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Recipes for some dietary dishes at home

Products: semolina 30 g, milk 300 g, 1/4 egg, butter 8 g, sugar 3 g, water 220 g

Semolina slowly fall asleep in boiling water, stirring so as not to form lumps. Continuing to stir, cook until ready for 10-15 minutes. Add 200 g of hot milk, bring the soup to a boil and remove the pan from the heat. Mix the raw egg with 100 g of boiled hot milk, mix well and pour into the soup. Add sugar, salt, butter.
Products: oatmeal 35 g, milk 160 g, butter 12 g, water 320 g, 1/4 egg, sugar 3 g.
Oatmeal to sort, wash, pour boiling water and cook until done. Strain the broth, rub the grits through a sieve and mix with the broth. Add hot milk, bring the soup to a boil and remove from heat. Raw egg shake with a fork and pour hot boiled milk into it. Add the soup with this mixture while it is still hot, add sugar, butter, and salt.
Products: milk 300 g, rice 40 g, butter 7 g, sugar 3 g.
Boil rice in water, wipe, dilute with hot milk, add sugar, salt, butter.

Products: milk 300 g, oatmeal 30 g, sugar 4 g, butter 7 g.
Pour the oat-flakes into a boiling water in a thin stream, boil for a few minutes, add hot milk and cook for 40 minutes until ready. Add sugar, salt, butter.
Soup Potatoes
Products: potatoes 140 g, water 320 g, butter 12 g, 1/2 egg, sour cream 25 g, flour 7 g, greens 7 g
Peel potatoes, wash, boil. Pour broth into another pan, rub potatoes through a sieve. Prepare the sauce: dilute the flour dried in the oven in 40 g of potato broth, boil, strain. Mashed potatoes, sauce and decoction mix, add raw egg, butter and mix thoroughly. Boil soup, salt. Before serving, fill with sour cream and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley or dill.
Barley soup
Products: barley grits 50 g, carrots 15 g, onion 9 g, parsley root 7 g, butter 7 g, meat broth 220 g, water 250 g, salt.
Onions, parsley root, carrots clean, wash, chop and put in boiling broth. Boil 30 minutes, strain the broth.
To sort the croup, wash, pour boiling water, cook for 2 hours before cooking, strain. In the mucous broth add beef broth. Salt soup, put the butter.

Products: milk 350 g, pumpkin 150 g, semolina 30 g, sugar 20 g, butter 10 g, water 100 g
Peel the pumpkin, cut into small pieces and simmer with water until ready, then rub through a sieve with liquid. Simultaneously boil the milk, boil the semolina in it, cook for 10 minutes, combine with the pumpkin and add sugar.
Serve with semolina.
Products: potatoes 200 g, butter 12 g, wheat flour 5 g, sour cream 25 g, vegetable decoction 250 g
For broth: cabbage 10 g, carrots 5 g, parsley 6 g, water 290 g
To prepare the broth, clean the vegetables, rinse, chop, put in a saucepan, add hot water, quickly bring to a boil and cook on low heat for 40 minutes with the lid closed. Let the broth stand for 10 minutes and strain. Boil the potatoes separately and heat them hot, dilute with boiling vegetable decoction, add bechamel sauce, bring to the boil, then strain and bring to the boil again. Season the soup with sour cream or butter.
Products: beef 110 g, sour cream sauce 40 g, butter 5 g.
Mince boiled meat three times, add sour cream sauce, grind well. Instead of sour cream sauce, you can add beef broth. Puree serve with butter.
Cooked meat puree can be added to mucous or pureed soup.
Products: meat 80 g, butter 25 g, rice 9 g.
Boil the meat and thrice it through the meat grinder. From rice boil viscous porridge and rub it together with chopped meat through a sieve. Pureed mass mixed with softened butter, whip, give it a shape and cool.
Products: meat 120 g, wheat bread 20 g, milk 25 g, 1/3 of eggs, parsley.
For jelly: decoction of vegetables 150 g, gelatin.
Mince minced meat and cooked meat, add bread soaked in milk and mince again. Add vegetable oil, salt, eggs to the resulting mass and whisk with a whisk. Make meatballs and cook them for a couple. Prepare jelly: cook broth or vegetable broth over low heat, strain, add gelatin soaked for 30 minutes, bring to a boil, strain. In a shallow form pour a little cold broth or broth, put the meatballs, add broth or broth. When the meatballs are frozen in jelly, completely fill them with broth or broth, cool.
Beef Souffle
Products: beef 110 g, milk 25 g, flour 6 g, 1/4 egg, butter 5 g
Boil the meat until tender, peel off the films and tendons, mince twice. Combine mince with bechamel sauce, mix, add yolks, butter, stir, then gently introduce proteins into the mass. Stir and put in a greased form. Put in a water bath and bring to readiness.
Instead of bechamel sauce, you can use sour cream or milk sauce.
Products: beef 115 g, loaf 25 g, milk 25 g, 1/4 egg.
Prepare cutlet mass from meat, put it on wet gauze with a layer of 2 cm. Put hard boiled and finely chopped eggs into the middle along the edge of the cutlet mass. Having lifted the gauze on one side, connect the edges of the cutlet mass, put on the grid of the steam pan with the gauze, and cook.
Products: beef 110 g, carrots 15 g, butter 6 g, flour
Cut boiled meat into slices, add bechamel sauce, add salt and cook on low heat for 1 hour.

