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Recipes for cooking at home

Vegetable dishes
Products: 3 bunches of lettuce, 2 fresh cucumbers, some green onions, dill, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.
Enumerate lettuce leaves, rinse, cut into large pieces, add cucumbers sliced ​​into circles, chopped green onions, add vegetable oil, mix gently. Then put in a salad bowl, sprinkle with dill, garnish with larger slices of cucumber and lettuce leaves.
Products: 2 pieces of carrot, 2 apples, citric acid, sugar, 1/4 cup sour cream.
Raw washed and peeled carrots grate, add peeled and grated apples, sour cream, mix. If necessary, add citric acid.
Salad is served with flour, vegetable pancakes, cereal and potato cutlets, poultry dishes and boiled meat.


Products: 2 sour-sweet apples, 1 glass of cherries, 1 glass of plums, 3 pears, 100 g of sugar.
Peel fresh apples, pears and plums (plums must be immersed in boiling water to crack the skin), remove seed boxes and seeds. Apples and pears are chopped and boiled in sweetened water, put them together with cherries in a glass dish in layers, sprinkled with sugar and put for several hours in a cold place.
Cabbage and Beetroot Salads
Products: 200 g of cabbage, 100 g of raw beets, 50 g of sunflower oil, 10 g of green salad, 10 g of parsley, 10 g of dill, a little salt.
Cabbage finely chop, grate raw beets on a plastic grater, mix with cabbage, season with sunflower or vegetable oil, you can add juice from half a lemon. Stir, decorate in a salad bowl with greens.
Cabbage Salad
Products: 200 g of white cabbage, 80 g of carrots, 50 g of apples, 4 tablespoons of kefir, 2 tablespoons of parsley, sugar.
Chop cabbage, apples and carrots on a coarse grater, mix with cabbage, season with kefir, sugar, sprinkle with parsley, mix, put in a salad bowl, decorate

Products: 400 g carrots, 2 apples, sugar.
Wash carrots, peel, grate. Apple wash, grate. All together, stir, sugar.
Products: 10 pieces of carrots, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 1/2 tablespoon of flour.
Peel the carrot, wash it, cut it into slices or slices, put it in a saucepan and add a little water, oil, simmer until it becomes soft. Then lightly fry the flour in butter, dilute with hot milk or water, cook a little and pour the carrots. To taste add sugar and simmer a few more minutes.
Products: 10 carrots, 400 g of cottage cheese, 0.5 cups of semolina, 2 spoons of sugar, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of butter, cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of crackers.
Grate raw or boiled carrots, add mashed cottage cheese, semolina soaked in milk, egg, pounded with sugar, cinnamon, mix everything, introduce whipped proteins. Put the prepared mass into a baking sheet greased with butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs, cover with pieces of butter and bake in the oven.
Tykva boiled
Products: 1.5 kg of pumpkin, citric acid, 1 tablespoon of oil, 1 tablespoon of white crackers.
Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds, cut into quadrilateral pieces and boil in water. Drain, add citric acid to taste and heat a little more.
When serving, sprinkle with fried breadcrumbs.
Pumpkin Pancakes
Products: 1.5 kg of pumpkin, 1 glass of milk, 1 glass of flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of oil.
Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds, grate, pour with milk and simmer. Then cool, add flour, pounded with sugar yolk, you can add a little kefir, mix well, enter the beaten protein. Instead of flour, you can add an incomplete glass of semolina. Fry small pancakes in vegetable oil.
Products: 0.5 kg of tomatoes, 1 apple, 1 spoon of vegetable oil, lemon juice, parsley or dill.
Wash tomatoes, wipe, chop into thin slices or quarters, wash apple, grate. Add a little lemon juice. Wash parsley, finely chop. Put the prepared tomatoes on a dish, sprinkle with grated apple, finely chopped parsley, sprinkle with vegetable oil or sour cream.
Products: 700 g of potatoes, 2 fresh cucumbers, 2 carrots, 180 g of green onions, 200 g of sour cream sauce, greens.

