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From fashion to depression and disease

People who learn about what I do always ask me: “Doctor, what should I eat?” Americans are obsessed with the desire to find the right formula for nutrition. Since 1990, when I moved to New York, I witnessed the implementation of many bizarre theories that took hold of the minds of the entire country, brought about industry restructuring, and ultimately resulted in more casualties than all the wars combined.
Scientists recognize that they do not know anything about how the thousands of chemicals that we are exposed to interact within our tissues and cells.

The first was a war on fats. A frontal attack on them turned all life in America. Doctors, united with the media, convinced the population that fats were hidden weapons of mass destruction, and therefore they were excluded from all products sold in supermarkets. The food industry has taken an active part in this campaign, filling the shelves with fat-free products. Even skimmed butter is on sale! Caloric void left by fats, filled with carbohydrates. “Low Fat” has become a keyword. However, Americans have become the fattest nation in the world.
Before the wave of heart attacks subsided, America found a new enemy - carbohydrates. Fighting began again on all fronts. Now it was believed that losing weight does not mean eating fat-free foods, it means eating everything, on the labels of which it is written “sugar free”. Calories that were not picked as a result of elimination of carbohydrates from the diet were replenished by increasing the proportion of proteins, and this was far from accidental. A diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates has been practiced in America for a long time. Bodybuilding enthusiasts have long understood that if there is more protein, muscle mass will quickly grow. They have less body fat than anyone else — not from birth, but as a result of tremendous physical effort and tons of protein. To resemble them, the Americans began to frantically devour fish, chicken, steaks, eggs and cheese (low fat).
We are not exposed to an isolated single chemical. This is a whole orchestra, not individual instruments.
Before moving to New York, I was in great shape thanks to taekwondo classes and I well remember how wonderful I felt at that time. Having forced myself to go jogging in the morning, a month later I was already running an hour a day. I tried not to eat sweets and drank a lot of water like never before in my life. My body was rapidly losing weight, my muscles, with the exception of the muscles of my legs, had decreased, my skin sagged. I wanted to become muscular, and I hired a muscular personal instructor. He was familiar with the bodybuilding system and provided me with many books, magazines and products that contributed to fat burning and muscle building. Four days a week, we lifted weights, rested one day and did cardio exercises twice a week. Once every two weeks I was allowed to have a feast with pizza and ice cream. I was so diligent a student that I became as muscular as my instructor a month earlier than he predicted. After completing our classes during a kind of graduation ceremony, he gave me his secret weapon, the book by Dan Duchene, in which he talks about how he managed to reach great heights in bodybuilding with a high-protein and low-carbohydrate diet. In his body remained the last store of fat, which, it seemed, it was impossible to burn in any way. And in bodybuilding competitions, the one with the least fat wins. Dushen, determined to finally get rid of fat, began to study physiology, endocrinology and metabolism with such zeal that he soon became an authority in these areas.
Fluoride contained in toothpaste and the water of many plumbing systems depletes iodine in our body

He made his biggest discovery watching the sick. Diabetics who do not take good care of their health develop a condition known in medicine as ketoacidosis. Due to the lack of insulin, glucose contained in the blood does not enter the cells for which it serves as a source of energy. The body has no choice but to convert fats into ketones, which, like glucose, can be used by cells as fuel, but in their molecular structure they resemble alcohol. They can replace glucose only temporarily, because they cause the blood to become so acidic that it creates a deadly threat. Ketoacidosis is a life threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention.
The black crust formed on the surface of the meat pieces as a result of frying is potentially carcinogenic.
There are many very thin people among patients with repeated cases of ketoacidosis. Dushen decided to reproduce this state. His magic formula was in a diet containing only proteins and fats in the absence of carbohydrates. He refrained from eating carbohydrates as much as possible, and his body began to convert fats into ketones. Then, in order to avoid a critical condition, he consumed some carbohydrates, thereby stabilizing the acidity of the blood, and repeated the procedure again. This method worked. Dushen was aware that he was putting himself at mortal risk, and was prepared for the consequences.
Getting rid of mucus in the process of a cleansing program, you will no longer crave food that contributes to its development
I don’t think that when the Atkins diet boomed all over the world, most of its followers knew what they got into. And still do not know. The Atkins diet gives effect: it ensures that you can get into a bathing suit by the beginning of the beach season. But she does not promise that while you enjoy life.
Whether ketoacidosis comes or not, a high protein diet in itself contributes to blood oxidation and the occurrence of inflammatory processes, as well as the development of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, kidney failure, gout and osteoporosis.
Since then, when people asked me, already armed with this knowledge, what should they eat, I first asked them the question: “What are you eating for?” If you eat to lose weight, the Atkins diet is the best option for you. But this is the worst choice if you want to be healthy and live long.
Many years ago, at the beginning of my search for means of overcoming depression, I probably knew only one thing: maintaining physical fitness has a beneficial effect on my mental state.

