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A condition requiring attention: loneliness.

Loneliness is a state associated with human life itself. A certain dose of loneliness is necessary as an air for psychological growth. If loneliness becomes unbearable, it causes a feeling of isolation from life, do anything to reduce it. Go to your friends uninvited guest, get acquainted with strangers, call, communicate on the Internet or in any other way realize your social nature. An average citizen needs about 15 contacts a day with like creatures - ranging from a nod of the head and meeting eyes to loving embraces.
Today's moods will help you feel much more confident while being in the company of friends or in a working team. That is, where, by definition, very few people are genuinely interested in your weight loss.
Other people's desires
To be human is to want and need ...
it means constantly experiencing a deficit in something, that is, to be in need.
It also means that life is always open and full
unfulfilled desires.
In my desires, I recognize myself.
But what do I know about my desires?
Often no more than a sunflower about why he turns to the sun.
Unfortunately, people rarely realize their desires ...

and, perhaps because they so rarely feel satisfied ...
I do not know what I wanted, I do not know what I got ... rejoice at me or get upset?
What prize do I have in my hands, main or comforting?
You can only win in the lottery in one way.
It is necessary to know exactly:
"What do I really want, what is really important to me, what is the beacon that attracts me in my life journey?"
These are the questions that affect everything that will happen to me.
Real desires are the index of the road to the future.
Only by returning my real desires, I wake up and feel in direct contact with life.
However, wanting something is always restless and troublesome.
To wish is to live a full, rich life.
Living with desires means insisting on one's own ... sometimes saying "no" to those who have always been told "yes."
Try and say about your desires ... but who knows if this will lead to people turning away from me ...
Many desires are rejected to please parents or some other important people.
From the very childhood I satisfied the desires of others ... I received my encouragement and got used to passivity.
I became a master-to hide my desires even from myself.
For their desires, I accepted the wishes of my loved ones.
I wished for others, forgetting about myself, and wished for what I wanted to do ...
Here is the night of adverts advertising ... night of people with artificial desires, people who have lost themselves.

They propose to wish for something that is prestigious and enjoys mass demand.

Sweet water of a certain brand, long legs and lush breasts, fashionable clothes and rest on the ocean ...
But are the attributes of success the object of your real desires?
Ability to desire
I'm the one-you-have-these-desire.
The question "What do I want?" Is of great importance.
It shows how important it is to grasp the simplest desire and start acting.
The range of desires is wide.
It's simple childish desire to caress and be fondled ...
be nourished and feel the closeness of the mother.
These are the sexual desires of a mature life and the need for touch ...
it's a simple pleasure from the sensation of the breeze blowing on the skin and the touch of water.
It is the desire to be strong and visible.
This is the desire to be just a good person.
Real desires change with age ... but at all times there is an acute desire to feel alive.
It means feeling physically comfortable and getting bodily pleasures - the tension is replaced by relaxation, and relaxation is cheerfulness.
A child's desire to run and laugh joyfully from the fact that you run,
the desire to enjoy the confident steps in maturity.
About the most important in my desires can tell the body.
Sometimes only it knows about real desires.
They are expressed in a barely perceptible gesture, in a gait, inclination to another person, in tension and relaxation.
The body language is more truthful than any speech.
Do I often ask my body what I want for dinner today?
Unfortunately, at times I deaf to him before my stomach aches.
Do I often ask my body about the need for rest?
Saying the usual "yes", do I hear how the heart beats joyfully?
Do I hear my own breathing, quickened by the angry "no"? ..
Forgotten body wisdom ...
All my desires live in it.
That's the reason why you need to be treated kindly ...
and sometimes - to admire him, to love him as a faithful friend ...
respect as a wise teacher.
Today, when I can live without "bodily armor", when I release the fat and expose the body ...
I learn my real desires, I listen to my body and learn from it.
I recognize myself in my desires.
I regain my ability to desire something truly.
With the acceptance of my desires my self-esteem rises.
I again feel alive and interested in life.
Realizing their desires, I choose my own individual and unique way.
I fill my life with events, people, deeds and rest.
I choose the best content of my life ....
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A condition requiring attention: loneliness.

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