Boil potatoes, peel, then chop them and diced cucumbers, grate raw carrots, chop green onions, chop tomatoes, mix with sauce, decorate with greens.
Products: 300 g of boiled meat, 4 pieces of boiled potatoes, 2 cucumbers, 100 g of green salad, 2 boiled carrots, 1 cup of kefir or sour milk, 2 tomatoes, greens.
Peeled products cut into cubes or thin slices, mix with yogurt or kefir, sprinkle with finely chopped greens, garnish with slices of tomatoes. First meal
Products: 1.5 liters of milk, 0.5 cups of rice, 1 tablespoon of butter, 20 g of sugar, cinnamon to taste.
Immerse the washed rice in boiling water and cook until softened and almost until the water disappears. Add milk, sugar and boil until cooked. When serving, put the oil, cinnamon.
Products: 1.5 liters of milk, 200 g of vermicelli, 1 tablespoon of butter, 50 g of sugar, cinnamon to taste.

Fry the noodles at half the norm of oil, stirring all the time so as not to burn. As soon as the noodles turn pink, pour it over 2 fingers above boiled milk, cover and cook, without disturbing 5 minutes. Then stir, add the rest of boiled milk, add sugar and cinnamon.
Products: medium-sized pumpkin, 1.5 liters of milk, 10 g of sugar, cinnamon.
Boiled pumpkin, cut into pieces, rub through a sieve, pour hot milk, add cinnamon with sugar, boil and serve hot or chilled.
Products: 2 liters of water, 200 g of wheat bran, 400 g of strawberries, 80 g of wild rose, 200 g of dried apricots, 50 g of sugar, 25 g of starch, 1 cup of cream.
Brew bran in 300 g of boiling water, cover with a lid, let stand for one hour. Dogroot rub with a rolling pin, pour 200 g of boiling water, close the lid tightly and boil for 5 minutes. Then remove from heat, let stand for 2 hours, then strain the bran and rosehip extract, combine, heat, brew starch with cold water, put strawberries, dried apricots, sugar, fill with cream. Serve hot or cold.
Products: fresh cabbage 800 g, 3 teaspoons of flour, butter 2 tablespoons, 0.5 cups sour cream, parsley, dill, bay leaf.
Freshly chopped cabbage, lightly salt and dry in oil, pour boiling water. Put the bay leaf, sautéed chopped onion, browned flour in the butter, boil, add butter, sour cream, heat, not boiling, add the finely chopped greens. Serve with sour cream.
Products: beet kvass 2 l, apples 3 pieces, cucumbers 2 pieces, 0.5 cups sour cream, dill, green onions.
Peel apples, remove seed boxes, cut into slices. In beet kvass put peeled and sliced ​​cucumbers, apples, dill, finely chopped green onions, whipped sour cream.
To this soup file peeled potatoes, cooked with peel.
Boil beets, peel, cut into small oblong pieces or grate on a coarse grater, pour boiling water and leave in a hot place for 30 minutes. Then cool, put the bread tied in a clean rag, and put in a warm place for one day for fermentation. When leavened, take out the bread.

Products: 0.5 kg of potatoes, 80 g of cereals, 20 g of parsley (root), 80 g of onions, 1.5 liters of water, 20 g of butter.

For this soup, use any cereal. Pearl barley, barley, oatmeal to sort, wash, boil separately in water until half cooked. Rice and wheat cereal lay raw.
Put prepared cereal into boiling broth. As soon as the water boils, add diced potatoes, after 10 minutes passaged onions, roots and cook until ready. Season with spices.
Soup can be cooked with fish. Pearl barley is especially well combined with fish.
Products: 800 g of milk or a mixture of milk and water, 300 g of peeled pumpkin, 30 g of cereals.
Peel the pumpkin and seeds, cut into cubes, put into boiling milk or into a mixture of milk and water and cook until half cooked, until softened. Then add to this dish pre-cooked millet until half cooked, cook until ready, add butter and sugar. If instead of millet to use semolina, then it is not previously boiled.
Products: beet 70 g, fresh peeled cucumbers 100 g, green onion 30 g, water 60 g, yogurt 220 g, sour cream 10 g, salad 30 g, sugar 6 g, 1/4 egg, dill.