When at last we were convinced that eliminating one of the three main food categories did not give the desired results, we appeared and also sank into oblivion, not becoming a panacea, more reasonable and safe fashionable diets, such as “Zone”, “South Beach” and “ The body for life. While they came and went, in the background, pretending that she was not there, the food pyramid of the US government rose. It demonstrates the various food groups and the number of servings per day deemed acceptable. The only thing I can say about this: it all starts with a lie. The pyramid is actually a triangle.
The elimination of one of the three main food categories (proteins, fats or carbohydrates) does not lead to the desired results in weight loss, but usually also spoils health.

Fashion comes and goes. They do not live long because they do not bring long-term benefit to their followers. However, some dietary trends, based on reliable information and bringing long-term benefits, turn into social movements. Movements can influence a country's economy, just like fashion. Some of these movements are worthy of knowing about them.

Participants in the raw food movement say that it is wrong to subject products to heat treatment. Heat treatment destroys the enzymes contained in raw foods that are necessary for their digestion. Having learned about one experience, I was filled with respect for the theory behind raw food.
In the early twentieth century, Dr. Francis Pottage conducted an experiment in California. He selected several cats and divided them into two groups that lived under the same conditions with one exception. The first group fed on raw meat and milk, the second - on meat and milk of the same quality and in the same quantity, but subjected to heat treatment.
After some time, the health of the cats in the first group was excellent, while the cats in the second group developed cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and other diseases that are common in humans.
From my personal experience, I know that eating only raw foods for a certain period is an effective way to detoxify, less intense than juice or water fasting. But after a while I could not withstand this diet and felt a strong desire to return to boiled and fried foods, which invariably improved my condition. And yet, I recommend my patients to increase the proportion of raw foods in their daily diet. It is proved that a small increase in the proportion of raw foods in the diet contributes to a natural decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The principles of raw food are presented by his supporters as a means of finding a healthy body and a healthy planet. They argue that switching to exclusively raw foods would mean a complete reorganization of our entire life, and would solve the problems of global warming, global toxicity, global hunger and many other problems of our time.
Participants in the live food movement are bringing up the ideas of raw food to a higher level. Products are not just raw, they must carry a vital energy. They cannot be stored for too long after collection, because then the vital energy will leave them. Seeds and nuts should be moistened to initiate the germination process so that they do not become inert and lose vital energy.
Using only raw foods for a certain period is an effective way to detoxify, less intense than juice or water starvation.
Vegetarianism is a rare case of the diet movement, to which people adjoin for a variety of reasons that have more to do with religious and political beliefs than with nutrition. But whatever their motivation, the number of supporters of this movement is steadily growing. Vegetarians eat both raw and heat-treated plants. Many of them have to return to the normal diet, as they become unhealthy. Dr. Gabriel Kuzens believes that becoming a healthy vegetarian is not just eating salad for lunch and salad for dinner. Some nutrients, such as B vitamins, are harder to obtain from plant foods. To all the necessary nutrients can be obtained from a vegetarian set, there are workarounds - an introduction to the diet of fermented foods. Kuzens explains that vegetarianism should be taken gradually.
Cardiologist Dean Ornish was the first to prove that, after switching to a vegetarian diet, the blockage of the coronary vessels disappears. Thanks to him, representatives of modern medicine began to give the choice of diet the value that it deserves.
When it comes to diet, America becomes like a wild, wild West. There are thousands of other theories that cannot be qualified as fashions or movements, but which confuse public opinion when it comes to such pressing issues as diet choice. Today they talk a lot about the standard American diet, but the reality is that there are no standards. Food in America outside the box to a greater extent than anything else. It lacks essential nutrients due to soil depletion, unnatural growing conditions and global toxicity. Americans eat too much processed food, rich in chemicals, simple carbohydrates and fats, and developed in laboratories.
A small increase in the diet of the proportion of raw foods contributes to a natural decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Mark, a forty-year-old entertainment manager, turned to me with a complaint of dizziness. Outwardly, he was in good shape: having started playing sports in college, he continued to attend the gym three times a week, but during the day he experienced drastic mood swings and energy levels. He suffered from insomnia, he had bouts of lethargy and irritation, his bowels did not work well, and sometimes he suffered from heartburn. Worst of all, the medical examination, which he underwent shortly before his visit to me, revealed a high level of cholesterol, elevated levels of mercury and high blood pressure. The apparent discrepancy between good physical condition and poor state of health caused him to be perplexed. The first thing I asked him was how he eats. For breakfast, he drank double espresso with sugar. “Indeed, not a champion's breakfast,” he admitted, but it was a good energy aid in his stressful professional environment. His lunches and dinners remained in college. Now they were replaced by intercepted on the run pizza, ice cream, Coca-Cola, steak with french fries, cakes, sweets and hamburgers.

