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Myth number 2. I breastfeed a child - I can not lose weight

I was breastfeeding Marusia, though not for very long. A nursing mother usually has a strict diet. You can not eat anything harmful - red, spicy, sweet, Chinese cuisine, food from fast food. If you honestly exclude all this, prepare yourself steamed vegetables and meat and cereal with milk, weight loss should occur naturally. But many fail. Why?
It is believed that when a woman feeds, she needs to eat for two. I will not argue with that. But often "for two" turns into "for ten."
Wanting to provide her child with milk, the young mother wraps the plate behind the plate, although she usually doesn’t need so much at all. Excess calories are converted into fat, which accumulates on the sides, and then these sides are difficult to bring into their beautiful shape.

No need to go to extremes: do not starve yourself and do not overeat.
When losing weight problems will be less, and efforts will have to spend not so much.
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Myth number 2. I breastfeed a child - I can not lose weight

  1. Myth number 3. I can not lose weight - I have suffered so lately
    You have finished breastfeeding. Now it's time to take care of yourself, bring yourself into shape, close to prenatal. But something stops. Moreover. When you no longer have an “official” reason to overeat “for the sake of a child”, you begin to feel sorry for yourself, unhappy: “I limited myself so much during pregnancy and lactation. And now diets? Well, no, first tear off, as it should, and then
  2. Myth number 1. I have no time to take care of myself, and in general it is harmful for a child.
    That's nonsense! We invent “the rules of young mothers” for ourselves, such as “you can’t cut your hair or dye your hair”, when laziness interferes with an elementary way to clean up. Many girls have parents - grandmother and grandfather, who may well sit with the child when you need to do a manicure. My parents are far away, I could afford a nanny, - not an extremely expensive service. After all, have friends or
  3. Myth 9. It is necessary to wipe the child with alcohol, if he has a temperature
    In children, alcohol vapors are absorbed by the lungs, and children are very sensitive to even a small amount of alcohol. With the right approach, you should give the medicine recommended at a temperature, and if the temperature is very high, you should call an ambulance.
  4. Is every woman able to breastfeed?
    Most women are able to breastfeed: women with small breasts, and women with flat or inverted nipples. However, very often they do not receive information on how to breastfeed successfully, despite these problems, nor the support in which they
  5. Reasons why a woman cannot breastfeed
    Irresistible difficulties or contraindications to breastfeeding are found in very few women, among whom, according to medical indications, only 5% cannot breastfeed their baby. I The child should not be breastfed: • if the mother has such serious diseases as renal failure with renal insufficiency; congenital and acquired heart defects; myocarditis with
  6. Diet for breastfeeding
    After birth, the baby is dependent on the food that the mother receives while she continues to breastfeed. During this period, her own food is important for the child as well as before birth. These two periods from the trophological (nutritional) point of view can be viewed as one period for both mother and child. There were cases when infants were infected with scurvy, although mothers were
  7. Breastfeeding and mental development of the child
    It used to be that when breastfeeding a baby, the mother gives him only milk. Today, biologists say that it feeds energy, and milk is only a physical component. Many experiments have been conducted. The child was fed in accordance with the latest discoveries of medical science. He was given milk from the nipples, made the necessary vaccinations. The child had everything but not
  8. Why is it important to breastfeed?
    The unique biological properties of breast milk provide harmonious growth and development of the child, protect it from gastrointestinal diseases and respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, ear infections (inflammation of the middle ear), and also reduce the risk of developing allergies and asthma, diabetes. Breastfeeding provides long-term protection and reduces the risk of developing an irregular shape.
  9. Forced cessation of breastfeeding
    This is often done if the mother is pregnant. Often it is the baby who is the first to notice the “interesting position” of the mother and refuses to breast himself. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy a woman's hormones change and breast milk changes the taste. But even if the baby continues to ask for breast, many doctors still recommend interrupting breastfeeding. If mom has
  10. How can I get rid of the feeling of responsibility for a person dear to me who suffers in his soul How do I get rid of deep sadness?
    If the sight of a suffering dear person fills you with sadness, then this is because this situation awakens something in you that has long lain under a bushel and what you have tried to avoid. It would be important for you to conduct an internal research to better determine the nature of this sadness. What makes you so sad? It is not by chance that we choose certain people who
  11. Fadeeva V.V. Breastfeeding a baby (Practical advice for a young mother), 2009

  12. I am sick, but I feed
    Great weakness, headache, high fever ... I feel so bad! Immediately the baby started crying - it's time to feed, ... is it possible, all of a sudden it is dangerous? No matter how well breastfeeding is organized, no matter how good it is, many face the problem of nursing mothers disease. It's no secret to anyone that just 20 years ago, the recommendations of our doctors in these
    It's scary to even think about it, but the fact is a fact: up to 80 million cancer cells are formed daily in our body! Why doesn’t all of us all suffer from this terrible disease? Immune defense works, which manages to destroy mutant cells. The conclusion suggests itself: a healthy immune system will protect not only from colds, but also from this terrible disease -
  14. I think that having children is a big responsibility. It can even be called a lifetime contract. When I think I can cause them suffering, I feel bad. What do I need to do to think differently?
    Change your beliefs. First, when you make a decision to have a child, you should not think that you are responsible for his happiness. Your first motivation should be to give your soul a chance to return in order to incarnate. It is a gift of self. Then, to continue growth, you must learn to love this soul that has chosen you. To have a child is
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