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Count calories or not count?

At first glance, it is difficult - to constantly lug around with a notebook and fix each “cous”. But after a month of calculations Anya dropped five kilograms!
It was a stable result, she continued to lose weight, not recovering, as after extradiet. Anya ate a little less per day than necessary - a total of 1,700 calories. But on the other hand, she could choose only her favorite products, and did not even deny herself adored grapes, again, in a slightly smaller quantity than before.
It is quite easy and even interesting at first to count calories. There are several nuances of counting.
1 Start a special notebook or take a place to write in a working notebook. Carry it all the time with you.
2 At the beginning of the notepad, draw a table of caloric value of the main foods you like. Add it as you fill the information.
3 Calories of any product can be viewed on the Internet. If two or more sources give different numbers, take the arithmetic average.
4 Get yourself a measuring cup with marks for flour, sugar, cereals, and so on, or a set of measuring spoons. Measure everything you eat. Remember that volume and weight are not the same thing, and 100 grams of semolina will not fit in a 100-mm glass.
5 Also need a kitchen scale. Although you can do without them: understand how many grams in one fruit or vegetable can be divided by the total weight of the purchase by the number of items.
6 On the label of any product its calorie content is indicated, therefore, it is a little easier at first to eat food that does not need to be cooked: cottage cheese, yogurt, cereal.
7 Try to eat at home for the first month. Over time, you get used to counting and learn how to determine how many calories are contained in restaurant dishes. But it's hard to understand right away.
8 If you still come to a restaurant, order something light. In all decent places today a very good selection of low-calorie, dietary meals is offered. You can order a salad, steamed fish, light soup. Calculate the calorie content approximately: look at how many grams of the main product are in a dish, how many - a side dish, whether butter was used. And add all this data.
9 The calorie content of the finished dish is the sum of everything that went into it. For example, a serving of boiled rice: 80 g of dry rice (265 calories) and 240 g of water (0 calories). The hardest thing to count is soup. Do not forget to mark ingredients such as butter, sour cream, seasonings.
If you can not live without sweet, but you can safely give up the flour and love vegetables, then you will not have to torment yourself much. After a low-calorie vegetable salad, you can eat a cake, and in total it will be as much as the same salad, but with two sandwiches.

Gradually, you will learn to adjust your menu depending on preferences.

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Count calories or not count?

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