Although Mark wanted to improve his health, he was skeptical about the idea of ​​cleansing - he associated this process with an enema. I suggested that he look at this as a promising commercial operation: the outcome is unclear, but it’s definitely worth the risk. His caffeine and starch-rich diet contributed to drastic mood and energy fluctuations. It contained a lot of dairy products, meat and sugar, and these are all acid-forming foods that cause digestive problems and heartburn. In addition, it lacked the key nutrients needed to maintain stability, such as magnesium, which helps overcome stress, and any probiotics that could help it in many ways. At the time of the program, Mark had to abandon the usual food. I was very interested to see what happens when all the sugars and starches are excluded from his diet.
When Mark came to me after the end of the third week of the program, he looked great. He lost 3.5 kg and 2.5 kg in the waist, without losing muscle strength. But, more importantly, he stopped the state drops. “I now have much more strength, I began to sleep well, and the craving for junk food disappeared,” he said and added that he no longer has any dependence on caffeine. “My mind is now as clear as never before.” To his surprise, his taste tastes have changed. "Now, when I feel better, I want to eat better." Former skepticism has been replaced by a strong commitment to healthy eating.
Animals eat plants, seeds, nuts and each other - all in their raw form. No animal eats three times a day. No animal eats everything. No animal eats for fun or bad mood.
The problem of not knowing what to eat is older than any theory designed to solve it. It all started when people first thought about nutrition. Animals in the wild do not think about what they will eat for lunch, they just eat. People have lost touch with their own instincts, and now we have to study thick books to cook our own food. The only book I trust in making this important decision is the book of nature. When animals live in their natural environment, following the laws of nature, they do not get sick. But even if observation of nature does not give an exact answer to the question of what people need to eat in accordance with its provisions, it is quite obvious that we do not follow it in any way. Animals eat plants, seeds, nuts and each other - all in their raw form. No animal eats three times a day. No animal eats everything. No animal eats for fun or bad mood. No mammal other than humans drinks milk after the end of the breastfeeding period. In the wild, animals are not obese and rarely get sick - in most cases this happens as a result of the effects of human pollution on the planet.
There are many other questions that will help you more clearly and fully understand the problem of nutrition that you are facing.
So that products do not deteriorate during transportation, farmers have to collect them before they mature, before they have enough nutrients
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