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Understand in order

If the body does not receive enough fiber, in the folds of the intestine remain pieces of food that decompose and severely harm the health. So if you do not want to fill the body with toxins, eat vegetables and cereals and at the same time carefully chew. The food enters the intestines in a semi-liquid state, and with sufficient grinding in the mouth it will be well digested.
Fiber also has a property to adsorb toxins, it gradually collects them and removes them from the body. So fiber to our body is absolutely necessary! Its sources are grain bread, fresh vegetables, for example, lettuce and cabbage, but in starchy vegetables it is less. Plus fiber is also in the fact that it practically does not carry calories in the body. By the way, whatever the producers of bread producers wrote on the packaging, this product, in addition to cellulose, contains a significant amount of easily digestible carbohydrates.
These most easily assimilated carbohydrates, as the name implies, practically do not require digestion and are very quickly absorbed into the blood. They are primarily used up by the body for urgent needs, that is, for physical and mental work. Sources of "fast" carbohydrates are sugar, bakery products, pasta.

Before you start losing weight, you need to understand your diet.
I have long been interested in this topic, I have tried on my own many diets and healthy food systems.
Information about diets is insanely plentiful on the Internet, and each of them is advertised as unique, fantastic and universal. That is, no individual effort, it helps everyone. I believe that one should be cautious about such advertising. Each woman has her own characteristics of the body, you can not call everyone, including in such a delicate matter as losing weight. But how do you sort out the sea of ​​recommendations and advice?

The idea of ​​absolutely all diets is the same. Nutritionists come up with a variant of nutrition that allows you to reduce the number of calories consumed by a person per day.
The only difference is in the ways. Some offer more cereals, the latter insist on cabbage and beetroot, others forbid carbohydrates and so on. Before discussing specific diets, let's first understand with you what calories are.
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Understand in order

