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Hearty and tasty

The fact that food contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it is known to all. We will not delve into the chemistry and describe exactly how proteins break down into amino acids, but understand for themselves a few key points.
1 Proteins are needed by the body. He uses them as a material for building muscles.
2 Proteins of animal origin contain amino acids that cannot be obtained with any other products, therefore they are especially valuable for the body.
3 Vegetable proteins are also needed because they complement animal proteins from a varied diet. Vegetable foods rich in proteins are peas, beans, soybeans and other legumes.
4 Animal proteins include eggs, caviar, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, meat and fish.
5 Quite a lot of protein in bread and cereals and very little in vegetables.
6 Too much fat in the food impairs the absorption of proteins, and carbohydrates, on the contrary, improve their absorption.
7 The largest in terms of weight and volume of food usually consists of foods containing carbohydrates, starch and various types of sugar.
8 Sugar very quickly gets from the intestines into the blood and with the blood is carried to the cells and tissues of the body, and the starch must first be converted into glucose in the intestines and only in this form enters the blood.
9 In order to ensure a uniform supply of sugar to the blood, it is desirable to give preference to “slow” carbohydrates (cereals, grain bread, starchy vegetables), and sugar and sweets should give us no more than one third of carbohydrates.
10 "Fast sugars" (sucrose, glucose and fructose) are found in honey, jam, confectionery, berries and fruits. In addition, we eat sugar in pure form.
11 Fiber is close to carbohydrates, which is almost not absorbed in the body. The presence of fiber in food is necessary, as it promotes the movement of food gruel and prevents constipation.
12 Relatively high in black bread and other wholemeal flour products, in which a lot of bran remains, as well as in vegetables, fruits and berries.
13 In the human diet must be fats of animal and vegetable origin. Prolonged predominance in the diet of any one species leads to the fact that it is worse absorbed, and sometimes to indigestion.
14 In milk fats (milk, cream, sour cream and butter) we have the necessary vitamins A and D.
15 Vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, etc.) contain relatively many unsaturated fatty acids, without which full protein digestion is impossible.

In order to lose weight seriously and surely, you need to get less calories from food than you need, but at the same time do not have a sharp feeling of hunger.

It sounds fantastic, of course: you have to be undernourished, but to be full.
To find out the secret of such nutrition, it is necessary to accept as a fact that the products differ from each other not only in composition (the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates), but also in exactly how they behave in the human body. Some digest quickly enough, others linger in the stomach for a long time, but for some reason they don’t want to eat less, while others really saturate.
Ideally, when between breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner, a person takes a break of four hours. The ideal schedule is four times a day: two breakfasts, lunch and dinner, or breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner — choose as convenient. But the main goal is to eat so that you can get hungry as late as possible and have a smaller snack in between meals.
Of course, you noticed that a high-calorie product is not always able to saturate a person. The chocolate bar contains as many as 550 calories, which is something like a good lunch. But if you eat it instead of dinner, nothing good will come of it. Feelings will not be the most pleasant, but you will want to eat again in an hour.
It is also not true that nutritious food should be fatty, although it has been proven that fats digest in the body for the longest time. Oddly enough, people are best fed up with foods that are high in protein. Nutritionists have repeatedly confirmed this. In second place - fatty foods. In the third - rich in carbohydrates.
To get enough and at the same time get a minimum of calories, you need, as we have already found out, to eat food saturated with water: porridge-mashed potatoes, soups, steamed vegetables in combination with foods that are high in protein. A portion of mushroom cream soup cooked with low-fat sour cream is only about one hundred and fifty calories, but after it you may not feel hungry for two and a half hours. Dietary vegetable stew with chicken fillet "pull" to 250 calories, but saturate for four hours. The comparison is not in favor of chocolate.
I want to bring some popular and interesting diets. These are “normal”, healthy diets for 16001800 kcal per day, and not emergency options. You will also find them in the Appendix.
They do not imply a clear menu for the day.
Not every woman who is very keen on losing weight can endure three weeks of nutrition on a schedule.

If you are a loving person and know how to stick to your daily routine, go on a diet safely, you will succeed.
If you have a lot of cases, postponed to the never-coming “tomorrow,” you often change your plans for the day and you quickly get bored, try one of the following power systems.
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Hearty and tasty

