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Principle No. 4. Drink water

The human body consists of water by 60%, the baby has almost three quarters. Millions of years ago, life originated in the water, and now any living organism, whether a plant or an animal, is composed of water at least half.

Compliance with water balance allows us to maintain health and look radiant.
During losing weight, it is very important to drink enough water, because it helps to remove the products of fat splitting from the body. If in everyday life you need to drink about one and a half liters of water per day, then if you follow a diet no less than two.
If lipolysis products remain in the body, they are digested and can cause problems in the functioning of internal organs after a while.

It is necessary to help the body get rid of unnecessary toxic substances, while it is desirable to be like lymphatic drainage, manual or hardware.
Even self-massage will help: with the fingers of two hands we carry on the legs with a slight push to the popliteal fossa and into the sub-glial region. 10-15 minutes of massage well stimulate the outflow of lymph.
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Principle No. 4. Drink water

  1. How to make magical water
    Every good word about yourself you say to this Pitcher. It is better to take spring water. You can mineral. Can be fizzy. You can boiled. Anyone, if only you were aware that this is pure water, ready to receive information. And all the praise to ourselves, which we came up with during the day, we say into the water. You can pray. You can mantras of health and beauty. To charge water, you can
  2. How to use magical water
    This water is universal. It is charged with the energy of sunlight, any healer will tell you about the benefits of such "sunny" water. It is charged with our smile and love for ourselves - otherwise how can you praise yourself without a smile and love? Think of your own song of praise - you can poetry, you can prose - this will be the best charging of Water! Who can not think of himself - look at the forum. This kind of creativity
  3. Drink at least 10 glasses of water for 250 grams every day
    THE COUNCIL ON FOOD Water against juice It is best for nursing mothers to drink water. If you want diversity, give water a taste, squeezing into it a little favorite juice, Fruit juices are quite nutritious foods. With a minimum of nutrition, they contain a lot of calories, and when you drink too much juice, this can be the cause of excessive weight gain. Because the hormones responsible for
  4. Drowning and not lethal immersion in water
    Code for ICD-10 T75.1 Diagnosis When establishing the diagnosis Mandatory level of consciousness, frequency and effectiveness of breathing, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, anamnesis, a thorough physical examination R-graphy of the chest organs Laboratory tests: blood gases, hemoglobin, electrolytes, indicators coagulation (APTTV, PTW), an. Urine Additional (according to indications) R-graphia of cervical
  5. If the child is too early to give water and other kinds of complementary foods
    It is dangerous to give water and other kinds of complementary foods to a child under 4 months, as they can be contaminated and cause diarrhea in the baby. The baby will suck less breast and receive less breast milk; and for the mother the danger of becoming pregnant increases. At least up to four months of age, feed the baby only with breast milk. Water and water with glucose Thirst Some mothers, as well as paramedics,
  7. Myth 8. You need to apply hot water if your limbs are frozen
    Hands and feet go numb when it gets very cold, which leads to the fact that many people try to warm them up with hot water. In fact, hot water can aggravate the condition. It is worth using only slightly lukewarm water or dry
  8. 89. Diseases of the lungs caused by the action of the dust factor and the effect of chemical factors. PATHOGENESIS, CLINIC, PRINCIPLES OF TREATMENT AND PREVENTION. CLINIC OF THE TOXIC LUNG OF THE LUNGS, PRINCIPLES OF TREATMENT
    Pneumoconiosis - hsia development of fibrotic changes in the lungs in the course of a long inhalation of the industry. dust. On the etiology of various 6 gr-p PC: 1) silicosis-PC from the inhalation of silica dust (silicon oxide) 2) silicotosis-PC from the inhalation of dust silicates, sod-x silica in a bound state with other elements # aestestosis, talcosis. 3) metalloconiosis - PC from dust Me: Al-aluminosis, iron oxides - siderosis. 4)
  9. Abstract. Ethical principles in the work of a psychologist, 2010
    Introduction. Ethical principles of the psychologist. Principle of confidentiality. Principle of competence. The principle of no damage. Principle of respect. The principle of objectivity. Principle of responsibility. The principle of ethical and legal competence. The principle of qualified propaganda of psychology. Principle of the well-being of the client. The principle of professional cooperation. Principle of informing
  10. Ethical principles of the psychologist
    Ethical principles are designed to ensure: - the solution of professional tasks in accordance with ethical standards; -protection of people with whom psychologists enter into professional interaction: students, students, teachers, supervisors, research participants and other persons with whom the psychologist works; -conservation of trust between the psychologist and the client; - strengthening of authority
  11. Characteristics of the principles of education
    The principle is a general guideline requiring a sequence of actions, not in the sense of "sequencing," but in the meaning of "constancy" under various conditions and circumstances. Suppose, by the principle of life, a person has chosen to "be himself", this means that no force of brute and cruel rapists will force him to change this principle. Or: if the teacher chose "not
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