Grate the beets. Salad, onions and cucumbers finely chopped. Eggs finely chopped. Prepared products pour yogurt and boiled water, add sugar, mix. When serving, put sour cream and herbs.
Instead of onions, you can eat salad.
Products: 1 cup of sour milk - 1 cup of sour cream, 150 g of fresh cucumbers, 300 g of beet kvass, 400 g of beet tops, 2 steep eggs, 2 tablespoons of finely chopped dill and green onions, sugar, lemon juice.
Rinse beet tops thoroughly, cut into strips and boil in a closed saucepan in a little water with lemon juice. Then cool the tops, peel the cucumbers and cut into cubes, mix the yogurt with sour cream, add the tops of the tops, chopped cucumbers, sliced ​​eggs, dill, green onion, pour in beetroot kvass, mix. Submit to the table chilled.
Products: 200 g of cereals, 30 g of parsley, 50 g of carrots, 50 g of onion, 40 g of butter, 1.5 liters of liquid.
Cook the grits, add passaged vegetables, rub together with the broth, dilute with milk or broth, boil. Second courses

Products: 0.5 kg of fish (pike, pike perch, bream), 450 g of roots, bay leaf, 10 g of gelatin.

Wash the fish, clean, cut, cut off the head, wash thoroughly. The roots wash, clean, rinse and pour the water with the fish’s head, add salt and cook the broth. Put the chopped fish and bay leaf into the ready broth and cook for 20 minutes until ready on low heat. When the fish has cooled, remove it from the broth, put it on the dish and decorate with boiled vegetables.
Strain the broth, dissolve in it the gelatin washed and soaked in pre-gelatin, seasoned to taste. Cooked in the same way jelly pour the fish, laid out on a dish, and put on the cold.
Before serving, sprinkle with lemon juice.
Products: 700 g of fish (pike perch, pike, bream, cod), 400 g of vegetables, sugar, salt, 2 teaspoons of butter.
Fish wash, clean, cut, thoroughly wash. Roots wash, clean, rinse, pour hot water, salt, add a pinch of sugar, boil broth. In the finished broth put the fish whole or sliced ​​into pieces. Cook for 20 minutes. Serve with a small piece of butter.
Products: 700 g of fish (cod, pike perch, pike, bream), 250 g of carrots, 200 g of celery, 120 g of parsley, 160 g of green onions.

Wash the fish, clean, cut, wash again, cut into pieces. Wash vegetables, clean, rinse, cut into strips, lightly stew in water. In vegetables in the state of half-ready to put fish, salt and simmer all over low heat. Sprinkle with parsley or dill before serving.
Products: 700 g of fish (pikeperch, pike, bream), salt.
Wash, clean, cut, rinse fish, rinse eyes out of heads. Grate lightly with salt, wrap in parchment paper carefully, put the stove in a preheated oven.
Products: 700 g of lean fish (cod, pike, pike perch, carp, bream), 400 g of roots, 50 g loaf, 0.5 cups of milk, 1 protein, salt.
Roots wash, clean, rinse, add water, salt and boil the broth.
Wash fish, cut, clean, rinse, separate the pulp from the bones, remove the skin from the resulting fillet. Mince through a meat grinder together with a bun, soaked in milk and wrung out. Salt the resulting mass, mix it with the whipped protein, make a sausage from the mass, level and smooth it, wrap in a piece of gauze, tie with a thread, put in boiling broth and cook for 45 minutes over low heat.
Products: per 100 g: fish 85 g, loaf 20 g, milk 15 g, 1/4 egg, wheat crackers 6 g, vegetable oil 10 g
Fish, cleared of skin and bones, cut into slices, mince along with a loaf soaked in milk, add egg, salt, beat well with a whisk. Make cutlets from the mass, roll them in breadcrumbs and fry in a hot frying pan. After frying the meatballs on both sides over medium heat, add 3 tablespoons of water to the pan, cover with a lid and simmer until ready.
Serve with a side dish of boiled potatoes or with other vegetables.

