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Nutrition during exacerbation of gout

Treatment of an acute attack of gout includes bed rest, strict diet and medication. For the entire period of exacerbation exclude meat and fish products. Food consists mainly of liquid food (milk, dairy products, jelly, fruit drinks, vegetable and fruit juices, weak tea with milk or lemon, vegetable soups, liquid cereals). You must ensure that the patient does not starve and consumed up to 2 liters of fluid per day. Alkaline mineral waters are recommended. A sample menu in the period of acute gout is given below.
Bread and flour products: wheat and rye bread from flour of the 1st and 2nd grade, various baked products including with the inclusion of ground bran.
Soups: vegetarian: soup, borscht, vegetable, potato, with the addition of cereals, cold (okroshka, beetroot soup), dairy, fruit.
Meat, poultry, fish: low-fat species and varieties. Up to three times a week, 150 g of boiled meat or 170 g of boiled fish. After boiling is used for various dishes - stewed, baked, fried, products from cutlet mass. You can combine meat and fish in approximately equal parts.
Dairy products: milk, sour milk drinks, cottage cheese and dishes from it, sour cream and cheese.
Eggs: 1 egg per day in any cooking.
Cereals: in moderation any dishes.
Vegetables: in increased amounts, raw and in any culinary processing, potato dishes.

Snacks: salads from fresh and pickled vegetables, from fruits, vinaigrettes, vegetable caviar, squash, eggplant.

Fruits, sweet dishes and sweets: fruits and berries in increased amounts. Fresh and in any culinary processing. Dried fruits. Milk creams and jelly. Marmalade, candy, non-chocolate sweets, jam, honey, meringue.
Sauces and spices: vegetable broth, tomato, sour cream, milk. Citric acid, cinnamon, vanillin, bay leaf. Dill, parsley.
Drinks: tea with lemon, milk, weak coffee with milk. Juices of fruits, berries and vegetables, fruit drinks, water with juices, kvasses. Broths of hips, wheat bran, dried fruits.
Fats: butter, ghee and vegetable oils.
Exclude meat, fish and mushroom broths from sorrel, spinach, legumes from the diet. Limit products from pastry. Exclude liver, kidneys, tongue, brains, meat of young animals and poultry, sausages, smoked meats, salted fish, canned meat and fish, caviar, cheeses, and legumes. Limit pork fat. Exclude mushrooms, fresh bean pods, spinach, sorrel, rhubarb, cauliflower. Limit salted and pickled vegetables. Exclude chocolate, figs, raspberries, cranberries, peppers, mustard, horseradish, sauces on meat, fish and mushroom broths, cocoa, strong tea and coffee, beef, mutton and cooking fats.
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Nutrition during exacerbation of gout

