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Myths about losing weight

Every woman who secretly or obviously dreams of losing weight, at the stage of preparation for this event, faces, alas, all of us inherent in laziness, unwillingness to "deprive ourselves of something". By themselves, treacherous thoughts arise: "Do not, not thin, you are so beautiful! What about our favorite steaks? You have so few joys in your life, do you want to deprive us of the latter? In the end, in two months you have a birthday - will you leave us without sweet? Let's postpone losing weight! Yes, you will have time to prepare for the beach season. ". And so on and so forth. What can we not tell ourselves, just to get rid of the painful work on ourselves.
In the world of lazy people, there are various myths that you and I should be disassembled before we start to fight the extra pounds.
By the time of my marriage, in an unexpected way - after a surgical operation - I managed to return to my "pre-tablet" form. Just a month after the wedding, I realized that Marusya was pregnant.
Months of pregnancy flew quickly. I did not quit my favorite job-I worked almost every day with my doctor, read books about motherhood and upbringing, I looked for a clinic where birth would take place, I would shoot for magazines and give interviews, buy food from home, even sometimes began to conjure at the stove. Although it was hard, I really liked the role of a young wife and a future mother.
I am very grateful to the fate that I was given the opportunity to share the happiness of pregnancy with a close friend that I managed to support her and share the information that I have accumulated
Three months later, my girlfriend Nastia became pregnant, and again everything in our life coincided. We, as before, called up at the first opportunity, only discussed not fans and shootings, but vitamins for pregnant women and aching backs.
I admit, it was not easy to lead a measured lifestyle, which doctors recommend to pregnant women. I'm very smart, I like to plan a lot and have a lot of time. Of course, for Marusya's appetites had to be tempered, I became more cautious and neat. Nastya and I understood that we are responsible for our children and we must limit ourselves.
You can not, for example, go to the sea, because traveling with a long flight and a sharp change of climate is dangerous for pregnant women. In the evening everyone goes to the movies, and you stay at home, because the child in the stomach reacts very violently to the darkness and loud sounds. Everyone goes to a restaurant, and you do not, because it's smoky: I quit smoking and did not drink alcohol at all, refusing even a symbolic glass of wine. The taming of the internal energy in a sense is similar to the compression of the spring. I accumulated strength - after birth, they were needed, like never before.
I had a huge, well, just incredible belly. But during pregnancy I did not collect much - only 13 kilograms. That is, I met the normal weight gain from conception and until delivery
Naturally, I began to recover. I did not allow myself such nasty things as cola. True, she could eat a hamburger or a chocolate bar if she really wanted to. In this case, I must say, I was an exemplary pregnant woman. I was not covered with wild desires like strawberries in the middle of the night, and I did not fight in hysterics until my husband got it for me - immediately, immediately! Or did not need to have a box of truffles around the pillow around the clock. However, I also did not have toxicosis: I felt fine, ate deliciously and correctly.
Weight gain during pregnancy largely depends on whether you have extra pounds. The less you weigh, the more you add: if the body weight is less than normal, depending on growth and lifestyle, the increase will be from 12 to 18, and even 20 kg! If the weight is within the norm, dial from 11 to 16 kg, mothers with excess weight are added from 7 to 12 kg, and patients with obesity - 6 kg or less.
Naturally, the figures given by me are average, your obstetrician-gynecologist, who leads the pregnancy, will qualify your individual situation. By the way, if the mother bore twins, the weight gain will be more significant than in normal pregnancy, from about 16 to 21 kg.
While there is a breastfeeding of the child, about any growing thin even speech can not be - it strongly will do much harm to the kid. If you go to work early and express milk, before the end of this process, to make efforts to lose weight, too, can not
Each of the kilograms added when bearing is needed for both mom and baby. Let's see how they are distributed.
Additional deposits of fat, protecting the body, is gaining 3-4 kg, as much as a baby weighs. About half a kilogram adds a placenta, the uterus during pregnancy weighs about 1 kg and the same number - the amniotic fluid, the same waters that depart at the beginning of childbirth. During the feeding of the baby, the weight of the breast increases, on average by 500 g, but this largely depends on the initial size of your bust.
