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Beginning of the program

My purification program, which is easily integrated into everyday life, provides for the implementation of five important functions.
1. Reducing the load on the digestive system. Even if you do not feel it, the daily small decrease in the body's energy reserves due to its consumption of allergic reactions every day contributes to the feeling of dullness in many people. Reducing the consumption of solid foods and exclusion from the diet of irritating foods leads to a redistribution of energy and its direction to the implementation of detoxification processes.

2. Restoring normal mode. After the start of the detoxification signal is turned on, approximately 8 hours after the last meal, the average modern organism needs about 4 hours for deep cleansing. Few of us manage to carry out this process, as we have a snack until late at night.
3. The restructuring of the internal environment. The level of acidity is reduced, the balance of intestinal microflora is restored in favor of beneficial bacteria, making it possible for the intestinal walls to heal. In addition, the restoration of microflora balance helps to reduce the addiction to products that cause damage to toxins, and as a result, conditions are created for further maintaining a clean state of the internal environment.
4. Liver support. Nutrients are supplied to ensure effective liver function of both phases of the detoxification process.
5. Increasing the number of toxins. After toxins are eliminated and neutralized, they must be excreted from the body along with their mucous membranes. Used supplements and methods to ensure the effective implementation of this process.
Preparation for the program includes three steps:
Step 1. Preparation of consciousness: entry into the program.
Step 2. Preparing life: daily routine.
Step 3. Preparation of the body: exclusion of irritants.
You have to find out what happens when your body regains the magical abilities with which it was endowed from birth.
My purification program is your guide.
It was successfully carried out by various people.
And you too can. Get clean!
The program gives the maximum effect when it is carried out in full, within three weeks. But one or two weeks give tangible results. Some of my patients come to the implementation of the three-week program gradually, others succeed the first time. Whichever of these two categories you belong to, it is important to remember that every change you make is important.
Before starting a program, please read the following section, which contains information that will help you get the most out of it.
Before the program
People who are in certain conditions should not be detoxified. Please do not proceed with the program if you:
· Are pregnant or breastfeeding;
· Type 1 diabetic (insulin-dependent);
· Suffer from an oncologic disease in the late stage and quickly lose weight or another disease, in which the slightest changes in the chemistry of the body can be a threat;
· Take medications that should have a stable blood concentration, including blood thinners (for example, coumadin), prevention of arrhythmias (for example, tikosin) and anticonvulsant drugs (for example, tegretol). The content of the drug in the blood can change when the level of absorption changes, which makes it necessary to take too large or too small a dose. Consult with your doctor and do not start a program without the supervision of a specialist. Depletion syndrome
There is another category of people who should not pursue my or any other detox program. Traditional doctors cannot identify their problem, but it is instantly recognized and successfully solved by my colleague, Dr. Frank Lipman.
He called it the "exhaustion syndrome."
Exhaustion syndrome is characterized by a feeling of fatigue, low blood pressure, and a number of other symptoms indicating that the functions of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands are inhibited, which make up the stress management system.
Ordinary doctors rarely diagnose exhaustion syndrome — mainly because the test results in most cases are normal, despite the constant feeling of emptiness experienced by patients who eventually stop treatment, and stress continues to deplete their body, although it only requires restoration of function. adrenal glands based on the holistic principle.
Dr. Lipman and I, my partner in the wellness center in New York, have noticed that this condition is much more common in women than in men. This may be due to the fact that the female hormonal system is more complex, because women are more likely to bring themselves to a state of exhaustion than to seek help, since from nature they tend to care more about others than about themselves. Nevertheless, this state has no preferences based on gender, and it is likely that all of us - both women and men - are depleted in certain periods of our life.
Test number 2. Are your adrenal glands alright?
Answer the following questions to determine if your adrenal glands function normally:
· Does recovering from an illness or injury take longer than usual?
· Getting out of bed in the morning is hard for you?
Does the feeling of tiredness haunt you constantly and not pass even after a good night’s sleep?
Does dizzy when you rise from a prone position?
· Do you have low blood pressure?
· Sensitive to cold, often feel cold when others feel comfortable?
· Experiencing chronic anxiety, panic attacks?
· Sometimes there are bouts of depression?
· Bruises easily formed?
If you answered in the affirmative to 2 or more questions, then you have a violation of the adrenal glands and you need to contact a specialist who knows how to restore the function of the adrenal glands. Although some of these symptoms are similar to the symptoms of toxins, in aggregate, they are more likely to indicate adrenal weakness. In this case, my cleansing program helps a lot.
If you start a detoxification program suffering from exhaustion syndrome, this will not do you any good and may even be hazardous to your health, since your body does not have the energy needed for detoxification and recovery of the intestines. First you need to put in order the adrenal glands and have a good rest.
I strongly recommend that you read Dr. Lipman's book “Exhaustion” 1, which describes in detail the symptoms of this syndrome and its treatment methods. The ability to tune in to what you need and distinguish the symptoms of toxins from the symptoms of exhaustion syndrome can be the most important tool for a healthy future — without visits to doctors and medication.
If you have chronic health problems, please consult your doctor first.
1 Dr. Lipman "Spent", at the time of this publication, Dr. Lipman’s book in Russian did not come out. - Approx. ed.

than start any detox program, including mine. If your doctor does not support this idea and at the same time does not bring reasonable arguments against her, I advise you to turn to another doctor, preferably a professional who is familiar with functional medicine, who assumes that the cause of the disease may lie in the defeat of toxins and in weakening the ability to detox. More information on this subject can be found in chapter 8.
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Beginning of the program

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    Congratulations on completing the program. Now you probably feel your body completely different than before the implementation of the program. If you have not achieved all the results you expected, you can continue the program for several days or even a week or two. Some of my patients continued for several months. In fact, although you probably would like to increase the portions or
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    This is a tool that everyone can use for their own healing and recovery. It is based on the following very easy to understand concepts: 1) toxins and stress interfere with the normal functioning of body systems and limit the ability to self-heal; 2) modern eating habits and lifestyle contribute to the pollution of the body and do not provide
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