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Myth number 3. I can not lose weight - I have suffered so lately

You have finished breastfeeding. Now it's time to take care of yourself, bring yourself into shape, close to prenatal. But something stops. Moreover. When you no longer have an “official” reason to overeat “for the sake of a child”, you begin to feel sorry for yourself, unhappy: “I limited myself so much during pregnancy and lactation. And now diets? Well, no, first tear off, as it should, and then start losing weight. "
If it is difficult to gather strength, determine for yourself the motivation for losing weight. Perhaps you will have your own - for example, to become the most beautiful mom in the playground.
Girls, here exactly there is a point of no return in its former size. As soon as you pass it, yielding to your own persuasion, agreeing to “pity yourself a little, beloved”, you can say goodbye to your favorite dresses forever and present them to slim friends. And if there is no own incentive for losing weight, then adopt one of the ones I suggested above. Any one you like.
It should be noted that this type of “food promotion” is not only those who really suffer, but women who have had a difficult pregnancy and difficult childbirth. Not pregnant and never giving birth to individuals, prone to exaggerating their life difficulties and solving problems by eating buns, very often resort to such logic.
During stress, many women close themselves from intercourse: lie down in front of the TV on the sofa and eat. Having put over sandwiches and buns, a woman spends time watching her favorite melodrama, staring at the holes, jams up her misfortune and does not want to live. This is like an increased appetite during PMS.

Life is constantly chewing, amorphous aunt - the worst thing that can happen: a woman loses herself, perhaps irrevocably. What to do if, in a stressful situation, the hands are drawn to the refrigerator?
I will share my tricks.
1 Do not bother misfortune - SHARE WITH CLOSE. I have friends who are ready to listen, support and help me in stressful situations. Instead of pining for loneliness, I go to one of my girlfriends, telling everything that has become painful. When they feel bad, they do the same - they come to me. Just do not overdo it: you can complain only when it is really bad. It is not necessary to retell every quarrel with her husband, scoring the head of another person with his everyday problems. Knowing that friends provide better therapy during times of stress, feel sorry for them and do not use in vain.

A psychologist is quite expensive, but you can sign up for at least two or three doses. Explain the situation, speak out, get advice - and it will be easier
2 Another way to escape from stress is to CHANGE IMAGE.
When I started having problems in my family (friction with my husband, his inattention to me, to my difficulties and worries put me in a nervous state), I decided to change the situation, starting with myself. I wanted to come home completely different, new.
I always had beautiful long hair. I made a square and repainted them in a light color. My husband was surprised that day and praised me very much. Many acquaintances noted that with the new hairstyle I became much more attractive. However, when compliments about the new hairstyle fell from all sides, the husband began to be jealous. But it was quite obvious: in spite of the increased attention to me of the opposite sex, it is still more pleasant for him to be with a beautiful woman. A little jealousy is not a hindrance here.
3 RETRAIN. If the stress is not too deep, then instead of having too much dinner, it is better to go to the movies, make a relaxing mask, lie in the bath with salt. This will distract and help to keep the shape. If serious difficulties and nerves have begun at the limit, my advice is to go to a psychologist or to a training. In no case a sect, only a specialist.
Much harder for pregnant women. Unlike non-pregnant, they can not ride a roller or go to the SPA-salon to soak in the jacuzzi. Or even smoke a cigarette in silence, drink a glass of wine or go to a rock concert. The possibilities of a pregnant woman are limited, so you have to invent other methods for getting rid of stress.
4 SHOPPING. I personally calmed down by the fact that I endlessly bought something for the future baby - bottles, vests. The husband did not want me to acquire something for the child before the birth - I thought it was a bad omen, he was a superstitious person. We had a disagreement about this. But on the other hand, I relaxed: the children's shopping for a while pacified me.
Things had to be hidden by relatives and friends. The stroller and the cot were taken to the grandmother. Although, of course, it was unpleasant for me to see young married couples choosing a stroller together, buying diapers and rattles, but I had to do all this with my driver. But in any case, it is better than bothering to stink from staying at home. After all, the child also feels the stress of the mother, you need to take care of his psychological health.
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Myth number 3. I can not lose weight - I have suffered so lately

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