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Redistribution of energy flows

Sometimes at the same time there are so many applications for the provision of energy that it is necessary to make adjustments in the energy budget within a fraction of a second. The body temporarily suspends the performance of some functions, inhibits others, and gives the third a chance to fully use energy “cash flows”, since these functions are most important. Brain neurons have the highest priority. When systems stop their activity one by one, from the least to the most important, the brain is always turned off last. Without brain activity, survival is impossible.
Knowing that intense exercise does not last too long, the body saves energy intended for detoxification.

The processes of detoxification of the body are approximately in the middle of this list of priorities. The body tends to postpone detoxification for later, for example, with intense physical exertion. Muscles are reduced, sugar is burned and, under the influence of oxidation by oxygen, is converted into carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide dissolves in the blood, turning into carbonic acid, and spreads through the circulatory system. Once in the lungs, carbonic acid turns into a gas, which is then exhaled. If the acid does not turn into exhaled gas, it accumulates in the blood and becomes so toxic that it can kill you faster than you can imagine.

But when the exercises you perform become anaerobic, that is, you burn sugar faster than oxygen enters the body, lactic acid is produced. Anaerobic exercise requires an extremely high energy expenditure, since the muscles work so intensively that the body has to quickly redistribute its flows, directing them to the muscles. If for some reason the muscles continue to work so intensively without interruption, the lactic acid causes such pain in them that sooner or later they have to stop. In this case, muscle pain is another survival mechanism.
Although it is generally accepted that food is a source of energy, in the conditions of modern life, the processing of food in the body has become the most energy-intensive of all physiological processes.
Such pauses in detoxification due to the need to meet other needs are quite natural for a healthy body. Add to this the effects of excessive toxic stress, typical of modern life with its exotoxins, and it becomes clear why we all in one degree or another need to detoxify.
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Redistribution of energy flows

  1. Flow curve
    The flow curve alone or with the pressure curve provides irreplaceable information. The most difficult moments of the optimization of mechanical ventilation are the selection of the inspiratory flow, the duration of inhalation and exhalation. The display and visual analysis of the flow curve greatly facilitates the selection of these parameters. The flow curve includes the inspiratory and expiratory parts. Many devices use multiple streaming
  2. Loop flow volume
    The loop "Flow-volume" is widely used in pulmonary studies to assess the maximum expiratory flow and condition of the bronchi. However, carrying out pulmonary tests requires the participation of the patient, since it is based on the assessment of forced expiration. In conditions of intensive therapy, this is not possible in all cases. In contrast to the pulmonary studies with
  3. Pressure flows
    With a gradual increase in the perfusion volume rate to 2-2.5 l / min / m2, blood pressure is carefully controlled. With the connection of the AIK, blood pressure usually decreases sharply, so that the initial BPA in the radial artery may not exceed 30-40 mm Hg. st. Hypotension is caused by a sharply occurring hemodilution, which reduces blood viscosity and significantly reduces OPS. This effect is partially offset by a subsequent
  4. Flow control for the current breathing cycle
    Proportional pressure support PPS (from Proportional Pressure Support) - this mode can be considered as an interactive equivalent of ventilation with pressure support (PS). It is designed to provide assisted ventilation in patients with significant changes in compliance and dynamic resistance of the lungs. The principles on which this regime is built are illustrated by the data given
    Definition A malfunction in the common outlet is its disconnection or obstruction, which prevents the flow of fresh gas from the anesthetic apparatus into the breathing circuit. Causes Disconnecting the connecting hose from the common outlet. Disconnecting the connecting hose from the anesthetic and respiratory circuit: usually with a CO absorber. Disconnecting the distal or
  6. Energy density
    In infants and young children, energy consumption per kilogram of body weight is 2-3 times more than in adults (Fig. 11 and 12). Since they have to absorb large amounts of energy, the key determinant of energy consumption is the energy density of food for complementary foods. Too low energy density can lead to energy shortages and, therefore, to
  7. Energy balance
    The basis for measuring the energy consumed by the human body and the energy of food consumed is one and the same unit of measurement - joule or calorie. This made it possible to solve the important problem of determining the conformity of human nutrition to the energy costs that it produces. Nutrition, in which the caloric content of the daily diet does not cover the energy expenditures made during the day,
    The energy balance is determined by the received and expended energy. If the energy received by the patient is equal to the expended energy, they speak of a zero balance. Negative balance occurs when the expended energy is greater than that received. A positive energy balance is achieved if the received energy is more expended. In this case, excess energy is deposited as fat and
  9. Energy and plastic value of food
    Food - the main source of energy for humans. It is a combination of food of animal and vegetable origin. Foods contain: 1. Proteins - plastic value 2. Fats - energy value 3. Carbohydrates - energy value 4. Vitamins - regulatory and catalytic value 5. Microelements and mineral salts -
  10. Energy assessment of the diet.
    Since, in the process of feeding, the organism first of all receives the energy necessary for life processes, the integral quantitative measure for the assessment of food consumed is its energy value, or caloric value. As you know, energy costs are the sum of the costs of basal metabolism, specifically the dynamic effect of nutrients and muscle work. The energy value
  11. Energy metabolism in post-aggressive states of the body
    Energy metabolism underlies the vital activity of the organism and largely determines the success of treatment, and therefore information about its intensity and qualitative changes in critically ill patients is of great diagnostic and prognostic value for the anesthesiologist-resuscitator. In accordance with generally accepted ideas, the source of energy for
  12. X-ray radiation and its conversion into a stream of light rays (X-ray tubes, generators and electro-optical converters)
    In all modern X-ray installations, radiation is generated according to the method discovered at the end of the XIX century. X-ray The generation of radiation occurs in the X-ray tube (Fig. 1.2a), containing a positively charged tungsten electrode (anode), “bombarded” by electrons emanating from a negatively charged electrode (cathode). Electrons passing from cathode to
  13. Methods for studying the body's energy costs
    To determine the energy expenditure of the organism, the method of direct and indirect calorimetry and the calculation method are used. The method of direct calorimetry is based on the measurement of heat, which the body emits at any energy consumption. For this purpose a calorimetric chamber is used, where a person is placed. The difference in water temperature in the incoming and outgoing pipes in the chamber measure the amount of heat,
  14. Energy Diet Assessment
    Since, in the process of feeding, the organism first of all receives the energy necessary for life processes, an integral quantitative measure for evaluating the food consumed is its energy value, or caloric value. As you know, energy costs are the sum of the costs of basal metabolism, specifically the dynamic effect of nutrients and muscle work. For an adult
  15. Energy concept of drugs
    Theory of drugs. All the greats of the world claim that every person has a soul. But those who do not believe in God, for some reason, all at once believed that every person has a biofield. Here in the biofield, everyone believed in once and for all. Apparently, the biofield is the very soul. In addition, there are people in society who call themselves psychics. Some simply see this soul around a person
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