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Do the genes determine your fate and health?

Knowledge of your genes can tell your doctor how to prescribe

Our genes contain all the information we need for life. Like the computer software, your genetic program contains step-by-step instructions for the production of proteins, hormones and everything that the body needs to form its own organs and tissues, restore them and adapt to changes in environment and conditions.

In the public mind, the opinion is deeply rooted that if you inherited bad genes, it is almost impossible to change anything.
Some genes act always, for example, genes that determine the color of the eyes, but many others can "turn on" or "turn off". In this case, the key word is "manifestation." Genes may or may not manifest.
Now we know that our genes contain much more information than it is used at any given moment. Like the computer software, some programs work constantly, while others are in sleep mode and run only when necessary, for certain purposes.
Some genes contain information completely opposite to that which is written in genes, located directly next to them. Our cells have developed a way to maintain one genes in a passive, unmanifested state, while simultaneously using others. When circumstances so require, some genes that are active are "turned off" and passive "turned on" or appear. The need for the functions they manage can only occur at certain points, so when they are not needed, these genes are in a sleep mode.
Using our knowledge of genes, we can choose food and lifestyle that will maximize our potential and minimize the manifestation of genes that make us vulnerable or causing disease

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Do the genes determine your fate and health?

  1. Structural genes and regulatory genes
    Structural genes and genes
  2. Healthy lifestyle and its determinants
    Man - a complex and delicate system, it is capable of self-recovery. However, the image of our life often contradicts the needs of the body and harms it. I.P. Pavlov Factors affecting health. Health and way of life. Healthy lifestyle. Biological and passport age. The amount of health. It is known that a person and his
  3. Health and the factors that determine it
    It seems that everything is very simple - the doctor examined the patient, got objective (and subjective) results, compared it with the "standard" and concluded: "You are healthy" or "You are sick". However, in reality everything is extremely difficult. No wonder they say that "doctoring is an art". It depends not only on the deep and comprehensive knowledge of the doctor, but not least on his intuition. Doctor's judgments
  4. Vary your topic
    When my children were small, we had a children's book about a family of mice, living in a barn. Every mouse saw a cow in its own way. One she seemed a huge creature, standing on four pillars, another cow seemed broad and flat. The third mouse considered her a monster with a huge mouth and huge eyes, the fourth seemed that the cow is very restless, because she is always
    The elementary unit of heredity is the gene. The term "gene" was proposed in 1909 by V. Johansen to denote the material unit of heredity that G. Mendel identified. After the work of American geneticists J. Beadle and E.Teutum, the genome began to be called the site of the DNA molecule, which codes for the synthesis of a single protein. According to modern concepts, the gene is considered as a site of a DNA molecule,
  6. Lethal genes
    The change in phenotype cleavage in the ratio 3: 1 in the second generation of mono-hybrid crossings is associated with the different viability of zygotes F2. The different viability of zygotes may be due to the presence of lethal genes. Lethal is a gene that causes disorders in the development of the body, which leads to death or ugliness. The study of congenital anomalies has shown that for different
    After many years of research on sickle cell anemia (anemia), it became apparent that the mutation of a particular gene leads to changes in the chemical structure of the hemoglobin molecule. The main type of adult hemoglobin consists of four polypeptide (protein) chains: two identical? -Chains and two identical? -Chains (? 2? 2). In 1957 V. In-grem discovered that the normal and
  8. Fate and the life of man
    Discussions about the fate of man, or rather, the relationship in it of freedom and necessity, existed long before the emergence of psychology. Therefore, we shall briefly discuss this issue by considering the fate of a person in the context of different cultures and philosophical schools. It should be noted that the concept of destiny is diverse and contradictory. In ancient Greek philosophy, the most polar ideas about
    Shines in the hands of a needle, It is in the window of winter ... Aging Cinderella She sews the shoe herself. David Samoilov "Instructions" received by girls regarding intellectual achievements are often contradictory: on the one hand, one must learn well-on the other hand, it will not help you anyway, this is not the main thing, it's for fun. Having such a confused, contradictory set of "prescriptions," a girl
  10. Word and destiny
    Alone with you, brother, I would like to stay: In the world a little, they say, I have to live. And if someone asks ... Well, whoever asked, Tell them that I'm going to hit my chest. I was wounded by a bullet M. Lermontov, 1840, "Testament" In 1841 Nikolai Martynov killed Lermontov in a duel; before his death, after the shot, Lermontov ran up and kissed Martynov. The gloomy prophecy of the poet in relation to
  12. Image and destiny of man
    At present, there is a growing interest in the problem of image in Russia. This is evidenced by the appearance of the category "image" in the conceptual apparatus of various sciences, and the emergence of the first chairs and faculties of image, the growth of scientific and popular publications on image problems and, finally, an increase in the number of practical image-centers and studios. In Russia, the concept of "image" has become
  13. Health, the norm - what is it? Health in harmony. The concept of "health", its content and criteria
    The life of a person depends on the state of health of the body and the extent to which its psycho-physiological potential is used. All aspects of human life in a wide range of social life - industrial-labor, socio-economic, political, family-household, spiritual, health, educational - are ultimately determined by the level of health (see table). Table 1. Specific
  14. Corporativeness of the officer corps. The fate of the commanders in the interwar period
    It should be noted that the officer environment has always been distinguished by a certain caste, corporate character. In tsarist Russia, the vast majority of officers belonged to the upper class - the nobility, hereditary or personal, if not by descent, then for service. Thus, the state itself counterposed the officers to the soldier masses, asserting his caste, giving the officer corps
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