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Every day you will eat one hard dish and two drinks or liquid dishes - puree, juice or soup. Eat liquid dishes during breakfast and dinner, and a solid dish during lunch. Late in the evening, there is not recommended, since a twelve-hour fast will be most effective after a "liquid" dinner, as it releases the maximum amount of energy and prolongs the period of detoxification. However, if your schedule requires a business lunch or an evening social event, eat that day on a liquid dish for breakfast and lunch and a solid dish for dinner. The next day, return to normal mode and eat a solid dish for dinner.
Remember the twelve-hour period: the signal for the onset of detoxification is given approximately 8 hours after the last meal, and this process, so that it is effective, should last at least 4 hours.
If you fill the stomach late at night and eat early in the morning the next day, you deprive the body of the opportunity to fully carry out the detoxification process. It is much better to go to bed every day with a slight sense of hunger. That is why there is a ritual called "breakfast" (if you start to observe a twelve-hour interval between a light meal in the evening and breakfast the next day, you will find that your energy level will increase and your health will improve).
During the program, avoid beverages that contain caffeine. Do not drink decaffeinated coffee

If dinner was at 19:00, breakfast should not be earlier than 7:00 in the morning; if the dinner was at 23:00 pm, breakfast should not be earlier than 11:00 am.
You will prepare all liquid dishes yourself using the recipes from chapter 11. You can choose from 21 recipes: 7 smoothies, 7 juices and 7 soups-purees. All of these dishes include raw ingredients containing the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes - even soups that represent mixtures of vegetable drinks that are not heat treated (some of which can be heated). If you have to eat this way for the first time, do not be nervous. These liquid dishes are designed:
· Supply the body with all necessary nutrients;
· Supply the body with nutrients in batches, similar to how fuel is fed into the mechanisms. Since the decomposition of ingredients in liquid dishes requires less energy, they are easily absorbed into the bloodstream;
· It is reasonable to combine nutrients in each dish, regulating metabolism in such a way that the organism experiences a lesser sense of hunger.
In order for the body to receive nutrients of the right type in a single solid dish, 21 simple recipes for dinner have been developed. Some of them provide dishes from raw products, others - from products subjected to heat treatment: 7 species of fish, 7 kinds of meat (chicken and lamb) and 7 vegetarian dishes.

You can choose daily which two liquid dishes and one solid one to eat during the day. You just need to follow the basic formula: a liquid dish for breakfast, a solid dish for lunch and a liquid dish for dinner.
If necessary, you can have a snack between meals. For this purpose, raw vegetables, fresh fruit are best (the best option is blueberries and raspberries, since these berries contain little sugar), some raw nuts (almonds and walnuts). If you feel an acute hunger, you can eat an extra puree or drink an extra portion of juice (please read "Overcoming hunger"). However, remember that you must refrain from eating late at night. If you want to have a snack after dinner, think about whether you can do without food before breakfast the next morning.
Optimum amount of absorbed fibers should be determined in accordance with the frequency of defecations

Recipes of liquid and solid dishes are designed as a single complex. They provide a complete set of nutrients necessary for effective detoxification in three weeks. This means that the more diverse your choice is, the better. Your body will be constantly supplied with nutrients, and you will certainly benefit by eating dishes whose recipes are designed specifically to supply you with one or two key nutrients. In addition, thanks to this variety, you will get to know the new ingredients for you, which are important components of the diet, which for a long time provides the body with health.
Take two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil before bedtime, washing with water and lemon

