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Five Minute Meditation

There are many schools of meditation in the world that offer hundreds of different methods. The method described below helped me a lot, and I always recommend it to my patients. This exercise takes only 5 minutes.
It would seem very little, but it takes a lot of will to even so briefly sit still in place. The optimal time for its implementation is morning, immediately after waking up, until the locomotive of thoughts in your brain has gained full speed. But it is better to do it at any time of the day than not to do it at all.
This exercise is extremely effective if performed sequentially. In a few days you will already notice a change in your mind. Maybe you will start to pause before your previous automatic reactions turn on, including those that can cause you trouble or stress in your environment. This is another opportunity to abandon toxic thinking. You will become more aware of the present, and others will notice it.
Through meditation, you will feel like time is slower, and you find that you can do more than in the same period before.
Do the five-minute meditation in the morning, right after you wake up, until everyday problems have overwhelmed you. If it doesn't work in the morning, do it when there is time.

If you are unable to instantly turn off the mind and experience the bliss that yoga and Zen Buddhists are talking about, do not rush to the conclusion that meditation is not for you. As my teachers told me, you can learn this for years, sometimes even for the rest of your life. Nevertheless, a five-minute exercise of this exercise every morning for 21 days will develop your taste for transformation, which is possible if you practice meditation consistently. It happens differently for everyone, and it’s as difficult to explain as conveying the taste of strawberries. You just need to try it yourself:
1. Sit on a chair, keeping your back straight. Feet should be under the knees.
2. Place your palms on your hips and relax your hands. Look straight ahead, but try not to focus your gaze on anything concrete. Instead, notice everything in the room.
3. Take a deep breath and start feeling your feet. Feel they touch the floor or the soles of your shoes. Feel the temperature, humidity, texture of socks. Sensibly feel the feet from the inside. Do not think about them, but feel them, feel them.
4. After taking a few breaths and exhale, shift your attention to your calves and legs. Feel the same way and feel them throughout several breaths and exhalations.
5. Then transfer attention from one part of the body to another, first to the hips, then to the buttocks, abdomen, lower back, chest, upper back, shoulders, forearms, hands, neck, face, and finally the head.

6. Now grab your entire body with attention and scan it, lingering for a few breaths and exhalations on each part of it. This practice will strengthen your ability to direct attention where you need and hold it there.

Notice that as soon as you sit down, you begin to overcome various thoughts, trying to steal your attention from the body. Just tell yourself mentally: “Thank you for participating,” and direct the attention back to the body.
If you experience discomfort and a desire to stop, continue to sit quietly. Know: the discomfort is not caused by exercise. This happens when you are aware of your hidden state, that underlying anxiety that you usually do not perceive, since your attention is completely distracted from your own body by the outside world. Awareness of this hidden state is the first step to its destruction and the acquisition of energy, which it wastes.
Having found that you are absorbed in thoughts, and having managed to distract attention from them for at least a second, ask yourself: “Who decides that these thoughts should appear? If I had a choice, would I allow them into my consciousness? ”If your answer is negative and you understand that these thoughts just jumped into the consciousness, grabbing attention and distracting you from reality, tell them:“ Thank you for participating! ”- and direct attention somewhere to the present. For example, you can direct attention this time to your feet, and again this means not to think about your feet, but to feel them. This little “shock” of awareness blurs the usual routes of attention that lead him from the present to erratic thoughts. Perform this procedure as often as possible.
It can be used in any stressful situation when you are not alone - during a business meeting or an interview, while applying for a job. Nervousness comes from the unconscious thought process of interpretation, judgment, evaluation, and expectation. This process is a distraction. Directing attention to your body or breath, you reject this unwanted use of it and eliminate the results of this use. Perhaps in difficult situations it will be difficult for you to recall this method. Start using it in simple situations, gradually moving to more difficult ones. From personal experience, I know that it is worth being aware of the presence of consciousness for a fraction of a second in order to recall the method and begin to apply it, as the energy of the situation changes immediately, usually for the better. When you become more aware of reality, others present feel it. They may not be aware of why, but they are relieved. As a result, you show greater trust and respect, and a business meeting gets additional chances to succeed.
The results of many studies suggest that regular meditation is extremely beneficial for physical health. There are quantifiable causes for this: the content of stress hormones decreases, the hormones of happiness are produced, the body gets the opportunity to relax and heal. You invoke some of the attention or energy that is wasted, and send it to the body, where attention is often most needed.
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Five Minute Meditation

