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Condition requiring attention: appetite.

To date, your arsenal has all the most effective ways to correct an increased appetite.
So this:
1. Writing and pronouncing the purposes for which
you lose weight and give up the extra piece.

2. New, really pleasant pleasures, equal in strength or exceeding food.
3. Showing love and respect for oneself instead of primitive food satisfaction.
4. Careful calculation of caloric intake of food.
Proper use of all four of these methods is guaranteed to easily control your appetite.
And to stop the internal struggle and the opportunity to agree with the appetite, use the attitudes shown on the pages of this book.
It is the mood and take the time now, but before that, get the family album. Find photos in which you like the shape of your body. Having settled down comfortably, for some time think that the body still has the same parameters, and the soul in this body is still the same. And the fat that has fallen into this body is not you and not your body. Fat is the materialization of your problems. Remember: life gives trials, but with them the strength to overcome them.
So sit back and be alone with your thoughts and feelings ...
End of civil war
Civil War.
The war in which the opponents are people of the same family ...
son against father, brother against brother.
This is a losing war.
This is known to every student, everyone who has studied the history of their homeland.
However, few people understand that within his soul, he voluntarily arranges the most real battlefield ...
inflaming internal civil war.
There is no winner in such a slaughter, the struggle goes on with itself ...
and behind the fire line - a man from your past, with your appearance and your habits.

In the rifle sight you yourself.
Professionals who are professionally involved in helping with excess weight ...
they know very well what a remarkable willpower people have, prone to overeat.
Yes, thanks to the will, you can achieve success in life - as they say, take your place under the Sun.
However, the will is a bad helper if you are trying to change your body.
The will turned against itself is destructive.
Regarding your own body, you need not will ... softness, patience and care are needed here.
Any sick person also needs this. One of the main reasons for the impossibility of normalizing weight and living harmonious ... is the inability to stop the destructive war.

Mastering new methods of weight correction, a person is engaged only in strengthening his bastions ... and then he attacks himself and suffers a defeat.
And many have been doing this for years ... forgetting the simple and obvious truth:
Peace will come only after the cessation of war. Let's sign at least a temporary non-aggression pact.
Let's see what happens.
Why not tell yourself today:
“Today is a good day to stop fighting with yourself.
I want my soul to rest and stop being
a place of battle ... I'm tired of beating, tired of punishing myself. Today I will remember the dangers of self-punishment ... I will remember the benefits of love and self-respect. "
The power of faith
Man, by his human nature, is able to endure anything ...
any hardship and suffering.

One sage once remarked
that the only unbearable is the realization
that your whole life was a fairy tale told by an idiot.
It is a danger to find out somewhere in your declining years, that everything that you have done and considered important ... makes no sense.
This is truly unbearable.
Now we do not speak for the whole life - we are talking only about some time necessary for the normalization of weight.
However, it is important that this part of life ... especially this life task relating to your body ... is meaningful.
You need to have clear and specific goals. I know how to compose them correctly!
Setting my goals for the future, I borrow from my future and become self-sufficient. The wise men spoke of the need to “keep in the foreground in our minds that virtue that we want to acquire” ... and then it will gradually become fixed in us.
I do this with all the attention, remembering that the subconscious ...
my faithful and reliable companion, understands only images.
To listen, to listen to your desires and to insist on them in close attention ...
Here is my responsible task.
The look focuses on something, attention is concentrated.
I know that "I want this and that."
When I am attentive to my desires and truly believe in them ...
desire becomes possible.
I go through my diverse desires with all the attention ...
I choose the ones I believe in ... and the power to change something appears.
This power is much greater and reliable than willpower. An attentive person gets at the disposal the power of faith ... faith in something real ... in himself.
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Condition requiring attention: appetite.

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