Without a doubt, the program will seamlessly fit into your busy schedule, and it can be easily adapted to individual needs.
Tips on how to adapt the program to your daily routine:
· If you are limited in time or strive for simplicity, choose a few liquid and solid dishes and consume them in turn for a week, it will still give good results.
• It is not necessary to eat dishes from the menu of the program for lunch. You can cook dinner from the same simple foods that you ate, observing the elimination diet. These can be products from the supermarket or restaurant dishes. Do not forget that one of the basic principles says about the need to avoid chemicals, so choose a suitable place for purchasing products and, if possible, buy organic. Remember, lunch should include basic foods without sauces and decor (use permitted seasonings and spices from the elimination diet, as well as olive oil and lemon juice). Also observe the sizes of the portions indicated in the recipes. If you eat a dish that does not belong to the program menu for lunch, its portion should not exceed the standard size.
· The more fresh foods you eat, the more effective the nutrients they contain. However, you will lose almost nothing if you cook in the evening, so that the next day they can take them with them to work. You can also prepare a double portion of a liquid dish for breakfast and dinner. In this case, store liquid dishes in the refrigerator and consume them for two days. Juices should be stored no more than one day. Remember that you can take ready-made meals with you and eat them cold.
· As with the elimination diet, organic foods should be preferred where possible. But even if you bought inorganic products, combining them with the raw ingredients used in the program will benefit your body, especially if your former diet included a large number of heat-treated and processed foods. Nevertheless, try to still buy organic products.
· Canned fruits and vegetables usually contain preservatives, and sometimes sugar and salt, so they can not be consumed in any way. Frozen fruits are suitable for preparing liquid dishes, especially if they are organic.
• In choosing recipes, be guided solely by your personal preferences and eating conditions.
For example, on a cold winter morning thick cream soup is more attractive than fruit smoothie with ice. Remember, the more liquid the more intensive the detoxification. Juices are somewhat more conducive to detoxification than soups-mashed potatoes.
· If you do not have an appetite, when it's time for another meal, nevertheless eat the appropriate dish, at least a half. Nutrients are needed to maintain the detoxification process.
· Attach a sheet to the door of your refrigerator with a list of products allowed and not allowed within the elimination diet, and check with it on the days when you prepare meals that are not included in the menu of the program. Liquids
In addition to liquid and solid foods, you should drink plenty of clean water, which contributes to detoxification, increasing the efficiency of removing toxins through the kidneys. The optimal amount of drinking water is the one that causes hourly urination. The usual daily rate is two liters. To taste in the water you can add lemon, cucumber or mint. During the program, avoid beverages that contain caffeine. Do not drink decaffeinated coffee.
Herbal teas and hot water with lemon are good, but they should not replace, but supplement clean water in the required volume. Do not drink fruit juices sold in supermarkets, low-calorie and natural carbonated, as well as energy drinks.
Carbonated mineral water helps increase acidity in the body, so you should also exclude it. If you are at a loss in choosing a drink, follow the general rule: if it is not hot or cold water and if it is in a bottle with some name on the label, it's best not to drink it. These restrictions will not last long, but so far this rule must be observed.
When the patient realizes all these recommendations in practice, the program menu becomes unique for him.
It can vary greatly from week to week, or you can make a formula for yourself for all 3 weeks and stick to it until the end of the program.
Table 3. Typical menu for the first days of the program
Day 1 Day 3
Breakfast. Green cocktail (page 322), hot Breakfast. Energy cocktail
water with lemon or herbal tea. (page 324).
Lunch. Light snack or herbal Lunch. Light snack or herbal
tea (to choose from). tea (to choose from).
Dinner. Steam perch (page 333). Dinner. Fried chicken with rice (page 340) and any vegetable salad.
Snack. Light snack or herbal tea Snack. A light snack or herbal tea (on
(to choose from). choice).
Dinner. Chilled cucumber soup with mint (page 325). Dinner. Energy cocktail (page 324).
During the day, drink a large amount of During the day, drink a large amount of
clean water. clean water.
Day 2 Day 4
Breakfast. Juice from carrots, beets and cabbage Breakfast. Lightweight gazpacho made of pineapple and avocado
(page 325), hot water with lemon or herbal (page 326).
tea. Lunch. Light snack or herbal
Lunch. Light snack or herbal tea (to choose from).
tea (to choose from). Dinner. Steam salmon and a mixture of
Dinner. Chicken with fried vegetables and noodles a couple of vegetables.
(page 341). Snack. A light snack or herbal tea (on
Snack. A light snack or herbal tea (on choice).
Dinner. Juice made from fennel (or celery) and apple (page 331).
Dinner. Green juice (page 330).
During the day, drink a large amount of
During the day, drink plenty of clean water. clean water.

