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Rule number 8. A beautiful face - a worthy frame

Hair in the case of visual weight loss affects both the face and the overall silhouette. I think no one needs to explain: beautiful shiny hair, tastefully sheared and laid, is a significant contribution to the image of a real lady. And, of course, the hairstyle, just like clothes and makeup, can add or hide kilograms.
I'll begin with the fact that it is strictly forbidden to the pies.
1 Smooth licked hairstyles, it does not matter whether the hair is parted or parted back. With the non-removable styling, the cheeks will stick out and seem even bigger than they really are.
2 In our case, and hair deprived of volume, hanging on the sides of the face. If the heredity has let you down, and the hair is by nature thin, do not be lazy to spend ten minutes creating light curls, but do not get carried away.
3 Taboo - curvy curly curls that visually stretch the face in breadth. If the genes gave you natural curls a-la Angela Davis, save the scissors invested in the skilful hands of the hairdresser, and time. Cutting the layers will tame the hair and break the total weight of the curls, and the longer the hair will grow, the more noticeable this effect will be.
4 Stylists categorically do not recommend the rounded square to the puffs, which will turn your face into the same pancake with which we fought with the help of make-up. If the square is asymmetrical and not too lush - it will go.
5 Do not get involved in direct parting.
6 Forget about the rollers - an ineptly executed retropricheska will add to the cheeks volume.
In the risk zone, the haircut is "bob", it is only allowed for straight hair, a little
below the chin. Be careful with wavy hair, they by nature have a magnificent volume and can add kilograms if not cut in layers. Suitable are also relatively short haircuts to the jaw line - they focus on the chin, which girls rarely have massive. The length to the shoulders looks wonderful both on straight and wavy hair, because she stretches out her face visually. The main thing is not to forget about giving the appropriate amount.

If we talk about determining the correct length of hair, it is worth remembering the gold barber's commandment - just not shorter than the line of cheekbones!
Many slimming girls believe that short haircuts should be postponed until better times, but this is a terrible misconception.
They are perfectly suited for variations of layered haircuts with milled ends, raised crown, oblique parting and asymmetrical bangs. Classic bangs are not always appropriate, because this is another horizontal, and they should be avoided. On the puffs nice look haircuts that frame the face of locks.
The correct effect causes hair loss in the zone of the crown. Remember, too short a haircut puts on the public display cheeks and a second chin. Do you want it? No!
You have already realized that layered or cascaded haircuts, regardless of the length of the hair - this is what you need puffy cheeks. The volume grows up and makes the face thinner than it really is. Styling of long hair with flowing soft waves will distract your eyes from unnecessary roundness. If the hair is straight and stiff, it's not necessary to force them and twist your hair - do a multilevel haircut, just ask the master to keep the shortest layer no higher than the cheekbones and not below the chin. You can make beautiful styling with a clear structure, and the hair will not be flat.
For a solemn occasion, both loose hair and high hairstyles with a rise in the parietal region and beautifully framing the face with locks are suitable.
That's the whole "gorgeous eight" of simple rules, tested for yourself. I think that many readers at some point felt themselves in the program "Take it off immediately!" Or "Fashionable sentence". By the way, I am very glad that on domestic television there are more and more new projects that teach us to pay attention to our appearance and destroy the myth that only the rich are beautiful. Nothing like this!

Beautiful is the girl who loves herself, tries to learn new things and pays tribute to her femininity.
It's easy and pleasant, especially when a new hairstyle, cool makeup and attire receive well-deserved compliments. And they, I'm sure, you will collect a lot!
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Rule number 8. A beautiful face - a worthy frame

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