destructive effect. Regardless of how you feel about this problem, knowledge of what is
  5. Reduction of toxins
    Consider all possible factors of exposure to toxins and stress and make the following changes in our life for the next 12 months. These are the most important changes that can only be realized by living in a toxic world. · Replace cleaning products and personal care products containing harmful chemicals with natural products. · Obtain a water purification system. · Purchase the system
  6. Diagnosis of toxin damage
    How can you find out that you are exposed to toxins? Symptoms of this effect are manifested individually, but it is quite possible to learn how to identify them. I always carefully examine my patients through the prism of detoxification. Remember fatigue and Tony allergy? Depression and weight gain Kate? Robert, who is in his sixth decade, complained of unpredictable behavior
  7. Disinfection of toxins is a function of the liver
    Toxins and mucus that are released into the circulatory and lymphatic systems, as soon as the detoxification regime is turned on, should be neutralized and removed from the body. Why? Because they contain free radicals - electrically charged molecules, which, upon contact, corrode tissues and damage cells. In addition, they violate various functions - the division and reproduction of cells,
    Each toxic molecule causes a cascade of reactions that propagate like circles on the smooth water surface of a quiet lake formed as a result of the drop of a single drop. These circles diverge far, as far as the eye can see. Similarly, you can observe the chemical traces of each toxin after a long time after it initiated a chain of events. But
  9. TEST # 1. Check for toxins
    Answer the following questions and evaluate your state on a ten-point scale: 1 point - absolutely not or almost never, 10 points - happens every day or corresponds to 100%. Circle the appropriate score. The more points you have, the more you need to carry out any detox program. After carrying out the program, I will suggest that you pass this test again,
  10. Influence of toxins on children
    Sometimes the costs of modern nutrition are manifested in the most alarming way. Unfortunately, the main victims of toxins are children, who, due to the small size of their body, receive the greatest number of toxins. When patients reject the idea of ​​eating organic foods, I tell them about my colleague and friend Tina, with whom we worked together in Palm Springs. Thanks to her,
  11. Where do toxins come from?
    The results of the research indicate that in every modern person in the body in measurable quantities there are several hundred synthetic chemicals. These contaminants did not exist until the beginning of the twentieth century and played no part in the chemistry of the body. We can safely assume that we are all burdened with a toxic burden as a result of the impact of synthetic
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