Nutrients necessary for detoxification
Nature provides all the nutrients necessary for a full-scale detoxification process. You are free to choose which of them should enter your body. The recipes of the program include all the nutrients you need for several weeks of detoxification.
Light snacks and dishes not included in the menu of the program, must also be chosen taking into account the requirements for nutrients. Check the table "Nutrients for detoxification" (see annex) during and after the program to properly meet all the needs of your liver, performing extremely important work.
Cleansing brings maximum benefit when a few natural supplements are added daily to the diet. Although it is not necessary, I strongly recommend using them, especially since they are very inexpensive. Small costs for them in the future pay off handsomely by saving on visits to doctors, expensive drugs and days of incapacity for work. They add years of life, especially when used in a program of detoxification.
The program package includes:
· Powder based on brown rice protein, containing all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants necessary for daily maintenance of cellular metabolism and additional detoxification work, especially in both phases of liver detoxification;
· A large number of probiotics that help restore healthy, viable intestinal microflora;
· A combination of herbal antimicrobial agents, which in most cases eliminate yeast and pathogenic bacteria, and a herbal supplement that regulates abrupt changes in insulin levels, thereby relieving the body of food cravings with a high carbohydrate content and contributing to the burning of fats.
Fibers have a strong support for the toxin removal process, as they absorb water and form a mass that triggers peristalsis and promotes defecation. Fibers absorb the toxic slags that the intestines remove from the bloodstream, thereby preventing their reabsorption. Fibers serve as a nutrient medium for beneficial bacteria, promoting the development of a healthy environment in the intestine. They also capture cholesterol, preventing its absorption in excessive amounts, and create a feeling of saturation, thereby limiting the amount of food consumed. For these and other reasons, diets with a high fiber content are associated with a decrease in the incidence of bowel cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Although the diet of the program contains a large number of fruits and vegetables, it has less coarse fibers than in the usual. Most people add to the ration of the program some products containing many fibers. Buy natural products with a high content of coarse fibers, such as flaxseeds.
Probiotics are an extremely valuable tool in the recovery of hundreds of different types of beneficial intestinal bacteria. There are many quality additives with probiotics on sale. Some of them should be stored in the refrigerator after opening the package. Before buying, make sure that the additive contains at least 15 billion organisms in a single dose. Carefully read the instructions. During the program it is enough to take one dose a day, but I do not know about any restrictions for taking these supplements in larger quantities.
If there is a quality, healthy diet, free of toxins, the stool should be after each meal
Antimicrobial agents kill pathogenic (harmful) bacteria. Many products in recipes, such as garlic, lemon, olive oil, onions, broccoli, coconut oil and spices, have bactericidal properties. But sometimes the intestinal microflora is in such a deplorable state (dysbacteriosis), that to clean the territory for the return of beneficial bacteria requires the use of more heavy artillery. The following tools are very useful for use during the program. Concentrated oregano oil is especially effective against yeast (look for it in the form of tablets or essential oil). Garlic clove in raw form can be eaten daily (if you want, you can cut it into slices and place them between thin slices of apple). This contributes not only to the elimination of harmful bacteria, yeasts and parasites, but also to regulating blood sugar levels, burning fat, reducing hunger, lowering cholesterol, alleviating arthritic pain and reducing gassing in the intestines. If garlic for you is unacceptable for aesthetic reasons, it can be replaced by inexpensive and no less effective garlic capsules.

You can find on sale herbal antimicrobial, containing a combination of several different bactericidal herbs and roots. Bactericidal properties are also possessed by berberine, licorice root, rhubarb root, ginger root, sage leaf and thyme oil.
Olive oil, drunk in the evening, lubricates the walls of the intestines, facilitates defecation, supplies the body with anti-inflammatory fats, kills germs, promotes fat burning, stimulates the gallbladder and liver, strengthens bones, slows the formation of blood clots in the vessels and establishes hormonal balance. Take two tablespoons at bedtime, washing with water and lemon.
Finally, during the program, try to include in your diet a means of supporting the liver. It can consist of one or more ingredients. The most common are milk thistle (silymarin), acetylcysteine, dandelion root and a sheet of wormwood. Consult a pharmacy or a local health food store: many sellers appear to be as good at physicians as they are about liver drugs!
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