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We will understand in order

If the body does not receive a sufficient amount of fiber, in the folds of the intestine are pieces of food that decompose and greatly harm health. So if you do not want to fill the body with toxins, eat vegetables and grains while chewing thoroughly. Food enters the intestine in a semi-liquid state, and with sufficient grinding in the mouth will be well digested.
Fiber also has the ability to adsorb toxins. It gradually collects them and removes them from the body. So fiber is absolutely necessary for our body! Its sources are grain bread, fresh vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbage, but starchy vegetables are less. Plus, fiber is also in the fact that it practically does not carry the body's calories. By the way, whatever the bread makers write on the packaging, this product, in addition to fiber, contains a significant amount of easily digestible carbohydrates.
These most easily digestible carbohydrates, as the name implies, practically do not require digestion and are very quickly absorbed into the blood. They are primarily spent by the body on urgent needs, that is, on physical and mental work. Sources of "fast" carbohydrates are sugar, bakery products, pasta.

Before you start losing weight, you need to deal with your diet.
I have been interested in this topic for a long time, I have tried many diets and systems of healthy nutrition.
There is a lot of information about diets on the Internet, and each of them is advertised as unique, fantastic and universal. That is, no individual effort, it helps everyone. I believe that you need to be careful about this kind of advertising. Every woman has its own characteristics of the body, it is impossible to equalize everyone, including in such a delicate matter as losing weight. But how can you get into the sea of ​​recommendations and advice?

The idea of ​​absolutely all diets is the same. Nutritionists come up with a diet option that allows you to reduce the number of calories consumed by a person per day.
The only difference is in the ways. Some offer to eat more porridge, the second insist on cabbage and beets, others prohibit carbohydrates and so on. Before discussing specific diets, let's first understand what calories are.
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We will understand in order