Approximately 1.5 kg adds extra blood, which nourishes the fetus, and about 2 kg of water, which is additionally retained in the body to handle all the organs responsible for metabolism.
Most of the weight gain disappears immediately after birth. Then a long and delicate process of returning to the old form begins. The most important mistake made by young mothers is unwillingness to reckon with anatomy. She also forces them not to prepare for pregnancy, and in fact the pre-inflated press will facilitate obstetric care, and then help quickly return to normal.
After pregnancy, the body by and large works for lactation: everything that is in us comes into milk.
Read at least one book on pregnancy, and you will see that many complex processes go on in our body for nine months of waiting for a miracle. Naturally, in one day to win back all the body can not, especially given the need for lactation. Postnatal hormonal reorganization takes from six months to a year, before you worry about your weight simply is not worth it!

Be engaged in the child, enjoy motherhood and prepare for growing thin - collect and analyze the information.
If you want to know how long the normalization of the hormonal background will last, discuss this issue with your doctor, and also with your mother and grandmother - they will share information on how and how many women of your kind recovered from pregnancy.
This process, of course, depends not only on heredity, but also on the way of life. By the way, I know a couple of examples of how real pyschki after birth became slender, without taking any significant efforts at all! I think that this is the result of a happy motherhood and a lack of weight loss - psychologically they are more slender girls were ready for fatness. In front of me there is an example of a swift return to the original form - Alena Vodonaeva, with whom we still maintain friendly relations, after the birth of Bogdan's son, six months later was the same reed as before. What's the secret? Genes, enjoying motherhood and, of course, love for yourself and your body!
I had difficult births - I moaned and screamed for 13 hours. It seemed to me that the pain would never end. After all, I just wanted to lie in bed, where no one would touch me.
The friends were almost always there and supported me as best they could. Nastya, the day after birth, Marusya came to me and, looking around her belly anxiously, asked what it was like to bring a child into the world.
Yura, like many young fathers, was completely stunned by the changes that occurred in our lives, and almost did not help me.
I slukavila that almost does not hurt that she was not afraid of anything.
After the birth, it began to seem to me that I married Karinka and Nastya. Household aspects of family life fell on my narrow shoulders. I was trembling over Marusya, I wanted to spend every minute looking at my little princess. All the riches of the world, I did not hesitate a second, would exchange for her wonderful curls and pink heels. I did not want to give my daughter a nanny, but life dictated its terms, and a month later I went to work.
There was no time at all! At night I got up to the baby, in the morning it was necessary to express milk, feed Marusya. Then I slept for an hour, fed again, slept a little more, and at nine o'clock in the morning I met a make-up artist, then ran to shoot and-again home to my daughter. And you have to get to the store for groceries, you still have to give an interview, you still have to give some time to your appearance.
Living in such a rhythm, I did not have time to overeat. That there once again to eat - I could only have taken a shower for ten minutes, and then with an open door - to watch when the child wakes up. Marousia helped me as best she could: she was not particularly restless, but rather a rather balanced girl.
However, after the pregnancy, I changed the figure a little, and it was necessary to update the wardrobe - the TV presenter can not appear on the screen for the week in the same dresses. Of course, my grandmother and mother helped out, but it was terribly hard all the time.
Usually the life of a young mother is a special period. This is a happy time when a woman spends a lot of time at home. The fridge and the stove are next door, and nothing seems to be required, except to do the baby.
It happens that the husband, seeing his recovered and neglected wife in children's concerns, seeks to reassure her. But the phrase: "Oh, do not worry, for me you are the most beautiful", can not commit to anything - over time the husband will start to walk on the side.
In general, do not listen to them. Those young mothers who agree with ease and pleasure that they are "so beautiful" can often observe some wild palette of flowers on their heads: the hair at the roots has grown, from the middle of the paint has washed, the ends have turned yellow. Everything has a wonderful excuse: a child.
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