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Food by blood type

I read a lot about nutrition by blood type, because I wanted to try to lose weight with this system. But just when I had already figured out everything, the next stage of incredible number of cases came in my life. There was active work simultaneously on my regular project “Dom-2” and the show “Cruel Intentions” on Channel One. Nevertheless, I will present to you all my knowledge on this topic.
I read that for the first time the different influence of the same diets on different people was recorded by the American doctor James d'Adamo. He investigated the nutritional system of vegetarians and noticed that not all people refused meat gave a positive result. In some patients, on the contrary, the state of health during the diet worsened. James d'Adamo suggested that the matter is in the blood group of patients, and his son brought the theory to the end, creating a power system for four blood groups.

The essence of the blood group nutrition system is that the use of the same product can allow someone to lose weight, someone else will recover, and nothing will happen to the third one - everything depends on the blood group determining the degree of digestibility of the product.
Unwanted products for their blood group, according to the American nutritionist, should be excluded from the diet, giving preference to more appropriate.
Almost all of my friends, with whom we discussed nutrition according to the blood group, said that the products prescribed by this food system are their favorite.
This idea is confirmed by the taste preferences of many people.
I'm not like that. As the owner of the second blood group, it is recommended that I include as many vegetables as possible in the diet, but I love meat so much!
I could not refuse it. I also adore spaghetti with sauces, which Italian cuisine is so rich with, and in general this cuisine is in the first place for me. I also enjoy Russian cuisine with great pleasure.
If I had gone on a blood type diet, I would have had to remove wheat flour from the diet, and with it all that I love the most. Perhaps I did not dare to this food system precisely because of the ban on adorable products, and not because of lack of time.
But I know that this theory has been repeatedly confirmed in practice by losing weight. The most logical recommendations are for people with the first and second blood groups, the most in the world. The owners of the third and fourth groups are inferior to them quantitatively, and the diet proposed for them by James d'Adamo is less strict.
FIRST GROUP. This blood type appeared earlier than others, it was absolutely among all our distant ancestors, who were known to hunt and feed mainly on meat. Therefore, it is important for people with the first blood group to saturate their diet with the largest possible amount of protein foods.
A high-protein diet with a predominance of lean meat (anyone other than pork) and fish is best suited. Non-sour vegetables and fruits, as well as rye bread can be attributed to useful products.
Neutral products for people with the first group of blood are cereals, all except buckwheat. It is desirable to completely eliminate spicy seasonings, all sorts of ketchup, lecho, pickles, cabbage (except white) and potatoes. And carbohydrate food is not recommended at all - sweets, bakery products. You should also limit yourself to the use of spirits, black tea, natural coffee - in favor of green tea, natural rosehip tea, ginger and mint. Neutral drinks include weak beer, white and red wine.
Since with a protein diet and limited carbohydrate intake, very fast weight loss is possible, it is important to change the diet gradually, as well as drink vitamins.
SECOND GROUP. According to scientists, the second blood group appeared when people began to engage in agriculture, and not just hunting. Meat partly gave way to grains, vegetables, fruits, all sorts of roots. That is why it is believed that representatives of the second blood group should limit in their diet meat products in favor of all of the above (except for wheat).
People with the second blood group have low acidity of gastric juice, so even lean meat, as well as fatty, fried, smoked food, spicy seasonings, ketchup, mustard, sauces are not suitable for them.
It is also not recommended to use dairy products - it is better to replace them with fermented milk or soy (tofu, bean curd). Fish is not forbidden, but it is advisable not to eat flounder, herring, caviar and other seafood containing a large amount of salt. In addition, sour fruits and berries, as well as juices from them (apples, tangerines, oranges, cherries) and carbonated water are not suitable for people with the second blood group.
Fruits, vegetables, roots and legumes, which have such a positive effect on the body of such people, are best filled with vegetable oils - olive, flaxseed. Of the fluids, a weak coffee and green tea, carrot and other non-acidic juices will have a positive effect on the body.
At first glance, too many bans. The main thing - to abandon the meat, it is too difficult to digest the body. But you do not have to greatly reduce the amount of carbohydrates and sugar consumed. In this case, weight loss will still happen, this proves the example of many people with the second blood group, who switched to vegetarianism offered by Dr. d'Adamo.
THIRD GROUP. For people with the third blood group, any diet that eliminates the use of fatty foods will do. This may be a high-protein diet and carbohydrate. Such people rarely have problems with the immune and digestive systems, so they are not afraid of heavy food, in particular, meat, but, unlike the owners of the first blood group, they can consume large quantities of vegetables and fruits, as well as some cereals.
Among the recommended positions - dairy or dairy products (low-fat), eggs, cereals, legumes, vegetable oils. Excellent help digestion oatmeal, rice and millet porridge, and from the buckwheat and wheat groats is better to give up. Of the meat is most useful lamb, beef, turkey, but chicken and pork are not worth it. From the vegetables fit all but corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, olives. Often it is not recommended to feast on peanuts, pomegranate, coconuts, persimmon and other "knitting" fruits.
Among beverages, green and herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices of pineapple, grapes, and cranberries have a particularly beneficial effect on the body. Do not overdo it with strong tea, coffee, wine and tomato juice, as well as carbonated drinks.
Holders of the third blood group who want to lose weight, must necessarily abandon the fried, smoked, fatty foods. You can also exclude from the diet seafood. Quick results will give kefir diet and any other mono diet, and in the summer to regulate weight perfectly salads - fruit and vegetable.
FOURTH GROUP. In the fourth blood group, antigens of the second and third groups are combined, therefore the diet for its owners is not very strict. It is better for such people to abandon pork, fatty mutton, replacing them with rabbit meat, turkey, chicken meat. The ideal would be to combine lean meat with vegetables, in which the level of starch is low.
It is undesirable to use corn, buckwheat and legumes, as they slow down the metabolism, but you can eat almost all vegetables and any low-fat sour-milk drinks.
From fruits, people with the fourth blood group will not be able to use only oranges and grapefruits - due to the low acidity of the stomach (like those with the second blood group), the body will have difficulty in coping with them. You can drink any kind of drink, even red wine is allowed in the diet, but in moderation.
Those who were born with a rare fourth blood group, obviously lucky. In order to lose weight, they do not have to give up their usual diet, you can simply upgrade it slightly. Refuse from the diet of sunflower seeds, peanuts and buckwheat, enter into the diet a lot of dairy products - kefir, ryazhenka, cottage cheese, lean on seafood, especially on seaweed salad. It is better to refrain from marinades and preservation and use fresh vegetables and fruits instead. Weight will decrease gradually, not immediately, but the result will be long-term.

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Food by blood type

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