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I can not lose weight. How to live?

This is also no excuse. The style is not absorbed by man with mother's milk. There are so many fashion publications in which experts give style advice that it is quite possible to learn everything on your own. How to hide figure flaws, how to apply shadows and concealer - all this is publicly available.
Cosmetics also do not have to be extremely expensive. As Sergei Zverev says, our women are accustomed to smearing with a cream all over the porch. And you just need to buy a separate day, separate night cream, and additionally - milk for the body. It is not necessary that they be super expensive. There are quite banal rules for the care of themselves, which respect does not cost anything. Starting from the elementary - never forget to wash off makeup for the night, regularly go to the hairdresser and manicure - and ending with the abyss of popular recipes for face, hair and body masks. It is completely free!
The same with weight problems.
Star diets that require serious spending are nothing more than a myth. Effective weight loss is not only free of charge, but also

saving. The main principle here is to learn how to eat right, and not to switch from ordinary products to delicacies.
The slender body recipes suggested in this book do not oblige you to spend a lot - only your desire to be beautiful is important.
I have to deal with stylists and make-up artists for work, so it was easy for me to find out their professional secrets. I just watched how they put on makeup, how they put their hair, how they picked up clothes for photo shoots, and asked clarifying questions when something was not entirely clear.
The art of makeup for thousands of years, and the keepers of female beauty have accumulated a lot of knowledge. This information was very useful to me at the time when the scale arrow stood at the mark of 57 kg and stubbornly did not want to move to the left. In the process of working on this book, I gained new knowledge and now I can tell you how to make slimmer shapes that are not similar to mine. However, there is nothing difficult in this, and you yourself will be able to see this very soon.
So a bad mood and do not have to seize! I know for sure: in order to look decent, do not need grandiose spending. It is important to know the basic rules that helped me look slimmer than I was, and deceive the insidious glass eyes of television and cameras.
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I can not lose weight. How to live?

    Finishing the program - about nutrition. As you have already understood, we have restored normal metabolism - the basic functions of the body have also been restored. They have lost habitual diseases and problems with skin and hair. If something is left - the program is passed through carelessly - that's all. You can, of course, do this the second time at your leisure, but now I’ll reveal a secret: the effect will be five times lower.
  2. How to live on completing the program - about nutrition
    As you already understood, we restored the normal metabolism - the basic functions of the Body were restored. They have lost habitual diseases and problems with skin and hair. If something is left - the program is completed carelessly - that's all. You can, of course, do this the second time at your leisure, but now I’ll reveal a secret: the effect will be five times lower. I do not know why. Therefore, if you cherish
  3. How to lose weight gourmet?
    Gastronomy is a very common phenomenon. Gourmets, people who love to eat delicious food, on earth are dozens, and even hundreds of times more than those who love to eat food tasteless. We also classify ourselves as gourmets and do not see anything bad or reprehensible in this. I hope the whole previous text convinced you that you should not take an ascetic image for successful weight loss.
  4. Kovalkov A.V. How to lose weight? Winning Over Weight Strategy., 2012

  5. How can you argue that everything that happens to us is caused by an internal cause? I stopped at a red light, and at that time another car hit me from behind. How can I be the cause of this?
    At the present time, due to our great unconsciousness, it is very difficult to know precisely the internal cause of each accident (or effect) in our external world. Take the example of your accident. Even if your awareness is not enough to remember what you thought at the time of the accident, or to understand the cause of the accident. I suggest you start your own investigation, starting from
  6. How can I feel happy if my spouse does not want to rise to my level of development?
    Mutual respect is fine, but for happiness this is not enough for me. If your spouse does not want to work on himself in the same direction and in the same rhythm as you, then this does not mean that he stopped in his development. It just doesn’t develop as fast as you. No one in this world has the right to control the evolution of another. If you give up trying to force a husband
  7. I had a very active and fulfilling life; I can not understand the meaning of the suicide note of her husband, which he wrote before committing suicide.
    For the past year and a half, as I have been trying in vain to understand him. Before his death, my husband wrote that he could not reach the level of my spiritual development. And now I am afraid to return to the former active life. What to do? No one is responsible for anyone's suicide. Your husband decided to leave it this way, and this is his choice. Do you really feel guilty about his death7 Think soberly and
  8. How can I become indifferent to the sufferings of my ex-wife without feeling guilty? She is currently ill with cancer and, moreover, is experiencing severe mental suffering.
    Nobody demands indifference from you. You may feel sympathy for someone without living emotions. You can be sensitive without giving in to emotions. The suffering of your ex-spouse belongs to her, and only she alone knows why she is suffering. She may not be fully aware of this, but she still does the inner work. You are afraid to feel guilty,
  9. Is it possible to get thin fast and how fast can you lose weight?
    I know from experience that this question is asked one of the first in each lecture. We are always in a hurry somewhere. The “speed” of losing weight always depends on several factors. From age, general hormonal levels, type of obesity and comorbidity, etc. The complex methodology developed by me is based on personal experience, as well as on the use of the latest achievements and discoveries in the field of biochemistry.
  10. Everyone can lose weight
    Let's start with the most important statement. Every person can lose weight, and for any, suiting his kilograms. And there is a lot of evidence. In general, losing weight, or speaking differently ahead of the consumption of fat reserves, is one of the properties of our metabolism with you. The main reason for which you have not yet been able to achieve a lasting positive effect is errors.
  11. Want to lose weight - dance!
    Like many women, after giving birth, I had a long stomach, he was convex. But, thank God, no stretch marks remain. I was really lucky. None! I am sincerely happy. It was necessary only to tighten the figure, and everything would be great. After pregnancy and childbirth, I really didn’t like my figure and, in particular, the stomach. As I have already told, I walked a lot with a pram, but
  13. Anorexia (painful desire to lose weight)
    Cause This is a mental illness that is triggered by three factors: biological (genetic predisposition to the disease), psychological (family influence, constant conflicts between its members), social (environmental influence, the desire to be like everyone else, imitation of an idol). Symptoms Pathological desire to lose weight, a strong fear of obesity, a distorted perception of their appearance
  14. At work, I have a big burden of responsibility. I head the department, which employs 30 employees. And I have specific tasks. I have to constantly monitor the implementation of these tasks. How can I be responsible for so many employees without experiencing stress and not considering it a heavy burden?
    First, you need to check whether you have a clear commitment to your boss. Have you made a clear commitment to complete one or more tasks in a specific time frame? Is it possible to complete these tasks? And if you do not complete the tasks assigned to you, what will be the consequences? Are you ready to take responsibility for them? Having clear from the start
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