Products: fish 90 g, loaf 20 g, milk or water 20 g, butter 5 g.
Fish fillet without skin and bones mince, combine with loaf soaked in milk or water, mix well. Again mince and mix thoroughly. Make cutlets from the resulting mass and cook them for a couple. Serve with melted butter. You can bake the chops in the oven.
Products: 700 g of fish, 450 g of roots, 50 g of loaf, 0.5 cups of milk, 1 protein.
Cook the minced fish as described above. Make round or oval meatballs out of it and boil them in vegetable broth.
Products: beef 150 g, baton 20 g, milk 20 g, 1/4 egg, parsley, salt.
For jelly: broth or decoction of vegetables 170 g, gelatin.
Mince the prepared and washed meat through a meat grinder, add a loaf soaked in milk and once again skip through a meat grinder. Add vegetable oil, salt, eggs to the resulting mass and whisk with a whisk. Make meatballs and cook them for a couple. Prepare jelly: boil broth or broth over low heat, strain, add gelatin soaked for 25 minutes, bring to a boil, strain. In a shallow form pour a little cold broth or broth, put the meatballs, add broth or broth. When the meatballs are frozen in jelly, completely fill them with broth or broth, cool.
Products: 650 g of boiled beef, 1 egg, 1 cup of rusks, 1 tablespoon of butter, some milk, salt.
Boiled meat cut into slices across the fibers, moisten with an egg, whipped with a small amount of milk and salt, roll in breadcrumbs and fry on both sides. Then put the slices of meat on the dish and next to - boiled potatoes. Meat can be poured with sour cream or bechamel sauce.
Boiled beef can be served with a side dish of various boiled vegetables: carrots, green peas, fresh cabbage.
Instead of vegetable side dishes, you can serve porridge from grits or boiled coarsely chopped homemade noodles. Boil noodles, fold in a colander, mix with butter and non-sharp grated cheese.

Products: 400 grams of boneless meat, 2 carrots, 2 parsley roots,
Wash the meat, let the water drain, put on a dry, well heated pan, browned on both sides of high heat, lightly salt, add a little water and simmer on low heat in a closed saucepan.
Parsley and carrot wash, peel, rinse, grate on a coarse grater.
Put the vegetables in the meat and simmer together until they are soft, pouring water as necessary. When the meat is ready, rub the sauce along with the roots through a sieve, season it lightly with salt, cut the meat into portions and pour over the sauce.
Products: 400 g of beef without bones or veal, an egg or only protein, 50 g of stale loaf, 0.5 cups of milk, 1 teaspoon of flour, and salt.
To make minced meat, it is necessary to wash the meat thoroughly, squeeze, chop, grind twice with a loaf soaked in milk, salt, mixed with protein or a whole egg (depending on the purpose of therapeutic nutrition), mix well, give the cutlets an oblong or round shape, roll in flour and then: a) boil cutlets for a couple or in salted broth; b) to browse without fat in a dry frying pan, then, lightly pouring water, simmer; c) with high nutrition - fry in fat.
Steam patties are cooked in a steamer - pan. If there is no such pan, you can successfully use the grid on the legs, which is placed on the bottom of the pan. The water level should be below the grid. From the moment water boils until the cutlets are ready, it takes 20 minutes.

Golubtsy with meat
Products: 250 g of beef, 7 cabbage leaves, 1 onion, vegetable decoction, 2 spoons of tomato, salt.
Cabbage leaves put in boiling lightly salted water and cook them for no more than 5 minutes. Strain, carefully, so as not to break, let cool.
Meat mince. Peel the onions, wash, finely chop, brown in a dry frying pan without fat, mix with minced meat, salt to taste, wrap the minced meat in cabbage leaves. Cooked stuffed cabbage to put in a pan in rows, pour a decoction of vegetables, simmer for 40 minutes on low heat. Put the tomato, a little stew, season with salt and a pinch of sugar, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.
Products: 400 g of pasta, 160 g of lean ham, 1 spoon of plums, 1 spoon of butter, breadcrumbs, dill.
Cook the pasta by putting in boiling lightly salted water. Drain, rinse with boiled water at room temperature. Ham cut into thin slices or grind.
Grease the pan with butter, sprinkle the walls with breadcrumbs and lay in layers, alternating between pasta and ham. Top layer of pasta line, bake in a heated oven.

Products: per 100 g: meat 100 g, onion 7 g, butter 4 g, tomato 6 g, wheat flour 4 g, sour cream 12 g, 60 g broth
Cut the prepared meat into slices about 0.5 cm thick and 5 cm long. Put the sliced ​​meat in a hot frying pan with butter, lightly fry, then put it in a saucepan and add broth so that it lightly covers the meat, add finely chopped onion, tomato puree salt Cover tightly and simmer beef stroganoff until cooked. During the stewing of meat to prepare the sauce.
Cooking sauce.
To prepare the sauce, lightly fry the flour, dilute it with broth or vegetable broth and sour cream.
In the ready beef Stroganoff pour the sauce and bring to a boil.
Products: 150 g celery, 150 g carrots, 100 g parsley, 1.5 l
The roots wash, clean, rinse under running water, chop, pour boiling water, salt and cook until ready. Ready broth strain.
Broth can also serve as a basis for the preparation of many soups, and boiled vegetables can be used for side dishes.