  1. Chewing food
    “Drinking must be chewed and food must be drunk,” said Gandhi. The most delicious pieces become even tastier if they are chewed well. At the same time, good and necessary food for your body is such a pleasure that you will not abandon it until the end of your days. Prove what you put in your mouth, up to 60 times. If you want to learn Macrobiotics as quickly as possible, chew each piece of 100-150
  2. For those who just started porridge, but goes on vacation - about meals on the road
    There are a bunch of instant cereals - all kinds of flakes. I am not a supporter of such flakes, but in case of the road they are, of course, a way out. When you buy, look - the time is indicated on them - choose where one minute is. You can still cook like this: in a thermos with a wide neck, fill up the cereal (preferably crushed or those flakes) and pour boiling water on it, and close tightly for 1 hour (flakes - for 10–15 minutes). So rice and buckwheat
  3. How to use the magic water
    This water is universal. It is charged with the energy of sunlight, any healer will tell you about the benefits of such “solar” water. It is charged with our smile and love for yourself - otherwise how can you praise yourself without a smile and love? Come up with your own song of praise - you can verse, you can prose - this will be the best charge of Water! Who can not come up with himself - look at the forum. This kind of creativity
  4. How to lose weight gourmet?
    Gastronomy is a very common phenomenon. Gourmets, people who love to eat delicious food, on earth are dozens, and even hundreds of times more than those who love to eat food tasteless. We also classify ourselves as gourmets and do not see anything bad or reprehensible in this. I hope the whole previous text convinced you that you should not take an ascetic image for successful weight loss.
  5. As a mother, I feel responsible for feeding the children well, because I think that they are too young to take care of their own health. I have three children aged four to nine years. Do you think that this responsibility lies with me?
    You are not directly responsible for the health of your children. As a mother, you must be responsible for the consequences of having children, that is, to monitor their material needs, help them with their studies, pass on their knowledge to them, give them love, and all this to the extent that you can. On the other hand, you cannot know in advance what the results will be. You can cook the most
  6. Rabbits
    The origin and economic importance of rabbits According to their zoological classification, rabbits belong to the class of mammals, the order of rodents, and the hare family. Domestic rabbits are descended from wild rabbits, whose homeland is considered to be Spain. Due to the high precocity and intensity of reproduction from rabbits in a short time receive cheap fur raw materials and tasty dietary meat. AT
  7. When is a DOCTOR REQUIRED?
    On the one hand, you have probably heard more than once that having “your” nutritionist (as well as a dentist or psychoanalyst) is considered an attribute of the right life. On the other hand, not everyone understands well what kind of work a nutritionist does. Is it worth it to appeal to a mere mortal who does not experience serious sports loads, and who has not suffered any serious diseases? how
    What is sweeter than carrots? How long have you last seen baked apples on a festive table? I think never. Most likely, a cake bought at a nearby store was served for dessert. A big beautiful box, adorned with an absolutely false inscription that this product of standard culinary art is low-calorie ... There is an expression: “I have not seen anything sweeter than a carrot!” It is moral
    We add a carrot to our menu! In the first 3 days - only boiled, fried and stewed. Then you can add a spoonful of grated carrots: the first time - one spoon, the next day - already two spoons, etc. You can add dill to the greens. You already get a good salad - radish, parsley, dill. And a drop of vegetable oil. Try to diversify your menu. Already can
  10. First results
    Medunitsa: Reflections are very important praises !! I did not even know how they support! I have a very difficult life span now. It seems that only howling at the moon is the right time. And you come up to the Jug, but you start to praise yourself. Look, but already the mood is different! Much improves self-esteem. And for many of us it is understated. We do not love ourselves more often. And why? For me it was a discovery on
  11. Pink Flaminga Diary
    March 18 And today we have a water day! The body itself offered after a morning walk! Well, I, as usual, cannot deny her anything. I love her, my only one! Here she is what I have. And so beautiful what! We drink mostly boiling water from explosives, tried to add soda, somehow not purring. And lukewarm I love. This is not a simple drink - SPACE TEA is called. Boiling point
  12. Effect on the body of food with spices and artificial additives
    It is difficult to accurately determine the amount of food additives, which is used to make food tasty, fragrant, attractively appealing and designed for long storage. In addition to the well-known sugars and salts, these are a number of synthetic and mineral dyes, flavors, stabilizers, preservatives, antioxidants, accelerators, myoglobin fixatives, etc. It would seem that,
  13. Information required for further reading
    Murmuring Literally, from the first chapters, this expression is built in to you: “This is MURCHIT for me, and this is not MURCHIT”. And the pants will be with us. “MURRING”. This concept came here from the lexicon of OXYMORON fans - another playful psycho-training aimed at a general change in life for the better. In order to figure out what this condition of murmuring is, it is necessary to carry out some
  14. Food, as a universal remedy for longing and anxiety
    It is possible that your appetite does not depend at all on whether you are calm or alarmed. Well, then this chapter may be of interest to you solely in terms of expanding horizons. But if you have such a connection between mood and appetite, then we hope this text will be useful to you. The fact that food can soothe, reduce anxiety, improve mood, create a feeling
  15. How to support the food we need at work and in the office
    Very often, before losing weight, there is such a problem. At work you need to eat, but nothing suitable at hand is not. It is necessary either to endure all day, or to eat what is available. And these are dishes from the dining room, or fast food, or sandwiches from the house. And always not very satisfying and very fat. If, however, to endure, then before dinner such hunger develops that to appease the usual amount of food
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