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The main source of chemical exposure to our body is the food with which we come into the closest contact. Food is important for any living organism, but people perceive it on a completely different level than any other organism. Our whole life revolves around food. We celebrate and mourn by consuming food. Many people celebrate the most significant events of their lives at the table, in the circle of relatives and friends. We literally represent what we eat. Food supplies materials to create the architecture of our body. She becomes us.
Food determines many aspects of our lives, and they change over time. In ancient times, people settled near abundant sources of food and water. These places turned into villages and cities. Maps of ancient civilizations were inscribed with a fork.
Our ancestors collected food in the trees, on the ground, on the shores of seas and rivers, and hunted for it by hunting and fishing. They ate when they had the opportunity. Without refrigerators products quickly deteriorated. In just a few decades, our nutrition system has changed dramatically.
90% of products in supermarkets are sold in packages of one type or another. To extend the shelf life, they are saturated with preservatives that kill bacteria. In addition, most products contain additives that give them an attractive color, taste or appearance. The remaining 10% of products in supermarkets: vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and dairy products - also undergo several stages of unnatural processing.
Every day we hear stories about contaminated products sold in our supermarkets and fast food businesses. We learn about deadly bacteria, about the withdrawal of huge quantities of meat and vegetable products, the reason for which is our accepted practice of mass production of food (as a result, more and more products are exposed to radiation for disinfection and are deprived of a significant portion of nutrients).
Products from modern supermarkets contain chemicals that, by themselves or in combination, can cause diseases.

Not so long ago, a batch of products from one fish farm was arrested, and its owner was fined when it turned out that the fish on this farm were fed with defective dog food.
Just think: what is not good enough for your dog becomes a building material for your body - and at a much higher price than dog food. If it’s safer to share dinner with your pet, rather than buying fish that health experts advise you to eat in one voice, the conclusion is that the desire for cheapness and convenience is madness, and if this madness is not stopped, it will take us to the hospital (have you ever seen hospital food?).
One of the most effective ways to reduce the effects of toxins on the body and increase nutrient intake is to spend more money on food of safe origin, if possible buying fresh local produce.
Imported products go a long way and, before they get to your table from the fields, farms and fishponds, are exposed to a whole range of chemicals:
· Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides;
· Hormones (so that animals gain weight faster or give more milk);
· Antibiotics (to prevent infectious diseases in animals with weakened immune systems).
They are exposed to x-rays, which kill bacteria and at the same time destroy nutrients, pasteurization (prolonged heating to kill pathogens, along with which nutrients die), hydrogenation (changes in the composition of fats and oils to increase the shelf life of products, resulting in their food is damaged by the cells of the body) and even cosmetic procedures, such as waxing fruits with fruits (to make them look more attractive).
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  1. Trifonova M. V .. Negotiations with sausage, or We are what we eat, 2009

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    Today, the incidence of two hormone-related forms of cancer, the breast and prostate, is growing rapidly, and thyroid disorders have taken the scale of the epidemic, experts point to phthalates as one of their causes. Food toxicity has another aspect. Standard diet of a modern person with a large number of refined grains and sugars and processed foods
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    In order to understand the mechanism of development of obesity, and even more so to identify ways of treating this disease, one should understand the simplest "basics" of nutrition. What foods we eat every day, how they are transformed in our body and are involved in metabolism. The importance of the right combination of food is mentioned in the famous source of Tibetan medicine "Zhud-shi", this
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    The reserves intended for use during fasting are assimilated with greater ease and less stress on the body compared to the consumption of food undergoing the difficult process of assimilation. Dr. Jennings explained: “The moment concerning the vessels of the lymphatic system deserves special attention and reminders. For some health problems when the digestive apparatus is removed
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    He believes that I should not take everything so close to my heart and that I should take care of my own well-being. How should I be in this situation? Your husband, of course, is right in one thing: this is his personal life and he is not obliged to report to anyone except himself. On the other hand, I cannot agree with his statement that he cannot change. Each person can change for the better if
    Olga Korotonozhkina is an expert AB RUI, cat veterinarian is very prolific. In 8 - 10 months, she can already bring the first offspring. Two, three and even four times a year she is able to give birth to kittens, an average of five in each litter. A year later, the younger generation is also included in the process of procreation. American scientists have calculated that one cat and all its offspring in seven years can produce
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    Your sister seems to have already made her choice. If she made a decision, then it is important that you respect him. However, I see that you want to come to her aid, because it is difficult for you to accept her death. It is important for you to clarify what is difficult for you to accept. What do you experience in your soul? The next time you go to her, share your doubts with her, tell her that you have great difficulty in believing in
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    How can you confirm this? I completely trust this philosophy of life, otherwise I would simply not allow myself to preach it. I myself have been using it in practice with my second spouse for nine years now and I can rightfully say that I observe positive results every day. Compared with the first marriage, which lasted fifteen years, the difference is enormous! Happiness that i
  10. Krylov K .. Eat das zayne or the fascist Krylov diet, 2007