Products: raw meat 160 g, egg - 1-2 pieces, a loaf of 20 g, butter 3 g.

Boil the meat, free the flesh from the bones and tendons. Boiled meat and bread or a loaf soaked in water, skip in a meat grinder. In the minced meat, put the yolk of the egg, and whip the protein and add gradually to the meat while stirring it. Полученную массу выложить в глубокую сковороду, смазанную сливочным маслом, и запечь в духовке до появления на мясе тонкой розовой корочки.
Products: egg - 2 proteins, milk 55 g, butter 3 g.
Wash eggs, separate the whites from the yolks. Squirrels well whisk whisk, carefully adding milk. Lubricate the mold with oil, pour the mass into it and cook on the steam bath.
Продукты: яблоки 60 г, яйцо 1/2 штуки, молоко 35 г, масло сливочное 6 г.
Очищенные яблоки нарезать тонкими ломтиками, потушить на сковороде с маслом, влить яйца, взбитые с молоком, и поставить в духовку. Готовый омлет посыпать сахарной пудрой и горячим подать на стол.
Продукты: морковь 30 г, молоко 80 г, яйцо 1/2 штуки, масло сливочное 5 г.

Морковь вымыть, очистить, натереть на крупной терке, положить в небольшую кастрюлю с растопленным маслом, плотно закрыть крышкой и тушить на очень слабом огне до мягкости 20 минут. Во время тушения в морковь иногда понемногу подливать молоко, перемешивая ее. В готовую морковь влить тщательно взбитое яйцо, добавить оставшееся холодное молоко и все смешать. Кастрюлю поставить на водяную баню. Готовую яичницу подать горячей.
Продукты: на 100 г: картофель 30 г, морковь 20 г, помидоры 25 г, капуста цветная 45 г, зелень 3 г, лук репчатый 6 г, масло сливочное 6 г, сметана 6 г, бульон 120 г.
Корнеплоды очистить, мелко нарезать, залить небольшим количеством бульона или воды, плотно закрыть крышкой и тушить на слабом огне до полуготовности. Нарезанные кусочками картофель, помидоры, лук, цветную капусту добавить к корнеплодам, посолить и тушить до готовности. Незадолго до конца тушения в овощи положить сметану и сливочное масло. Перед подачей на стол рагу посыпать мелко нарезанной зеленью.
Продукты: морковь 110 г, молоко 25 г, вода 15 г, сахар 3 г, манная крупа 7 г, яйцо 1/4 часть, масло растительное 7 г, сметана 6 г.
Очищенную морковь нарезать мелкими кусочками и тушить до мягкости в молоке с водой под плотно закрытой крышкой. Готовую морковь пропустить через мясорубку, добавить соль, сахар, довести до кипения. В кипящую морковную массу струей всыпать манную крупу и, помешивая, варить до загустения, затем немного охладить, добавить в нее взбитое яйцо, размешать и сделать котлеты. Котлеты обжарить с двух сторон до появления розовой корочки, поставить в духовку на 5 минут. При подаче на стол котлеты полить сметаной или кефиром.

Продукты: капуста свежая белокочанная 150 г, молоко 15 г, манная крупа 7 г, яйцо 1/4 часть, масло растительное 3 г, сметана 6 г, мука пшеничная.
Капусту вымыть, очистить, мелко порубить и тушить в молоке до готовности. Затем, помешивая, тонкой струйкой всыпать в капусту манную крупу, сварить до загустения и немного остудить. В теплую капусту добавить взбитое яйцо, немного соли и хорошо размешать. Готовую капустную массу выложить на сковороду, смазанную маслом, и поставить в духовку. Запекать до образования на запеканке розовой корочки.
Пока запеканка готовится в духовке, приготовить соус: в сметане хорошо растереть муку и при помешивании довести до кипения. Готовую запеканку полить сметанным соусом.
Продукты: на 100 г: мясо 70 г, картофель 90 г, репчатый лук 5 г, яйцо 1/4 часть, масло сливочное 4 г, сметана 12 г.
Отварить мясо, пропустить его через мясорубку, соединить с поджаренным луком и перемешать. Картофель сварить на пару, в горячем виде пропустить через мясорубку, добавить в него 2 г сливочного масла, взбитое яйцо и хорошо перемешать. На сковороду, смазаную оставшимся маслом, положить 2/3 картофельного пюре и разровнять. На картофель ровным слоем положить мясо, а на него - оставшийся картофель, смазать маслом, поставить в духовку. Перед подачей на стол запеканку полить сметаной или томатным соком.

