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Weight loss methods

Hirudotherapy also has a positive effect on carbohydrate and fat metabolism. This is due to the leech proteins contained in the salivary glands. In addition, leech saliva contains lipolytic enzymes that promote the rapid breakdown of fats and lower cholesterol levels.
A hirudotherapy session costs almost 1000 rubles (in Moscow), and you need to understand that in 12-15 procedures you will pay 15 thousand.

Endermology LPG
But LPG-massage really helped me! With it, you can remove cellulite and reduce excess weight in specific areas of the cluster, eliminate flabbiness of the skin, restore its elasticity. In principle, this is the same endermological massage, but not a single massage therapist will do what the LPG machine can do.
My own result from the LPG massage course was quite noticeable - I lost one size
The body, dressed in a special suit, is massaged by LPG scooters, one of which captures the skin, and the other smooths. Rollers like "grind" the fatty layer of the skin. At the same time is the impact of vacuum. The device acts on the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue.
As a result, for 10–20 procedures, one or two times a week a person simulates a new figure; fat is removed from hard-to-reach places like “ears” and “breeches” on the hips of women or “beer belly” in men.
Those adult ladies who treated skin laxity, noticed that the area of ​​sagging skin is reduced by 10-20%. This is comparable to plastic surgery. The effect persists for several years.
For me, it was important that LPG massage is far from being as painful as mesotherapy, and much more psychologically pleasant than hydrocolonotherapy and hirudotherapy. The only disadvantage is the price - it is quite high.
For the session you need to pay up to 2000 rubles. Therefore, after a course of procedures, you will lose 20-40 thousand.
This is a completely wild way of losing weight, which I will not try in my life, but I must tell about it! I would not even put helmintherapy as a technique, calling it harmful nonsense for people who want to harm themselves, but it is important for me to warn readers. Therefore, I will explain that helmintherapy is “weight loss” with the help of a tapeworm.
Several years ago, articles about this continually began to appear in the press - I read that with the help of a tapeworm, Elizabeth Taylor and even the opera diva Maria Callas lost weight. All doctors agree that this is absurd. No doctor who gave the Hippocratic Oath will not allow himself to infect a person with a worm, which allegedly "eats" all the extra calories. If a larva of the most dangerous type of tapeworm - pork tapeworm is placed in the body, it can lead to serious complications, cause damage to the skin and internal organs. And if his larvae hit the brain, a person may even die.
In this case, people infected with tapeworm, according to numerous observations of doctors, did not lose weight at all - the weight remained the same, only indigestion of the stomach and intestines were observed.
How much it costs, I do not even want to know.
Plastic surgery
I never went to the table of a plastic surgeon, but I want to talk about my attitude to this. After giving birth and feeding Marusya, I also ceased to make a state of my breasts. I am very worried about this topic, but decided to temporarily do nothing with it. I have a good attitude to plastic surgery - it is very individual, perhaps some women really need such an operation.
But I do not understand when, instead of adjusting the shape, women expand their breasts to size five at once, so that everyone will notice and appreciate. Sometimes, you come to a nightclub, and there is some kind of nightmare. It feels like I'm in a factory for the production of dolls: each one has the same pout, like a duck, huge buffers. And how they do not see that it is terrible? There are a lot of charlatans who, on some industrial scale, make ordinary women inflatable dolls. I think this is not an option. If a woman does not have an opportunity to perform an operation in an expensive clinic with a good master, then you should not do it at all.
Although when the chest is made with high quality - so that you do not undermine, it can be quite good. Beauty should look natural.

I consider it completely unnecessary to do plastic surgery instead of just going to the gym and fixing my figure in a more natural way. Breast correction is one thing, the whole body is quite another. No need to be lazy instead of working on yourself.
I did not have time for the gym. But I, as you probably know, was engaged in dancing. That's how it was.
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Weight loss methods

  1. Myths about losing weight
    Every woman, secretly or obviously dreaming of losing weight, at the preparatory stage for this event is faced with, alas, all of us inherent, laziness, unwillingness to “deprive” of something. The treacherous thoughts arise by themselves: “Don't, don't lose weight, you are so beautiful! What about our favorite steaks? You have so little joy in life, do you want to deprive us of the latter? In the end, after two months you have
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    What is good for the mother is also good for the child. When you are toned up and feel light in your body, everything else will also be easy to do: breastfeeding and parental care. At the same time, improving your lifestyle can make it easier for you to take care of your body and your baby. There are many diets and fit-programs, but in our practice and in our family we have found that there is
  4. Ginzburg MM. The ideal weight loss program, 2005