  11. My husband has a panicky fear of being out of money. And this is despite the fact that he and I have a permanent job. What to do and what to say?
    Have you tried to just talk to him about what is bothering him? You asked him if he had any questions about this, did he think about it? Was his father afraid of losing money? If so, what did your husband, as a child, feel when you saw this fear of your father? He condemned the father? When we condemn our parents, we eventually become the same as them. It would be good to give
  12. I think that having children is a big responsibility. It can even be called a lifetime contract. When I think I can cause them suffering, I feel bad. What do I need to do to think differently?
    Change your beliefs. First, when you make a decision to have a child, you should not think that you are responsible for his happiness. Your first motivation should be to give your soul a chance to return in order to incarnate. It is a gift of self. Then, to continue growth, you must learn to love this soul that has chosen you. To have a child is
  13. How much should we eat
    The question of how much you need to eat attracted the attention of many thinking men and women. But the answer was never given. So-called scientists have calculated our calorie needs. As I have already shown, this is a hoax. People are urged to eat what they call appetite for. But appetite is created by habit and can be worked out so that it will require either little food, or a lot. Excessive appetites
  14. If you hurt something, it does not mean that you are a bad person.
    When you managed to create a mask so as not to suffer, it was a heroic act, a feat of self-love. This mask helped you survive and adapt to the family environment that you chose before you incarnate. The true reason for our birth in a particular family or our attraction to people with the same trauma as ours is that from the very beginning we like it when others
  16. As a mother, I feel responsible for feeding the children well, because I think that they are too young to take care of their own health. I have three children aged four to nine years. Do you think that this responsibility lies with me?
    You are not directly responsible for the health of your children. As a mother, you must be responsible for the consequences of having children, that is, to monitor their material needs, help them with their studies, pass on their knowledge to them, give them love, and all this to the extent that you can. On the other hand, you cannot know in advance what the results will be. You can cook the most
  17. FROM PISKI, that is, from me
    Dear reader! You are holding a book that is written for you with the aim of helping to restore vision, awaken the hidden powers and realize yourself as a Person. But be prepared for the fact that from the very first pages the book will shock you, cause a storm of negative emotions: discontent, malevolence, anger, resentment, aggression against the author. I am ready to take it all on my own
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    Under normal conditions, says Sherrington, if we leave aside questions of consciousness, all the behavior of an animal is composed of successive transitions of the final field to one group of reflexes, then to another. In other words, all behavior is not for a minute a fading fight. There is every reason to assume that one of the most important functions of the brain is precisely that
    Illustration to the main OXYMORON PRAIL: FROM ANY SITUATION WE MAKE CANDY! - Here Ritochka asks for advice how to stop crying, not sympathy for the hot about this, but magic advice, and not “stop crying!” Or “cry for health!”. You can, of course, point out the valerian, and let her drip to herself, and you can, in our way, in a magical way, find the action that will murmur me and
  20. You said that the child should play its part. And what can he do?
    The child has a very important role. Immediately after birth, a healthy child has the strength and ability [4] to crawl through his mother's stomach, find the breast and poke his nose and lick the mother's nipple. The time will come, and he will open his mouth and start sucking. If no one bothers the child and he is next to his mother, he will look for the breast and suck every time he gets hungry. Corporeal
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