  2. Nutrition during exacerbation of liver inflammation and acute inflammation of the gallbladder
    Nutrition is recommended for patients with acute cholecystitis and hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis and hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver with moderately severe liver failure, gallstone disease, as well as simultaneous damage to the liver and biliary tract, stomach and intestines. Food is cooked on water or steamed, wiped. Excluded are products that enhance the fermentation and rotting processes in
  3. Sample menu for the day with liver cirrhosis with exacerbation of the disease
    I. First breakfast: steam meat soufflé, milk rice porridge. Second breakfast: apple baked with sugar. Snack: decoction of hips, crackers with sugar. Lunch: vegetarian pearl barley soup with vegetables, steam meat patties, boiled vermicelli, fruit jelly. Dinner: steam meatballs, carrot puree, sugar-free cottage cheese pudding, jelly. For the night: kefir. Ii.
  4. Respiratory support in exacerbation of chronic respiratory failure
    The development of acute respiratory failure in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is accompanied by high mortality - up to 40% [Hanson C. W. et al., 1996], which in recent years has tended to increase [Ferguson G. T., Cherniack R M., 1993]. ONE in these patients requires active and sometimes prolonged respiratory therapy. The most common causes of a sharp deterioration
  5. Sample menu for the week with gout MONDAY
    On an empty stomach: dogrose broth. First breakfast: tea with milk, cucumber salad with sour cream. The second breakfast: fruit juice. Lunch: rice soup with potatoes on vegetable broth, fried cabbage cutlets, dried fruit compote. Lunch: decoction of wild rose. Dinner: omelet, carrot zrazy with prunes, tea with lemon. For the night: kefir. TUESDAY Nastoshak: broth hips. First breakfast: tea with milk, salad with
  6. Treatment of joint pain, gout and pain with sciatic nerve inflammation
    General reasoning When it is known that the cause is a simple nature, then it is easy to treat, because it is often simple inflammation, without a tumor, and it is enough to change the nature; most of all, it is necessary to remove yellow bile and blood. It can also be from freezing and cold, causing pain; then it is enough to change nature, and most of all it is necessary to remove mucus in order to keep the blood warm. Often
  7. Recommended products for exacerbation of liver inflammation and acute inflammation of the gallbladder
    Recommended: yesterday's wheat bread; soups are cooked on mucous broth with grated cereals, vegetables or on vegetable broths with finely chopped vegetables - potatoes, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, boiled cereals - rice, semolina, oatmeal cereals, noodles, soups can be added egg-milk mixture, which is prepared a mix of raw eggs with an equal volume of milk, and fill
  8. Gout
    Gout (P) - a disease caused by a violation of the exchange of purines; characterized by hyperuricemia, recurrent acute, and subsequently chronic arthritis, as well as kidney damage. The essence of the disease is a violation of the exchange of uric acid, resulting in the joints and periarticular cellulose crystals of monosodium urate are deposited, which leads to the development of arthritis. Besides
  9. Gout
    Cause Metabolic disorders associated with dietary errors (excess fat, protein, salt and meat dishes rich in purines). With an excess of purines in the blood, an excess of uric acid is formed, the kidneys do not cope with its output, and uric acid crystals are deposited in the joints. A large amount of alcohol also makes it difficult to remove uric acid from the body. Less common cause of gout are
  10. Gout
    (Greek poclos — leg, agra — capture, literally “foot in a trap”) has been known since ancient times, but its classical description is associated with the name of an English 17th-century clinician, T. Sydengamma. This is the third most common (after RA and DOA) arthropathy, occurring in both acute (subacute) and chronic forms. Its frequency in Europe and the United States is 0.01–0.3% of all diseases, and among diseases
  11. Gout
    Physical blocking Gout is a metabolic disorder characterized by an increase in the level of uric acid in the blood and the deposition of its salts in the joints and kidneys. This disease affects predominantly men, and salts are most often deposited in the big toes, knees, or feet. Emotional blockage If a big toe is affected, gout is a sign that a person
  12. GOUT
    - chronic, progressive metabolic disease, manifested by an increased content of uric acid in the blood and deposition of urate crystals in the tissues of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs. The main clinical manifestations In a gout clinic, the most typical is an acute attack of gouty arthritis, which is more common in men over 30 years of age.
  13. Causes of exacerbation
    The mysterious course of multiple sclerosis, accompanied by exacerbations that occur with different periodicity, raises questions about what, in fact, is the direct cause of the occurrence of exacerbations. As far as is known at the moment, for different forms of the course of multiple sclerosis of varying severity, differently manifested immune reactions are responsible and
  14. Pathology of the exchange of purines. Gout
    The main clinical syndrome caused by the purine metabolism disorder is gout. Gout is understood to be a heterogeneous group of purine metabolism disorders, manifested by severe hyperuricemia, arthritis (usually mono-articular attacks), deposition of sodium uric acid monohydrate crystals in the tissues (gouty bumps - tophi urici),
  15. Acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis
    Chronic bronchitis is a disease associated with prolonged exposure of nonspecific irritants (tobacco smoke, etc.) to the respiratory tract, accompanied by hypersecretion of mucus and inflammatory-degenerative changes in the bronchi and lung tissue. A key symptom of the disease is a chronic productive cough observed for at least 3 months for 2 consecutive years with
  16. Exacerbations treatment
    In the early stages of remitting MS, mild exacerbations can regress on their own without the use of specific therapy. Corticosteroids remain the drugs of choice for treating severe MS exacerbations. The action of these drugs is aimed at reducing inflammation and reducing the increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier, which reduces the duration of exacerbation and
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