  1. Counterbalances the patriarchal order
    In Soviet times, there are changes concerning the organization of gender order and emotional-sexual sphere. Consider the structural causes of these changes and their representation in the stories of informants. The traditionally patriarchal tendencies reproduced during the Soviet period were softened by the employment of women in the public sphere, high social mobility and inter-ethnic
  2. Hierarchy of law enforcement
    The total weight of all organs and cells of the immune system of an adult is not more than 1 kg. The biological protection service acts not by number, but by skill, providing the body with four levels of protection. The first is represented by the central, or primary, organs of immunity: the thymus gland, the bone marrow, the lymphoid tissue of the colon and the appendix, and the palatine tonsils, which scientists have completely
  3. Regulations on the procedure for the conduct of autopsy
    (Annex to the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Ministry of Health of April 29, 1994, No. 82) I. General Provisions. 1. A pathoanatomical autopsy is performed at pathoanatomical bureaus and departments of medical and preventive care institutions strictly in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and this Statute. 2. In cases of death from violent causes or suspicion of them, from mechanical damage, poisoning,
  4. About the voluntary order of satisfaction of the demands of the rebater
    Turubaeva Yu.E. Scientific adviser: Art. teacher L.V. Sofina Chelyabinsk Institute (branch) of the Russian State University of Trade and Economics, Chelyabinsk In the stated theses, certain provisions of Art. 13 as amended. Federal Law of December 17, 1999 No. 212-ФЗ and No. 171 - ФЗ of December 21, 2004. So, in the commented article. 13 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights"
    Human society cannot exist without the fulfillment by an individual person or by collectives of generally accepted norms and rules of behavior. Sailors, foremen and officers, like all Soviet people, are characterized by "high communist consciousness, diligence and discipline, dedication to the public interest." These program provisions follow from the instructions of V.I. Lenin about the conscious character
  7. On the impact of bad air changes, the opposite of the natural order of things
    As for changes that go beyond the limits of nature, [they occur] either as a result of [certain] transformations in [the] matter of air, or as a result of transformations [that take place] in its qualities. As for the transformations [committed] in the substance, they consist in the fact that the substance of the air changes and becomes bad, because one of its qualities has become too strong or
  8. Regulations on the procedure for organizing and conducting clinical and papologoanatomical conferences in medical institutions
    (Appendix No. 7 to the Order of the Ministry of Health of the USSR of 04.04.83, No. 375) 1. The main tasks of clinical and pathoanatomical conferences are: a) raising the qualifications of doctors of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions and improving the quality of clinical diagnosis and treatment of patients through joint discussion and analysis of clinical and sectional data; b) identifying the causes and sources of errors in the diagnosis and treatment of all
    During the slaughter of animals and poultry, the specialists of the State Veterinary Supervision Department - veterinary experts take into account the number of cases of detected diseases, the results of veterinary and sanitary examination of carcasses (carcasses), internal organs and their rejection are registered in the journal of the established form ( birds) and at the sanitary slaughter
  10. Instructions on the procedure for the implementation of the bodies and institutions of the sanitary-epidemiological service of the state sanitary supervision of health facilities health facilities
    (Approved by Order M3 of the USSR of 23.03.76 No. 228) In accordance with the Statute on State Sanitary Surveillance in the USSR, approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of 31.05.73 No. 361, the bodies and institutions of the sanitary-epidemiological service are entrusted with the supervision of sanitary and anti-epidemic activities and compliance with institutions and heads of institutions
  11. Article 37. Procedures for providing medical care and standards of medical care.
    1. Medical care is organized and provided in accordance with the procedures for the provision of medical care, mandatory for all medical organizations on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as on the basis of medical care standards. 2. Procedures for providing medical care and standards of medical care are approved by the authorized federal executive body.
  12. In my family, I do everything: home, grocery shopping, children, their upbringing, their education. I do not understand why only I should deal with all this. My husband says that when a woman does everything, it is in the order of things. But he is responsible for this, isn’t he?
    It depends on the commitments you made together before the birth of children. Did you discuss the consequences of having children in your family? Who wanted them? Suppose you really wanted to have children, but your husband told you: “I don’t want to have children, but if it’s so important to you, then all right. You can have children, I do not mind, because you will deal with them. " If between you was achieved
  13. My spouse goes to work. She never liked doing household chores, I know that and I always knew it. I also go to work. Since we got married, the maintenance of order in the house constantly rests on me. It starts to bother me. We both go to work, and how can I tell her that she has the same responsibility for maintaining cleanliness in the house as I do?
    Have you made a clear commitment before making a decision about living together? Maybe you are committed to doing household chores, telling her, for example: “No problem. Will I do this? And now you are responsible for the consequences of your decision. However, if at the present time it has become too difficult for you, you must tell your spouse about it. Ask her
  14. Genuine change
    By working on the morning pages, we gradually begin to distinguish real feelings, which are deeply hidden, from the ostentatious - those that we demonstrate to others. We usually denote showy feelings with a common phrase like “Everything is in order, I have coped with it” (loss of job, betrayal of a lover, death of a father ...). What do you mean when you say "okay"? Morning pages make us go
  15. Disciplinary responsibility
    For misdemeanors related to violation of military discipline or public order, military personnel are subject to disciplinary responsibility on the basis of and in accordance with the procedure established by general military regulations and current legislation, according to which gross violations of military discipline are: - violation of vehicle control or operation rules,
  16. Clarity of thoughts and deeds
    Good health people will have the ability to think, decide, and do everything with speed and clarity; speed is an expression of freedom. They are fast, accurate, agile and ready to answer the requirement of necessity. Healthy people have the ability to always restore order. This desire for order can be observed in animals and in the plant world. The beauty of movements or forms is an expression
  17. Six more tools
    Before diving into the details regarding the six-dimensional model of vision, let's deal with the six coordinates in our toolkit for solving problems. To do this, we use yesterday's Swiss Army Knife and draw the next six tools (as for the corkscrew, we'll save it for tomorrow). Label them as follows: # 1: “who and what” # 2: “how many”
    The female reproductive cell in mammals was discovered in the XIX century. K.M. Bear. The development of the egg begins in the ovary and ends in the oviduct. The process of egg development is called oogenesis. It is similar to spermatogenesis, but has several features (Fig. 29). In oogenesis, there are three stages: reproduction, growth and maturation. The reproduction stage of mammalian ovum pass into the uterine
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