Products: beef 110 g, butter 7 g, flour 7 g, milk 60 g, sour cream 20 g, tomato juice 20 g, greens 5 g, salt.
Boil the meat, cool it and cut into small oblong pieces. Prepare a white sauce, pour meat on it, add tomato juice, salt and mix. Boil at low boil for 10 minutes, then fill with sour cream. When serving, add a slice of butter and sprinkle with finely chopped beef stroganoff.
Products: fish 110 g, loaf 15 g, wheat flour 7 g, 1/2 egg, 55 g milk
Peel the skin of the fish and bones, boil half of the mass, cool and mince twice along with the remaining raw fish. Prepare the sauce in the form of kissel from milk and flour, combine with minced fish, add raw yolk and 15 g of vegetable oil, beat everything well, lightly mix with whipped protein, put in a buttered mold and steamed.
Before serving, pour the souffle with melted butter.
Products: fish 145 g, milk 30 g, butter 5 g, 1/3 egg,

Boil the fish fillets in vegetable broth, remove the skin from the finished fish and skip through a meat grinder twice. Add chopped bechamel, butter, egg yolks to the crushed mass and carefully add whipped egg whites. Lubricate the mold with oil, put the prepared mass into it and bring to readiness by closing the lid.
Products: fish fillet 90 g, milk 30 g, loaf 20 g, butter 5 g, salt.

Fillet fish without skin and bones through a meat grinder, combine with bread and salt soaked in milk, mix well. Again mince and mix thoroughly. Make cutlets from the resulting mass and cook them for a couple. Serve the patties, watering them with warm butter.
Products: fresh cottage cheese 110 g, milk 40 g, flour 7 g, 1/5 egg, butter 5 g.
Grind cottage cheese with milk, yolk and bechamel sauce. In the resulting mass gently introduce whipped proteins. Lubricate the mold with oil and put mass into it, put it in a steam bath, bring to readiness.
Products: 1 liter of fresh milk, 2 tablespoons 3% table
Heat whole milk to 60 degrees, add 2 tablespoons of 3% vinegar. Constantly stirring, heat to 80 degrees. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes to separate the whey from the clot, cool, strain through cheesecloth.
Products: low-fat cottage cheese 110 g, buckwheat 60 g, sugar 15 g, butter 7 g, 1/10 egg.
Cooked buckwheat porridge cooled to 60 degrees, mix with raw egg, sugar, cottage cheese, put in a greased form and cooked in a pair or in the oven.
Submit krupenik with sour cream or jam.
Products: egg - 2 proteins, milk 70 g, butter 4 g, salt.
Wash eggs, separate the whites from the yolks. Yolks can be used for cooking other dishes. Protein whisk well whisk, carefully adding milk and salt. Lubricate the mold with oil, pour the mass into it and cook on the steam bath.
Products: egg 2 pieces, milk 60 g, butter 3 g, salt.
Wash eggs, pour into dishes, mix with milk, salt, whisk, strain, pour into a greased mold and cook on a steam bath.