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    Meditation is the oldest way for a person to discover new knowledge through the achievement of a concentrated state in mental and mental activity. It can be said without exaggeration that all the achievements of human culture are the result of the immersion of man-creator in a meditative state, bringing every one who uses it, with precious fruits. Translated from the Latin meditatio
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    You need to know that with deep meditation you become hypersensitive to environmental conditions that strongly influence the process of your meditation. Colors, sounds, ambient temperature - all of this is fixed in your mind and subconscious and affects your energy. During meditation, all harsh sounds should be minimized: turn off the phone, do not set the alarm. Remember:
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    Meditation is one of the terms used to indicate how to switch attention from the outside world to the inside world. The essence of any meditation is constant practice, nothing, absolutely nothing can replace practice. Any teacher can only give you techniques, but knowledge should be your own. And only when knowledge becomes your personal experience, does it begin
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    In addition to the basic technique of dynamic meditation on the CO-HUM mantra, discussed in detail above, we recommend using additional techniques of meditative immersion depending on the conditions of your work and mood: 1. Meditation on the flame of a candle — it is detailed in the second conversation. 2. Meditation on meditation verses. Audio program recorded on the Ultra Rapid program cassette,
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    I enter the state of Ultra Rapid meditation. My body is free, relaxed, calm, peaceful. The sun is shining for me. Good radiant sun helps me. I sit down more conveniently. Silence, peace surround me. I feel warm and calm. I sink into a half-sleep. I'm half asleep. I feel good I easily fall into this state. I quietly say to myself, while inhaling, the syllable “CO”, once again “CO”, again and again
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    Meditation is just an exercise for the mind, created to learn how to control your attention and choose for yourself what to focus on. For meditation, it is necessary to concentrate on something repeating (for example, on repeating words to yourself) or something permanent (for example, on a spot on the wall). There are different types of meditation. Some of them use external
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    Meditation is just an exercise for the mind, created to learn how to control your attention and choose for yourself what to focus on. For meditation, it is necessary to concentrate on something repeating (for example, on repeating words to yourself) or something permanent (for example, on a spot on the wall). There are different types of meditation. Some of them use external
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    It may not be an ordinary task to read attitudes or meditations1. Let's dwell on this in a bit more detail. Throughout the history of mankind, in almost every culture and religion existed and there are traditions of meditation and prayer. This is a proven means of psychological self-help that is addressed when there is dissatisfaction with what you have,
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    Rewrite this plan and place it in a place where it would come into your eyes every day. You can also print it from MANDATORY ACTIONS: DO IT EVERY DAY 1. Prepare 3 courses: liquid for breakfast, solid for lunch and liquid for dinner, with additives of your choice. 2. When selecting products, follow the elimination diet. 3
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    Starting with the first program “Dominant 2000”, we offer you various means of mental self-regulation. In the program "Ultra Rapid" they are supported by even more effective, even more powerful tools. What are they? The first is meditation on the CO-HUM mantra. This is a wonderful mantra! It gives you the opportunity to use sound vibrations, to control the internal state. Mantra Meditation
    Our health depends on all that we nourish our mind and our physical body. These two substances of our body are inseparably connected, as the ancient Greeks already knew well. The power of the Spirit can support even the sickest body, and mighty athletes are broken if their spirit is not hardened. It has long been known that the wounds of the winners heal faster than those of the vanquished, and
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    The proposed training complex of exercises is performed one month after the training results are summarized. The complex of exercises is designed for one week. The frequency of classes - once a month for one year. It is useful to conduct training for the specified program after a long break, for example, after an illness or for other reasons. 1. Conducting meditation on the CO-HUM mantra 3 times a
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    Most artists who are in a creative dead end, live, so to speak, head. We constantly think about everything that we would like to do, but we could not. In the early stages of rebirth, we again think - the same thing. In order for the revival to be real and irreversible, it is necessary to get out of the captivity of thoughts and get to work. However, first of all you need to take up the work on your body. This
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    When examining the rhythmogram, you must first assess the heart rate. The average heart rate can be determined by measuring the average amplitude of the rhythmogram graph with the vertical scale of the graph. It must be remembered that the heart rate is equal to the ratio of 60 to the average value of R-R intervals in seconds. For example, if the average value of cardio-intervals when visually assessing a graph is 1.0 sec., The average heart rate will be 60 beats
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    Instructions for the game "Journey around the planet" Instruction 1. "Imagine some solar system, which consists of three planets. Your ship has got into this system. It is necessary to investigate. Your research team will land on one of the planets, study it and submit a socio-psychological progress report (a five-minute report at a general conference).
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