  5. Gavrilov M. A., Dremov S. V., Bobrovsky A. V. .. Effective weight loss program for 7 days, 2006

  6. SESSION 9 The first pre-medical aid in cases of fever. Thermometry technique. Emergency care for infectious diseases, their prevention. Patient care (gastric lavage, enema). Curation of patients.
    Objective: To teach students how to diagnose febrile states and how to provide first aid. To acquaint with the main infectious diseases and measures for their prevention. To teach practical skills in patient care and the basics of supervision. Test questions 1. What is called fever? Clinical picture. The degree of increase in body temperature. 2. Tell us about the method of thermometry.
  7. Techniques
    In this chapter I am going to consider two techniques that will be referred to from time to time in the following presentation. You do not need to know these techniques - you can ignore my links to them when you meet them in the text. The book will be clear without them. I included them, because many of those who read my previous thinking work will want to know how familiar they are to
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    In uniformed technology technical methodology is a synthesis of methods of psychologic analysis. Understanding ".Methodics" is due to specific forms and methods of studying methods for further development, for additional reasons, to help you learn more psychological problems. Porovennya methodological, method virisha tactical problems and on the metro rozblennya singing algorithm doslіnnitskoy dyyalnost in
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    Even with the naked eye, all the time, that the psychophysical method is much more effective than the standard methods of treatment of hypertension. It doesn’t matter that you need to physically and strictly live according to some kind of code, some kind of program. What is important is what is given in return. And much is given - the return of lost health and stabilization of blood pressure is not the only goal,
  10. Alternative treatment methods
    Method No. 1 Doxycycline 0.1 g, 2 times a day, orally, for 30 days. Method No. 2 Ceftriaxone, a daily dose of 1.0 g, is administered intramuscularly in a single injection daily or 0.5 g 2 times a day with an interval of 12 hours for 14 days. Treatment of seroresistant syphilis in children is carried out similarly, taking into account when calculating the dose of the age and body weight of the child (children under 8 years
  11. Possibilities of various echoCG techniques
    Comparative capabilities of different methods of echoCG are presented in Table. 7.2 Table 7.2 Comparative capabilities of various echoCG techniques {foto200} + Least value (applicability); ++++ most valuable; "-" not applicable; "if the Doppler blood flow signal is suboptimal, administration of an echo contrast agent can improve the quality of the signal; * with contrast (intravenous administration
  12. Associative method of mental self-regulation
    This is a PSR technique using elements of Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP, which made it possible to expand the contingent of trainees by modifying M. Erikson’s seven-step model, adapted for group use; create more differentiated, acceptable and optimal for each student access keys by creating them by the patient in a state of self-regulation under the guidance of
    I am often asked: "How does your method differ from other diets?". The main advantage and difference of this technique lies in the complex and, at the same time, individual approach to the treatment of obesity, the combination of various methods of influence on the body, the ultimate goal of which is not only weight loss, but also a complete change in the metabolism in the patient's body. Clinical
  14. "Highlight" methods
    And now let's talk about the “highlight” of the psychophysical method. It can only be practiced by experienced students who have already stabilized blood pressure. There is absolutely no need to follow the breath - everything is built on "mental representation." Whether it is necessary or not, judge you already. But I am sure that my “mental performance” is nothing but powerful auto-training, and which is sometimes said
  15. Appendix No. 10 SOCIOMETRIC METHOD
    to art. 21 of the guidelines approved by the order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation of 1997 N___ SOCIOMETRIC METHOD. The most effective tool for the socio-psychological study of small groups and groups is the method of sociometry. Using this method you can set
  16. Method of studying higher mental functions
    The technique of the modern psychological experiment is closely tied to the general fundamental questions of psychological theory and, in the final analysis, has always been only a reflection of how the most important problems of psychology were solved. That is why the criticism of the basic views on the nature and development of mental processes inevitably should lead to a revision of the main points,
    PURPOSE OF THE EMPLOYMENT: To acquaint students with the sequence of statistical research, to teach self-development of a plan and program of statistical research, to correctly determine the observation unit and accounting signs, to acquaint with the method of collecting material for its processing and analysis. TECHNIQUE OF CONDUCTING THE SCHOOL At the beginning of the lesson the teacher gives a definition
  19. Method for determining the preschooler's self-esteem
    The theoretical and practical significance of the study of self-awareness, including various aspects of self-attitude and awareness of their place in the system of social relations, is so great that it predetermined the need to use this technique to diagnose a child’s self-esteem. The child is offered six vertical segments of the same length. Can be used instead of segments of the ladder of five
  20. Self-study methods
    Mastering the technique of fast reading in the proposed book is built in the form of conversations. Each conversation contains a small theoretical section, a description of the exercises and the order of their execution, as well as tests and test texts for measuring the speed of reading. The book comes with an insert containing 8 Schulte tables for training the visual field. You will need them to perform the exercises outlined in the sixth
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