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After exploring Yin-Yang, you now need to take one of the 10 ways to eat to revive your health and well-being.
Diet number 7 - the easiest and most direct way. It does not require any additional special therapeutic measures. After you recover, you can use the products and drinks from the table. on page 93.
If you want to quickly improve your initial Macrobiotic practice, read the following tips and choose the ones that bring you Happiness.
Amoebic dysentery see parasites
Anemia Strictly follow the diet number 7 with Tekka (18). Drink less.
Cold Kuzu (417), mind-suo-kuzu
(325) rice cream (326)
Cough Cochren (316) or lotus tea (316a), outer: ginger compress (801), or Konia (810), ginger waist bath (808).
Kuzu (317), ume-suo-kuzu (325), outwardly: ginger compress (801), or konnyaku (810), ginger waist bath (808)
Dysentery See diarrhea
Eczema Strictly follow the diet number 7. Drink as little as possible. Nothing more
Inflammation Ginger compress (801), after ali-pastor (802), patches: from chlorophyll, from carp or tofu (802, 803, 813)
Paralysis Strictly follow the diet number 7.
Drink as little as possible. Vegetable dishes are made from watercress, dandelion, thistle (azemi) - it is especially effective. See recipes "KD"
Parasites Magvert tea (306), uncooked whole rice (one handful instead of breakfast). Follow diet No. 7 plus Gomassi (50), Umeboshi (6) or Hokkaido pumpkin seeds (5).
Tumors Radish drink (321), adduk juice (319)
Whooping cough see cough
Wounds see eczema

There is an infinite number of human diseases that are very difficult to diagnose even by doctors armed with the latest devices (the number of which is growing day by day).

Each disease is accompanied by some of the above symptoms or their combination. If you follow one of the methods of macrobiotic nutrition (diets 5, 6, 7), you will be able to observe yourself as a doctor on your own, using the previous tips and the following instructions on the symptoms of the disease.
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    801. GINGER COMPRESS Take 4 ounces (120 g) of raw ginger, ground or ground, or 1 tsp of pre-warmed dried ginger powder. Put in a linen bag. Boil 0, 5-1 gallons of water (2-4 liters). Extinguish the fire. Dip the pouch into the water. When the water becomes pale yellow, squeeze the bag in it. Place on a sore spot (the liquid should be as hot as possible). Cover
  2. A.V. Vasiliev. Vegetovascular dystonia: symptoms and effective treatment, 2004
    Vegetative-vascular dystonia is one of the most common diseases. The book describes the diverse manifestations of this disorder and its possible causes, the basic principles of the functioning of the circulatory system and the nervous system. Attention is paid to the correction of lifestyle, which is necessary for the cure of this disease: proper nutrition, physical and
    Opistarhoz - gelmintos, X-affection of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, pathogen - opistorhis phelineus. Pathogenesis is a lesion of the pancreatic hepatobilar system and pancreas as a result of mechanical damage to the walls of the bile ducts by young helminths, which, accumulating, can hinder the flow of bile and secretion of the pancreas glands. Clinic - symptoms no
  4. Symptoms of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs
    Some diseases of the female genital organs may go unnoticed, but in most cases, women complain of the following symptoms: • pain in the lower abdomen; • unusual vaginal discharge; • fever and malaise; • discomfort when urinating; • irregular menstruation; • pain during sexual intercourse. How to diagnose Set
  5. Hypoxia of the fetus and newborn. Symptom classification. Clinic, diagnosis, the main stages of treatment.
    Fetal hypoxia and asphyxia of the newborn belong to the most common perinatal pathology (from 28 weeks of gestation, the period of birth and 7 days after the birth of the child (neonatal period)) (21-45% in the structure of the whole perinatal pathology). Intrauterine fetal hypoxia is a pathological condition associated with oxygen deficiency during pregnancy and
  6. Cerebral palsy. Symptom classification. Clinic, diagnosis, the main stages of treatment
    Cerebral palsy is a term that unites a group of non-progressive brain diseases resulting from underdevelopment or damage to brain structures in the antenatal, intranatal, and early postnatal periods, characterized by movement disorders, postural disorders, speech disorders, and psyche. Causes • process of fetal development. Among pathogens
  7. Intracranial birth injury. Symptom classification. Clinic, diagnosis. The main stages of treatment
    BIRTH INJURY OF THE NEWBORN - damage to the newborn that occurs during childbirth. Predisposing factors are? hypoxia of the fetus, the edge is observed in case of toxicosis of pregnant women, the threat of abortion, extragenital diseases of the pregnant woman (eg, anemia, hypertension, chronic diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, diseases of the endocrine system);
  8. Wonderful Macrobiotic Cuisine
    Our macrobiotic kitchen, which can be so charming, requires chefs who reduce everything in the art of creating Yin-Yang harmonies. Unfortunately, modern education to such an extent ignores the creative abilities that in the West a good cook is rare. However, to live is to create. Without creation, we cannot exist, and our bodies build blood from daily
  9. Macrobiotic Recipes
    The main list of recipes - the basis of Macrobiotic cuisine - can be found in the book that adjoins this book, "Zen Cooking." Please contact there. It can be used as a tutorial for cooking your daily meals, enjoying the endless variety of charming dishes and at the same time achieving health and well-being. 1. Unpolished brown rice. Ideally, it should be cooked.
  10. Glossary of Macrobiotic Terms
    Aduki Japanese red beans Ac peeled vegetables with soy bean paste, orange juice, etc. Emono Japanese salad Aje fried bean curd Akaza wild spinach En jam of red beans Ekkaki liquid cream Eldza wild spinach Edzami thistle Bancha coarse green tea, roasted for decades minutes Buncho Bunch with soy sauce Tamari Chapati Chirashi baked or
  11. Macrobiotic table of foods and drinks
    (In each category, the order from Yin to Yang. “Very Yang” corresponds to 3 Yang) “more than Yang” - 2 Yang, “less than Yang” - I Yang, similarly for Yin groups). 1. CEREALS less Yin - corn, rye, barley, oats, crushed wheat, millet less Yang - brown whole rice more Yang - buckwheat 2. VEGETABLES very Yin - eggplants, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, Japanese fungus, cyment- fragrant
    Cow's milk (or other domestic animals) is intended for their own offspring, arguing biologically. A human child should also be fed with the milk of a woman for at least 9 months or a year better. Feeding during this period is relatively simple for followers of Macrobiotics. The quantity and quality of breast milk are in the hands of the child’s fate, t.
  13. Treatment of allergic diseases
    T. Fisher, K. O'Brien, G. Anthys environmental factors; 2) drug treatment; 3) desensitization. When choosing tactics Treatment of allergic diseases includes: 1) elimination of contact with allergens and the fight against unfavorable treatment should take into account not only the severity of the disease and the inconvenience caused to them, but also the cost and side effects of prescribed drugs. AT
  14. Treatment of cervical disease
    At the first stage of cervical infertility treatment, specialists try to establish and, if possible, eliminate the cause of the appearance of a cervical disease. The method of treatment is prescribed depending on the disease. This may be a course of antibiotic therapy for chronic inflammation, laser treatment or cryotherapy for cervical erosion, polyps. In the presence of viral etiology
  15. 5. Treatment of inflammatory diseases.
    Antibacterial therapy in view of the identified pathogen, its sensitivity to antibiotics; • Symptomatic treatment (painkillers, desintoxicants, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, desensitizing agents); • Immunomodulators, antioxidants; • Vitamin therapy; • Hormonal contraceptives; • Local remedies (treatments for the vagina, urethra). At present
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