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Weekly program plan

There are many ways to plan and run a program. Those who prefer not to bind themselves with a rigid plan can simply look in the recipe section every day and improvise, provided that they have the ingredients at hand. Others will want to plan in advance using the weekly table above. You can print copies of this table from or cut a template at the end of the book and make copies from it. The plan will not only help you concentrate on your actions and monitor their implementation, but also save time. Whichever option you choose, please read this section; he will become your guide during your first program.
Before the start of each week, choose recipes, determine which ingredients you need, and make a shopping list. Even if you do not adhere to the exact plan, you will have everything that you need. Fill in the weekly table, writing down what you would like to add to the plan. Note the additional practices that you would like to include in your plan, including yoga and outdoor exercise. Write down things you can forget about, for example, set aside time for recordings. Attach the table to the refrigerator or place it in some other place where it will be clearly visible.
Table number 4. Diary program for the week
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
Supplements Supplements Supplements Supplements
Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled
activity activity activity activity
Checklist: Checklist: Checklist: Checklist:
* 5 minute * 5 minute * 5 minute * 5 minute
meditation meditation meditation meditation
*Exercises * Exercises * Exercises * Exercises
* Skin cleaning * Skin cleaning * Skin cleaning * Skin cleaning
* Douche * Douche * Douche * Douche
Not forget: Not forget: Not forget: Not forget:

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Friday Saturday Sunday Shopping list
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Dinner Dinner Dinner
Dinner Dinner Dinner
Supplements Supplements Supplements
Checklist: Checklist: Checklist:
* 5 minute meditation * 5 minute meditation * 5 minute meditation
* Exercises * Exercises * Exercises
* Skin cleaning * Skin cleaning * Skin cleaning
* Douche * Douche * Douche
Not forget: Not forget: Not forget:

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Weekly program plan

  1. Program plan
    Now, having prepared your body, your environment and your consciousness, you can begin to drastically change your life. Purification requires a radical change in relation to food, diet and hunger. An elimination diet will prepare you well for this. You will start the program with a clear conscience and confidence stemming from the success achieved in giving up
  2. The program of the discipline with guidelines for studying each topic of the program and questions for self-control
    The program of the discipline with guidelines for studying each topic of the program and questions for
  3. First week
    The first week of the program usually turns out to be the most difficult since the biggest changes are taking place at this time. You are not only accustomed to a completely different diet, but also have to spend time preparing new dishes, as well as get used to the new manner and new circumstances of eating. You may have to remember your motivation in order not to lose heart. Do what from
  4. Third week
    At the beginning of the third week, passing two-thirds of the way, you go to the finish line, so you should not stop there. At this stage, you have already entered into a new way of life, and it is not so difficult for you to remain determined, because you have new habits. If you need motivation, ask for help from your support group (friends, family, program partners).
  5. WEEK 10
    This week we are exploring the dangers that may unexpectedly arise in our creative path. Since creativity is a spiritual occupation, many of these dangers will also prove to be so. In the analysis, assignments and exercises this week, we will analyze the harmful behaviors that block our creativity and become for him
  6. WEEK 6
    This week you will begin to overcome one of the main obstacles on the creative path - money, or rather, their absence. You will be required to analyze your ideas about God, money and creative abundance. The chapter is devoted to exploring exactly how your own views limit the wealth and luxury in your life. You will get acquainted with the account as a method of exit from the creative
  7. Second week
    During the second week, when you are accustomed to a new diet and have learned to overcome hunger, the main adaptation occurs. Your body adapts to a new state, using energy that is saved due to digestion for self-healing. If, prior to the program, his condition was unbalanced, these changes may cause disturbances in sleep, stool, appetite, emotional
  8. WEEK 1
    This week will mark the beginning of your creative revival. You can simultaneously experience frivolity, neglect and skepticism, and hope for success. The texts of the articles, tasks and exercises are aimed at strengthening the sense of security - this will allow you to get to know yourself from the creative side better without experiencing
  9. WEEK 4
    This week you will most likely experience a tumultuous process of changing self-esteem. The text of the chapter, tasks and exercises are aimed at catapulting you into a state of fruitful self-observation and adapting to a new sense of self. This can be both difficult and fun. Caution: do not neglect the abstinence exercise.
  10. WEEK 5
    This week you have to understand what you pay for the rejection of creativity. You are exploring how to limit your own opportunities, losing less spiritual wealth. See how you impoverish yourself by pretending that everything is good, instead of taking radical steps and maintaining your loyalty
  11. WEEK 7
    This week we will develop the right attitude towards creativity, paying attention to both the ability to perceive and the ability to act. The essays, exercises and assignments are aimed at restoring entire areas of genuine creative interest, which arises as you give more and more importance to your
  12. WEEK 3
    During this week you will have to deal with unusual tides of energy and acute attacks of anger, now joy, then sorrow. Forces will begin to return to you - as you shake the limits of the possible, which you have tolerated until now. You will need conscious experiments related to an unbiased perception of the world.
  13. WEEK 2
    During this week we will pay attention to your self-determination - one of the main components of creative revival. You will notice how the scope of the possible expands and the boundaries of new territories are marked as your personal needs, desires, and interests declare themselves. Theoretical articles and exercises are aimed at introducing you to your own "I", defined by you
  14. WEEK 11
    This week we will pay attention to our creative independence. We have to learn how to accept and maintain a creative personality. We explore behaviors that can strengthen our spiritual foundation and, therefore, our creativity. Especially carefully consider how best to perceive success, so as not to limit their own
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