К запеканке можно подать помидор или огурец.
Продукты: кабачки 70 г, мука пшеничная 40 г, масло растительное 9 г, яйцо 1/2 штуки, сметана 12 г.
Кабачки хорошо вымыть, очистить кожуру, удалить сердцевину, нарезать на кусочки и пропустить через мясорубку, добавить муку, яйца, соль. Если масса получится густой, можно развести молоком. Жарить на растительном масле. Подать теплыми со сметаной.
Продукты: на 100 г: творог 80 г, яйцо 1/4 часть, крупа манная 6 г, сахар 6 г, мука пшеничная 4 г.
В творог добавить сахар, манную крупу, яйцо и хорошо размешать. Творожную массу выложить на разделочную доску, присыпанную мукой, разделать сырники, обвалять их в муке и обжарить в масле. Обжаренные сырники поставить в духовку на 8 минут. К сырникам подать фруктовое пюре, молочный соус, сметану.
Продукты: на 100 г: вермишель 30 г, творог 30 г, молоко 50 г, яйцо 1/4 штуки, сахар 15 г, масло сливочное 10 г.
Boil the noodles in 400 g of water almost to readiness, fold in a sieve and put in a bowl. В вермишель, остывшую до температуры

парного молока, добавить яйцо, перемешать и половину ее положить в форму, смазанную маслом, на вермишель ровным слоем разложить творог, перемешанный с сахаром, на творог выложить оставшуюся вермишель, полить ее маслом и поставить запекать в духовку при средней температуре.
Продукты: гречневая крупа ядрица 1,5 стакана, вода 3 стакана, масло сливочное или молоко, чуть соли.
Ядрицу перебрать, отсеять от мучной пыли (не мыть), залить водой, поставить на сильный огонь, закрыв крышкой. После закипания огонь убавить наполовину и варить 10 минут до загустения, затем убавить огонь до слабого и варить до полного выпаривания воды еще 5 минут. После окончания варки кастрюлю завернуть и оставить на 15 минут до упревания. К каше можно подать сливочное масло или молоко, наливая его в тарелку с кашей.
Продукты: 1 стакан риса, 4 стакана молока, 1 столовая ложка сахара, 1 столовая ложка сливочного масла.
Рис засыпать в кипящую воду и варить 8 минут, после чего откинуть на дуршлаг. Как только стечет вода, переложить рис в горячее слегка подсоленное молоко и варить, помешивая, на слабом огне 15 минут, положить сахар, размешать, закрыть крышку и поставить для упревания на 15 минут на водяную баню. При подаче положить в кашу сливочное масло.

Продукты: 1 стакан риса, 5 яблок, 2,5 стакана воды, 2 ложки столовые сливочного масла, 2 столовые ложки изюма, чуть корицы

Замоченный предварительно рис залить горячей слегка подсоленной водой. Когда крупа впитает воду, положить изюм, сливочное масло, корицу, нарезанные дольками яблоки (без семян и кожицы). Кастрюлю плотно закрыть крышкой и варить кашу 12 минут на малом огне.
Продукты: 1,5 стакана риса, 600 г тыквы, 250 г свежих яблок, 100 г изюма, 100 г груш или айвы.
Свежие яблоки и груши (айву) очистить от кожицы, семян, нарезать на небольшие кубики и смешать с изюмом.
В кастрюле растопить часть масла, положить на дно ломтики тыквы, которые нужно также очистить от кожицы и семян, засыпать 1/3 частью риса, положить слой фруктовой смеси, засыпать рисом, вновь положить фрукты и засыпать оставшимся рисом. Все полить оставшимся маслом и залить чуть подсоленной водой, которая должна только покрыть рис. Накрыть кастрюлю крышкой и варить плов на слабом огне один час. Sauces

Products: milk 60 g, wheat flour 7 g, butter 7 g.

