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Methods of losing weight

Hirudotherapy also has a positive effect on carbohydrate and fat metabolism. This is due to the leech contained in the salivary glands of proteins. In addition, the saliva of the leech contains lipolytic enzymes that promote the rapid breakdown of fat and lower cholesterol levels.
The session of hirudotherapy costs almost 1000 rubles (in Moscow), and you need to understand that for 12-15 procedures you will pay already 15 thousand.

LPG Endermology
But LPG-massage really helped me! With its help, you can remove cellulite and reduce excess weight in specific places of the cluster, eliminate flabbiness of the skin, restore its elasticity. In principle, this is the same endermological massage, but not one massage therapist will do what the LPG can do.
My own result from the LPG-massage course was quite noticeable - I lost one size
The body, dressed in a special suit, is massaged by the rollers of the LPG apparatus, one of which captures the skin and the other smoothes. Rollers seem to "grind" the fat layer of the skin. At the same time, there is an effect of vacuum. The device acts on the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue.
As a result, for 10-20 procedures once or twice a week a new figure is modeled in man, fat is removed from hard-to-reach places like "ears" and "riding breeches" on the hips of women or "beer belly" in men.
Those adult ladies who treated flabbiness of the skin noticed that the skin area of ​​the skin is reduced by 10-20%. This is comparable to plastic surgery. The effect persists for several years.
For me, it was important that LPG massage is not so painful as mesotherapy, and is much more psychologically pleasing than hydrocolonotherapy and hirudotherapy. The disadvantage is only in price - it is quite high.
For the session you need to pay up to 2000 rubles. Therefore, after the course of procedures you will lose 20-40 thousand.
This is a completely wild way to lose weight, which I will not try in my life, but I must report it! I would not even refer helminthotherapy to the methods, calling it a malicious stupidity for people who want to harm themselves, but it's important for me to warn readers. Therefore, I will explain that helminthotherapy is "losing weight" with the help of tapeworm.
Several years ago, articles about this every now and then began to appear in the press - I read that with the help of a tapeworm, Elizabeth Taylor and even the opera diva Maria Callas shed weight. All doctors agree that it is absurd. No doctor who gave the oath of Hippocrates, will not allow himself to infect a man with a worm that allegedly "eats" all the extra calories. If the body is placed in the body of the most dangerous of the types of tapeworm - pork tapeworm, it can lead to serious complications, cause damage to the skin and internal organs. And if you hit his larvae in the brain, a person may even die.
At the same time, people infected with tapeworm, according to numerous observations of doctors, did not lose weight at all - the weight remained the same, only disorders of the stomach and intestines were observed.
How much it costs, I do not even want to know.
Plastic surgery
I never went to the plastic surgeon's desk, but I want to tell you about my attitude to this. After the birth and feeding of Marousi, I also ceased to arrange the condition of my breast. I am very worried about this topic, but decided to temporarily do nothing with it. I'm not bad at plastic surgery - it's very individual, maybe some women really need this operation.
But I do not understand, when instead of correcting the form, women increase their breasts immediately to the fifth size, so that everyone will notice and appreciate it. Sometimes, you come to a nightclub, and there's a nightmare. It feels like I'm at a factory for the production of dolls: each has the same puffy lips, like a duck, huge buffers. And how do they not see that it's terrible? There are a lot of charlatans that are made by some almost industrial scale from ordinary women of inflatable dolls. I think this is not an option. If a woman does not have the opportunity to perform an operation in an expensive clinic from a good master, then you should not do it at all.
Although when the chest is made qualitatively - so that you do not undermine it - it can be quite good. Beauty should look natural.

I consider it superfluous to do plastic surgery, instead of just going to the gym and fixing my figure in a more natural way. It's one thing - breast correction, quite another - the whole body. Do not be lazy, instead of working on yourself.
I did not have time for the gym. But I, as you probably know, was engaged in dancing. That's how it was.
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Methods of losing weight

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