  1. Counterbalances to the patriarchal order
    In the Soviet era, there are changes concerning the organization of gender order and the emotional and sexual sphere. Consider the structural causes of these changes and their representation in the stories of informants. Traditionally patriarchal tendencies, reproduced in the Soviet period, were mitigated by the employment of women in the public sphere, high social mobility and interethnic
  2. Hierarchy of the Guardians of Order
    The total weight of all organs and cells of the immune system of an adult person is not more than 1 kg. The biological protection service acts not by number, but by skill, providing the body with four levels of protection. The first is represented by central, or primary, organs of immunity: the thymus gland, bone marrow, lymphoid tissue of the large intestine and appendix, as well as palatine tonsils, which scientists at all
  3. Regulations on the procedure for conducting pathoanatomical autopsies
    (Annex to the Order of MZMP from 29.04.1994, No. 82) I. General provisions. 1. Pathoanatomical autopsy is performed in the pathoanatomical bureaus and departments of medical-prophylactic institutions strictly in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and these Regulations. 2. In cases of death from violent causes or suspicion of them, from mechanical damage, poisoning, including
  4. On the voluntary order of satisfaction of the requirements of a consumer
    Turubaeva Yu.E. Scientific adviser: Art. teacher L.V. Sofina Chelyabinsk Institute (branch) of the Russian State University of Trade and Economics, Chelyabinsk. In the theses presented, certain provisions of art. 13 in the red. Federal Law No. 212-FZ of December 17, 1999 and No. 171-FZ of December 21, 2004. So, in the commented art. 13 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights"
    Human society can not exist without the fulfillment by the individual or collectives of generally accepted norms and rules of conduct. Sailors, sergeants and officers, like all Soviet people, are characterized by "high communist consciousness, diligence and discipline, devotion to the public interest". These program provisions follow from the instructions of V.I. Lenin about the conscious nature
  7. On the impact of bad air changes, contrary to the natural order of things
    As for the changes that go beyond the limits of nature, [they occur] either as a result of [certain] transformations in the substance of air itself, or as a result of transformations taking place in its qualities. As for the transformations taking place in matter, they consist in the fact that the substance of the air changes and becomes bad, since one of its qualities has become excessively increased or,
  8. Regulations on the organization and conduct of clinical-pahologoanatomicheskih conferences in treatment and prevention institutions
    (Annex No. 7 to the order of the Ministry of Health of the USSR of 04.04.83, No. 375) 1. The main objectives of clinico-pathoanatomical conferences: a) improving the skills of doctors of treatment and prevention institutions and improving the quality of clinical diagnosis and treatment of patients through joint discussion and analysis of clinical and sectional data; b) identification of the causes and sources of errors in diagnosis and treatment at all
    In the process of slaughtering animals and poultry, specialists of the Gosvnadzor department-vetsaneeksperti take into account the number of cases of detected diseases, the results of veterinary and sanitary examination of carcasses, carcasses and their rejects are recorded in a magazine of the established form ("Journal of Veterinary Expertise of Meat and Offal Products in Primary Processing of Livestock ( birds) and in the sanitary slaughterhouse
  10. Instruction on the procedure for the bodies and institutions of the sanitary and epidemiological service of the state sanitary inspection for the sanitary condition of the health facility
    (Approved by Order No. 228 of the USSR on 23.03.76) In accordance with the Regulations on State Sanitary Supervision in the USSR approved by Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 361 of 31.05.73, the bodies and institutions of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service are responsible for supervising the conduct of sanitary and antiepidemic activities and compliance with institutions and heads of institutions
  11. Article 37. Procedures for the provision of medical care and standards of medical care
    1. Medical assistance shall be organized and rendered in accordance with the procedures for the provision of medical care that are mandatory for execution in the territory of the Russian Federation by all medical organizations, as well as on the basis of medical care standards. 2. Procedures for the provision of medical care and standards of medical care are approved by the authorized federal executive body.
  12. In my family, I do everything: home, food, children, their upbringing, their education. I do not understand why all of this should be done only by me. My husband says that when a woman does everything, it's in the order of things. But after all, he is responsible for this, is not it?
    It depends on the obligations that you took on together before the birth of the children. Have you discussed the consequences of having children in your family? Who wanted them? Suppose you really wanted to have children, but your husband told you: "I do not want to have children, but if it's so important to you, then all right. You can have children, I do not mind, because you will be engaged in them. " If you have been reached
  13. My wife goes to work. She never liked to do household chores, I know it and I always knew it. I also go to work. Since we got married, I'm constantly being kept in the house. It starts to bore me. We both go to work, and how can I explain to her what maintenance of cleanliness in the house she bears the same responsibility as I do?
    Did you make a clear commitment before you decided to live together? Maybe you made a commitment to do household chores, telling her, for example: "No problem. Will I do this? And now you are responsible for the consequences of the decision you made. However, if this is now too difficult for you, it is necessary to tell your wife about it. Ask her,
  14. Real changes
    Working on the morning pages, we gradually begin to distinguish real feelings, which are deeply hidden, from showy ones - those that we show to others. Poskaznye feelings, we usually denote a common phrase like "Everything is in order, I coped with this" (loss of work, betrayal of the beloved, the death of his father ...). What do you mean when you say "okay"? The morning pages make us go
  15. Disciplinary responsibility
    For offenses related to the violation of military discipline or public order, servicemen bear disciplinary responsibility on the basis and in the manner determined by the general military charters and the current legislation, in accordance with which gross violations of military discipline are recognized: - violation of the rules for driving or operating their vehicles,
  16. Clarity of thoughts and deeds
    People of good health will have the ability to think, decide and do everything with speed and clarity; quickness is an expression of Freedom. They are fast, precise, mobile and ready to respond to the requirement of necessity. Healthy people are distinguished by the ability to always restore order. This desire for order can be observed in animals and in the plant world. The beauty of movements or forms is an expression
  17. Six more tools
    Before diving into the details of the six-dimensional vision model, let's look at the six coordinates in our toolbox for problem solving. To do this, let's use yesterday's Swiss army knife and finish the next six tools (as for the spin, then we'll save it for tomorrow). Designate them as follows: # 1: "who and what" # 2: "how much"
    The female germ cell in mammals was discovered in the 19th century. K. M. Baer. The development of the ovum begins in the ovary and ends in the oviduct. The process of development of eggs is called oogenesis. It is similar to spermatogenesis, but it also has a number of characteristics (Figure 29). In oogenesis, three stages are distinguished: reproduction, growth and maturation. The stage of reproduction of the ovule of mammals is in the uterine
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