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Statins for everyone?

Familiarity with the latest reports on the use of statins causes shock. Not only did doctors begin to prescribe these medicines to all patients with elevated cholesterol, not trying to lower it first with natural remedies, now they are prescribed to patients with low cholesterol as a preventive measure, as statins help to reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process. Since one of the main causes of inflammation is the accumulation of toxins, if the liver does not remove them properly, would it not be more natural to facilitate the work of this organ than to even more obstruct its administration with statins? One of the side effects of statins is a slower liver reaction, which exacerbates the problem. In addition, statins are able to completely destroy the liver cells, and therefore during their admission it is necessary to do blood tests to monitor liver enzymes.
However, statins can be a useful tool. Sometimes the situation is such that it becomes necessary to stop the survival mechanism (production of cholesterol), which can kill the body. Yes, statins stabilize blood pressure and prevent a heart attack, and I use them for this purpose. But I try to use them as a bridge in the transition period, when my patients make changes in their diet and begin to perform physical exercises in order to later abandon the statins. Indeed, there are cases when genetic defects or simply inability to make these changes justify statin administration for a long time, although in most cases we use statins mindlessly instead of resorting to natural remedies, including detoxification and improvement of the liver.
Exceptions to the rule
Patients with cardiovascular diseases should be treated extremely carefully. Many of them do not show detoxification (see information on contraindications in Chapter 7). But sometimes they take the initiative. Who can say that their instincts are less accurate than my diagnosis? I will tell a story about one patient who decided to resort to detoxification in order to recover from a serious cardiovascular disease. Please do not make analogies with your own destiny. This is a completely unique story.
More recently, the medical community has come to realize that inflammation is the cause of most chronic diseases, especially coronary heart disease, or a factor contributing to their development.

When I lived in Venice, California, I had to deal with a patient who categorically refused to undergo any tests and take any medications, although he, like no one else, needed the help of Western medicine. He came to me with the classic symptoms of angina pectoris, including acute chest pain, the cause of which was most likely to be a non-permanent plaque in the coronary artery.
A mutable plaque appears and disintegrates, which threatens to develop a heart attack. If it does not dissolve (it constantly makes blood), a heart attack is inevitable. First of all, I recommended him to take an aspirin pill to prevent the formation of a blood clot, and after that immediately go to an ambulance to the nearest hospital. There, angiogram and angioplasty (and most likely, stenting) could save his life and give him time to finally solve the problem with the help of proper nutrition and exercise.
Inflammation is the main cause of cholesterol precipitation in the arteries and the subsequent formation of blood clots in them that cause heart attacks.
He flatly refused even aspirin, and then I decided to help him in another way. I prescribed him an extract from grapefruit seeds to thin the blood, fish oil to counteract inflammation and prevent blood clots and magnesium to stabilize the nerve and electrical cells in the heart that make up its electrical system necessary to coordinate the work of the heart muscle. I told him to rest more and spend a strict juice fasting. The next two days, I literally called him every half hour and made a promise from him that if the chest pains become permanent or worsen or any other symptoms appear, he will allow me to call an ambulance for him. However, it did without it. A day later, chest pains passed. After a week, he felt so good that he began to exercise, although I did not advise him to do it. For three weeks he sat on the juices, after which he switched to raw foods. Four years later, he was on a healthy diet and dropped 15 kg. Chest pains are a thing of the past. I can not say exactly what happened to him, but I am ready to bet on a mortgage: he turned his illness backwards.
Very many problems could be solved with the help of detoxification, cardiovascular diseases are the main among them. Detox programs create conditions that allow patients to get rid of the inevitable drugs used to relieve symptoms.

I did not tell this story in order to encourage anyone who has chest pains, which is a sign of coronary heart disease, to encourage a detoxification program. On the contrary, I still, when I see, I warn this patient that he is risking his life and my medical license. But the results achieved by him are a fact with which one cannot argue. There are rules and exceptions to the rules, and at this very moment, when all of our ideas about maintaining health are undergoing fundamental changes, it is quite possible that there are more such exceptions than it seems.

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Statins for everyone?

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