Products: egg 2 pieces, milk 110 g, meat 180 g, butter 12 g, salt.
Boiled meat mince. Pour eggs into dishes, salt, add milk, beat. Introduce shredded meat. Put the mass in a greased mold and cook for a couple. To prepare a puff omelet, you need to divide the omelet mass into 3 parts. Place one part in an oiled mold and let it stretch a little on the steam bath, put another part on top (omelet mass with chopped meat), repeat the procedure. Finally, pour in the remaining part of the omelet mass and bring the dish to readiness on the steam bath.
Products: potatoes 320 g, beef 110 g, milk 35 g, sour cream 25 g, butter 6 g, 1/10 egg.
Meat and peeled potatoes boiled, separately skip twice through a meat grinder, add salt, mix thoroughly. Put the resulting mass on a greased form. Align the surface with a spoon, brush with a mixture of raw eggs and sour cream, bake in the oven or steam.
The finished dish smeared with sour cream, can be served with greens.
Products: per 100 g: meat 145 g, baton 20 g, wheat crackers 6 g, butter 6 g, water 25 g
Separate meat from bones, tendons, films, cut into small pieces and mince along with soaked in water and lightly pressed bread or long loaf. Minced meat salt, knock well, gradually adding 1 tablespoon of cold water.
Make cutlets of cutlet mass and cook them in a special saucepan - a double boiler. If there is no such pan, you can use the grid on the knives, which is placed on the bottom of the pan. Water should be poured so that it was below the grid. From the moment water boils until the cutlets are ready, 30 minutes have passed.
Cutlets can be cooked from chicken, veal, fish. Stewed vegetables, boiled rice, buckwheat porridge are recommended as a side dish.
Products: per 100 g: meat 145 g, long loaf 20 g, butter 6 g, carrots 15 g, onion 6 g, cabbage 25 g, meat broth 140 g, parsley root 3 g
Chop vegetables, add broth and stew on low heat until cooked. During the stewing of vegetables to cook meat. Meat pulp together with a loaf soaked in water, mince twice. In a cooked stuffing add a tablespoon of warm water, melted butter and mix well.
From the resulting mass roll meatballs weighing 40-45 g and dip them in broth with vegetables for about 20 minutes. After cooking meatballs, vegetables can be used as a side dish.
Products: per 100 g: meat 160 g, half an egg, a loaf of 20 g, butter 3 g.

Boil the meat, free the flesh from the bones and tendons. Boiled meat and bread, soaked in water, mince. In the minced meat put the yolk of the egg. Beat the protein and gradually add to the meat while stirring it. Put the resulting mass into a deep frying pan, oiled, and bake in the oven until thin pink crust appears on the meat.
Products: milk 55 g, wheat flour 7 g, butter 4 g.
Dry the flour in the oven in a frying pan without fat until it is light yellow and cool. Boil the milk. Cool a quarter of the milk, add dried flour, stir, pour into the boiling milk, stirring constantly, let it boil well.
Ready sauce dressing with butter.
Products: sour cream 50 g, flour 5 g.
Boil half of the sour cream in the remaining sour cream and mix the flour, dried in the oven, combine with the hot sour cream, mix well, bring to a boil, drain.
Prepare the bechamel milk sauce as above. Boil an egg in a steep, finely chop, mix with sauce, add butter.
Products: dried rosehips 30 g, water 250 g, sugar 20 g (add before use).
Dry dried rosehips from hairs, rinse with cold water, chop, put in an enamel pan, cover with hot water, boil for 10 minutes under the lid closed. Remove from heat and insist 3 hours in a cool place. Unground rosehips insist 10 hours. Infusion strain.
Products: 200 g of berries (raspberries, strawberries, currants, sea buckthorn, cranberries), 1.5 glasses of water, 40 g of potato starch, sugar.
Berries to sort, wash, let the water drain, then cook in boiling water. Squeeze the juice, strain. Starch diluted in a few spoons of cold water. Boil the berry juice and pour the diluted starch into it, stirring slowly, bring to the boil, add sugar. Chill.
Products: 2 cups of milk, 30 g of potato starch, sugar.

Boil milk, pour starch diluted in several spoons of cold milk, boil, add sugar to taste, cool.
Products: 200 g of berries (raspberries, strawberries, currants, sea buckthorn, cranberries, blueberries), one and a half cups of water, sugar, 15 g of gelatin.
Gelatin wash, wet. Berries to sort, wash, let the water drain. Squeeze the juice to filter, pour in warm water with sugar. Dissolve gelatin in several tablespoons of hot water, combine with the prepared liquid, add sugar to taste, cool.
Products: yeast 55 g, rye bread 40 g, sugar 15 g, honey 15 g, water 255 g, lemon peel (a small lemon crust).
Slice the rye bread into thin slices and dry on the baking sheet in the oven. Rusks pour boiling water, let it brew for 4 hours and strain. Slightly heat the infusion, put in it the yeast and a small lemon crust. Put in a warm place to ferment for 7 hours, then refrigerate.
When serving, add sugar and honey.

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Recipes for some dietary dishes at home

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