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Defeat Toxins: Diagnosis

Doctors who successfully search for the causes of symptoms are called great diagnosticians. One such doctor once told me: “We usually find what we are looking for, but we are only looking for what we already know.”
Now it is completely obvious to me that we are being subjected to a toxic attack. But during my internship in New York, despite the intense suffering and desperate search for solutions, I never heard anything or read about global toxicity as a health hazard. I can not understand why representatives of Western medicine continue to close their eyes to its existence. The knowledge of global toxicity was a revelation that allowed me to restore my own health with the help of funds that went beyond what I had learned during my studies and internships in the hospital.
My cells never forgot how to produce chemical reactions. They tried desperately to do this, but toxic substances interfered with the normal functioning of the cells, causing irritation and inflammation.

Not surprisingly, I did not know about this before. The defeat of toxins continues to be a condition that modern medicine is barely able to register. In hospital walls, this expression is used to describe cases of acute poisoning (for example, when a child accidentally swallows dangerous chemicals or an adult takes an excessive dose of prescribed medication or alcohol). So when doctors are asked questions about detoxification from the point of view of cleansing, they call it quackery. Doctors skeptical of detoxification programs state that there is no evidence in the literature to support them. They mean that if you study the medical database, you will not find the results of scientific research in relation to such programs.
The databases contain only what the editors include, guided by their convictions and unconditional faith in the infallibility and self-sufficiency of Western medicine. This reinforces and perpetuates the status quo, as a result of which new, effective treatments are often rejected. In addition, research results are often known prior to their implementation. Only large pharmaceutical companies can afford large-scale placebo studies under dual control. If the subject of the research is not a miraculous medicine, which promises big profits, it is usually impossible to find financial resources for them. Proving that vegetables and fruits can be the most useful drugs is not profitable. However, a new area of ​​functional medicine is quickly filling this gap, creating its own databases, which contain information about all progressive methods of maintaining health. This trend is an effective combination of Eastern thinking and Western technology and provides excellent results.
Toxin infestation is not a disease or any particular symptom. This is a condition that has already arrived, a condition for the occurrence of which we are responsible, a condition that threatens life on the planet. In varying degrees, it is characteristic of everyone who breathes today's air, eats today's food and lives in today's cities, suburbs or rural settlements.
Toxin damage can manifest as many different symptoms. Or do not appear at all. Regardless of whether you notice him, there is no salvation from him, and everyone pays tribute to him to one degree or another.
The defeat of toxins in the form in which I present it in this book is an evolutionary failure problem. Evolution is the process of adapting organisms and overcoming obstacles and dangers. Driven by the survival instinct, organisms grow wings, develop ridiculously long necks, or learn to transform one chemical substance into another. A person has developed an extremely effective and incredibly complex system of organs and functions that complement each other to achieve a common goal - detoxification. Our physical body has evolved correctly, but this evolutionary state must be supported by right thinking and right behavior.
The evolutionary failure that I am talking about is that, despite the very noticeable increase in the impact of toxins, the modern lifestyle has contributed to reducing the effectiveness of the main evolutionary tool, so reasonably designed for the human body. Our thinking and our habits must evolve, otherwise our bodies will choke with dust, while we have at our disposal a perfect vacuum cleaner.
Teaching you how to use this vacuum cleaner effectively is the goal of this book.
“Usually we find what we are looking for, but we are looking only for what we already know” - these words of a modern diagnostician characterize our entire medicine

Toxins that are not promptly removed from the body remain inside it, irritating and damaging. Cells and tissues capture these toxins and cover them with mucus, trying to create a buffer that protects them from irritation. This mechanism of survival, like inflammation, is life-saving for a certain period, but can have a devastating effect if it functions continuously and for a long time.
Indian Ayurvedic doctors and Chinese healers first check the body's ability to eliminate toxins, trying to find reasons for the delay of toxins decomposition products. They track signs such as dull skin color, white patina on the tongue, grayish, yellowish or pinkish tinge of the eye proteins. They ask you if your stools are regular, how much urination is abundant, and when and how much you are sweating.
The defeat of toxins continues to be a condition that modern medicine is barely able to register
In accordance with their traditions dating back more than one thousand years, they consider the ability to detoxify - the elimination of toxins, toxic thoughts and emotions — the root of physical and mental health. The loss of this ability can serve as an explanation of why you suffer from allergies, headaches, constipation, nightmares, infertility, and other disorders.
Defeat toxins is not a new problem. Long before we began to expose ourselves to the effects of man-made chemicals, toxins accumulated in the body due to overeating, especially excessive consumption of poorly digestible food, and eating under stress. Supporters of cleansing the body appeared quite early in Europe and America, claiming that the main cause of diseases afflicting a civilized abundance society is the damage caused to the digestive tract by overeating and eating refined foods. They called this phenomenon autointoxication. Some of them, like the famous naturopath of the early twentieth century, Arnold Eret, put their patients on the blind diet that they used to eliminate toxins from the body - it served as the basis for an elimination diet that you will experience during the purification program. These pioneers and their followers, who practiced natural healing methods, understood that the systems of digestion and detoxification are perfectly adapted to protect health, but they must be in balance. You will see that even basic foods, if they are poorly digested and are not displayed properly, can pollute the body. This can lead to a complete imbalance of health even before man-made chemicals come onto the scene.
Our physical body has evolved correctly, but this evolutionary state must be supported by correct thinking and correct behavior.

In the old days, representatives of Western medicine understood the essence of this problem. Many older people will tell you how their family doctor prescribed them to castor oil when they fell ill, since large-scale removal of toxins from the body was enough to alleviate the symptoms and start the healing mechanism. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the enema was in each hospital. In an effort to make health care more progressive, more profitable, modern medicine has rejected the traditional wisdom and cheap means of non-drug treatment. But today they are needed more than ever. If you, living in the current environment, neglect detoxification, you will find the fate of a tree growing near a busy highway and absorbing exhaust fumes for years.
Toxins that are not promptly removed from the body remain inside it, irritating and damaging

Regardless of how you feel about this issue, knowing what toxins are, where they are, how they affect your health, and how to deal with them can save your life. And if in the near future the situation does not change radically, this knowledge may be needed to save life on Earth and ultimately the life of the Earth itself.
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Defeat Toxins: Diagnosis

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