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If you learn to be tolerant, you will understand that your concepts are limited. In our world there is nothing intolerable. All beings are capable of mutual tolerance.
Everything in nature (birds, insects, animals, fish and all people striving for freedom) accepts everything with great satisfaction:

as bad weather, as good as death, so life, and pleasure. For everything that is in balance, there are no protests, objections or complaints.
If you find someone with the most insignificant degree of intolerance, you are intolerant and consider yourself exceptional. Since you can not destroy or drive out of the world everything that you object to, if your existence becomes necessary to upset something, it will become a poison in life.
If tolerance is your slogan, you are an intolerant person, since all such slogans are not a free statement of your true nature. Medicine, for example, does not really cure the disease: it basically struggles against symptoms, completely ignoring the root cause of the disease. The consequences of this are that patients and doctors go from one disease to another, despite endless campaigns against microbes, bacteria and viruses.
These are typical consequences of intolerance of the existence of God's creatures.

Absolute justice is a synonym for the silent law in the universe. It contains good and evil, truth and lies. These opposites are antagonistic in their qualities, however they form a unity as the necessary two sides of the coin. It is impossible to remove one for the other, even trying to do this is a sign of ignorance - intolerance.
Therefore, a judgment without an understanding of absolute justice can not contain an informed decision.
The law of coercion with the help of the police also, as we know, is not able to free society from the disease of crimes: only a battle with its symptoms - coercion and punishment of offenders - is insufficient. This is a substitution for an in-depth study of the root cause of the disease (in this case, crimes) and complex treatment. intolerance to symptoms (delinquency).
The one who accepts everything with deep satisfaction does not need to know the concept of intolerance.
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  1. Diagnosis of Tolerance
    Test "Tolerance" Instruction: Your attention is invited to several questions, mark the preferred answer. 1. You think that you have an interesting idea, but it was not supported. Upset? a) yes; b) no. 2. You meet with friends, and someone suggests starting the game. What would you prefer: a) that only those who play well participate; b) to play
  2. A package of techniques. Psychological toolkit for compiling a professionogram for the profession of a psychologist, 2011
    The work contains a package of techniques for compiling a professionogram on the profession of a psychologist: Diagnosis of communicative abilities. Diagnosis of listening skills. Diagnosis of tolerance and empathy. Diagnostics of figurative and logical memory. Diagnosis of thinking. Diagnosis of attention. Diagnosis of creativity and
    APPENDIX N 4 EXAMPLE OF TEXT CHARACTERISTICS FOR THE CETTELLS TEST BY SCALE A (sociability) Probability content of factor A ------------------------------- --- Factor A = 1 to the Stan: It is closed, emotionally cold. Perhaps stubbornness, neuroticity. It is desirable to confirm the 1O scale of the MMPI test. The factor A = 2
  4. Vomiting
    Vomiting is spasmodic emptying of stomach contents through the mouth. See the article Nondestruction of the Stomach, as well as the following description. If vomiting is caused by disgust and contempt for a person, you need to try to forgive him. Accepting a person does not mean agreeing with him, recognizing his sanity and supporting him. To accept means to show tolerance, understanding and compassion. See the steps
  5. Reservoirs and sources of an infectious agent
    Reservoirs of the causative agent of the classical plague are populations of wild or domestic pigs - obligate hosts of the causative agent of this infection. Such masters may be pigs of different breeds, breed groups and wild animals living in nature. But not all of them are the reservoirs of the causative agent of classical swine fever. In populations of wild boars in their normal conditions of existence,
  6. Cough
    Physical blockage Cough is a reflex action, an attempt to clear the respiratory tract from mucus or foreign objects that irritate them. The following description refers to a cough that occurs for no apparent reason, but not to a cough caused by asthma, influenza, laryngitis, etc. Emotional blocking More or less frequent coughing for no apparent reason can occur in a person,
  7. Professional position
    The essence of the professional position of a psychologist is not to solve his problem for people of any age, but to solve this problem with him, strengthening his faith in his forces, his capabilities. Professional qualities of the psychologist - the breadth of views and independence of judgments. - readiness for contacts and ability to support them; - the ability to attract people emotionally; - Ability
  8. Personal qualities
    - optimism, - self-reliance, - ability to listen to a person, calm, sympathize and inspire faith in a happy future - goodwill, - tolerance, - communicative, - mindfulness, - poise. Qualification requirements: higher psychological education. Work places: psychological centers, private offices for psychological
  9. Burn
    Physical blockage Burn is tissue damage due to high temperature, electrical current, chemicals or radiation. Do not forget to find out what function the affected part of the body performs. Emotional blocking If the burn is a result of an accident, see the article ACCIDENT. The more serious the consequences of an accident, the stronger the sense of guilt.
  10. How can I be with a partner who is not very committed to the perfection of intimate relationships?
    From your question, it appears that you have a new approach to intimate relationships - more comfortable, more pleasant, but less passionate. This is your choice. Does your wife not care? This is her choice. In other words, we are talking about mutual consent. When the two live together, without sharing their views, they should show more sympathy and more tolerance for each other. This is one of the rules for those,
  11. Seven stages of disease
    I. HEATING There is a disorderly way of life (indiscipline, suspicious unsatisfactory, chaotic family or parents). II. PAIN AND SUFFERING Occurs from low sanity (capriciousness, sensitivity, sentimentality, blind adherence to any concepts, isolation, neuroses) III. CHRONIC SYMPTOMS Lead to headache, chest pain, diarrhea,
  12. Annex 1
    And here is the ready list of positive and negative traits of character. A gift from the students of the courses! He, of course, is very approximate and far from complete, neatness activity altruism artistry unselfishness fearlessness nobility politeness generosity faith faithfulness care will persistence gallantry hospitality humanity foresight goodwill
  13. Barley
    Physical blockage Barley is an acute, very painful purulent inflammation of the sebaceous gland or hair follicle of the eyelid edge. Barley has the property of repeating itself, especially in people with digestive disorders. Emotional blocking Barley occurs in a very emotional person, who finds it difficult to digest what he sees around him. What he sees causes him
  14. Eyelids (pain)
    Physical blockage The eyelids are mobile organs that protect the eyes from external stimuli (dust, cold, strong light). Eyelids can suffer from irritation and eczema. Emotional blockage Pain in the century suggests that a person does not sufficiently protect himself from exposure to harmful external factors, that is, he reacts too sharply to what he sees. It is also possible that he does not allow
  15. Personal qualities of a psychologist
    Hopes, disappointments, and discoveries, a difficult path of self-knowledge and mastering of the profession, await the professional development of students-psychologists. Certain personal qualities can induce people to engage in psychology. There are reasons to believe that certain impressions of childhood and adolescence sometimes play an important role in the subsequent choice of psychology as a sphere of professional activity, in
  16. Annex 8
    Scheme of analysis of the individual style of activity of the subject teacher * * Markova AK, Nikonova A.Ya. Individual style of the teacher's work / Questions of psychology. 1987. № 5. 1. Substantive characteristics: • preferential orientation of the teacher on the process or on the result of work, • adequacy-inadequacy of planning the educational process, •
  17. Ways to identify possible conflicts in the military collective
    An important direction in the activity of officers in the management of conflicts as socio-psychological phenomena is their prevention. The work of officers-leaders on conflict prevention can go in two main directions: the creation of objective conditions that prevent the emergence and destructive development of pre-conflict situations; training of officers in ways to prevent and
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