Dry the flour in the oven in a frying pan without fat until it is light yellow and cool. Boil the milk. Cool a quarter of the milk, add dried flour, stir, pour into the boiling milk, stirring constantly, let it boil well. Ready sauce dressing with butter.
Products: sour cream 60 g, flour 7 g.
Boil half of the sour cream in the remaining sour cream and mix the flour, dried in the oven, combine with the hot sour cream, mix well, bring to a boil, drain.
Продукты: сметана 40 г, мука 7 г, морковь 15 г, корень петрушки, корень сельдерея - по 3 г, лук 9 г, вода 110 г.
Prepare a vegetable decoction of carrots, onions, white roots. Boil sour cream, dried and cooled flour diluted with cold vegetable broth and pour gradually into boiling sour cream, let it boil.
Для фруктовых соусов можно использовать консервированные фрукты, ягоды, соки.
Для приготовления соусов из свежих фруктов с них нужно срезать кожицу, удалить сердцевину, а из ягод удалить косточки, нарезать кружочками, положить в кастрюлю, залить водой чуть выше уровня фруктов фруктовым отваром из срезанной кожицы и на слабом огне тушить до готовности, затем добавить сахар.
Витаминные напитки
Продукты: на 1 л: общее количество сушеных фруктов 115 г, сахар 110 г, вода 1 л.
Dry the dried fruit thoroughly, put in a sieve or colander and wash in running water. Pears and large apples cut into slices. Put prepared fruits into cold water and cook over low heat until soft all the pledged fruits. Sugar put in compote at the end of cooking. For flavor, you can put a crust of orange or lemon. Compote cool, remove the lemon rind.
Продукты: на 1 л: общее количество фруктов и ягод 600 г, сахар 120 г, вода 800 г.
Before cooking, sort the fruits, free them from the stalks, rinse in running water, remove the core of apples, pears, cut into slices and put in boiling water with sugar. Remove pits from plums. Boil compote need on low heat until soft all pledged fruits. Если имеются свежие ежевика, малина, клубника, земляника, очищенные мандарины и апельсины, их закладывают в готовый компот, доводят до кипения, а затем охлаждают.

Продукты: 250 г ягод (малина, клубника, клюква, смородина, облепиха), почти 2 стакана воды, 45 г крахмала, сахар.

Berries to sort, wash, let the water drain, then cook in boiling water. Squeeze the juice, strain. Starch diluted in a few spoons of cold water. Boil the berry juice and pour the diluted starch into it, stirring slowly, bring to the boil, add sugar. Chill.
Продукты: сушеные плоды шиповника 30 г, вода 250 г, сахар 20 г (добавляют перед употреблением).
Dry dried rosehips from hairs, rinse with cold water, chop, put in an enamel pan, cover with hot water, boil for 10 minutes under the lid closed. Remove from heat and insist 3 hours in a cool place. Unground rosehips insist 10 hours. Infusion strain.
Продукты: 250 г ягод (малины, клубники, смородины, клюквы, черники), 1,5 стакана воды, сахар, 15 г желатина.
Gelatin soak, wet. Berries to sort, wash, let the water drain. Squeeze the juice to filter, pour in warm water with sugar. Dissolve gelatin in several tablespoons of hot water, combine with the prepared liquid, add sugar to taste, cool.

Продукты: 350 г яблок, 2 стакана воды, сахар 100 г, лимонная корка.

Boil water with sugar and lemon peel. Apples wash, peel, cut into quarters, remove the core, cook, gradually dipping into boiling syrup. Chill.
Продукты: 350 г яблок (малины, клубники, вишни), 10 г желатина, 2 белка, сахар.
Gelatin wash, wet in cold water. Wash apples, chop, boil, sprinkle with water, rub through a sieve, put in a saucepan, add sugar, boil. Beat the whites in the foam, add boiling applesauce and gelatin dissolved in hot water. Thoroughly stir, pour into vases, cool.
Продукты: яблоки 3 штуки, 160 г слив или других фруктов, сахар, лимонная цедра.
Фрукты вымыть, положить в кипящую воду, сварить, протереть через сито, положить сахар по вкусу и тертую лимонную цедру.
Продукты: 1,2 кг вишен, 3 стакана сахара.
Вишни протереть, смешать с сахаром, поставить в холодильник.

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