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Test number 3. Checklist your food

Ensure that your diet maintains results after the program. Continue to adhere to the habits acquired during the three-week detoxification program, for the sake of maintaining health, along with a decrease in the consumption of foods that you find out are irritating to you.

· Eat more alkaline foods (vegetables) than acidic ones. Reduce the consumption of mucus products (dairy products, wheat flour products, white rice).
· Eat more organic foods, animal products that do not contain hormones and antibiotics, and avoid genetically modified foods.
· Include in your diet more fresh, whole foods that contain key nutrients that ensure the health of the body and its detoxification.
· Eat at least 51% of raw foods (vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, unprocessed oils).
· Create conditions for prosperous beneficial bacteria in the intestine, absorbing large amounts of fibers, high-quality saturated fats, products containing natural probiotics (sauerkraut, organic kefir, kombucha, kimchi).
Avoid foods that nourish pathogenic bacteria. Avoid products containing preservatives, reduce sugar intake, wheat flour products and refined grains, avoid dairy products and alcohol. Reduce stress and, if possible, avoid medication.
· Include anti-inflammatory foods in your diet and eat fish oil or flaxseed and hemp oil if you are a vegetarian.
· Purchase products from the local farmers market, grown in the area where you live. They retain more nutrients because they do not need long-term transportation.

· "Eat what you are." Maintain clarity and peace of mind, exercise physical activity, clean the intestines, and you will not have a predilection for unhealthy foods. Energize from sources that are best for your body.
· Eat, aware of the impact that your food consumes. As can often be heard in popular science films, the choice of food has more far-reaching consequences than the impact on your body and your well-being.
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Test number 3. Checklist your food

  1. Patient sheet
    Individual Patient No. Visit Number Last Name, First Name, Patronymic: Date: Day Month Year. Please answer the following questions regarding your condition since the previous visit: • Your general condition (mark the vertical bar on the scale): Very Very Good Bad • Duration of morning restraint: hours of minutes. 763 Attachment
  2. Storing your milk
    Mother's milk is not a can of canned food. If it is broken, you can’t just go to the closet and open another one. A bottle of your milk is precious for both: for you and for your child. It is the perfect food for your child. You should treat your milk with care, but not worry too much. The same immune properties of milk that protect the baby,
    Surname Ivanov Name Nikolai Paul M Age 10 years School No. 315 Class 3 "A" Test date: 03/05/99 {foto25} {foto26} Conclusion. Fluency and flexibility are age appropriate. Originality of ideas is low. Developed - upper bound
  4. The history of your case
    If you have achieved good health and began to comprehend new horizons of life, please send me a brief history of your case. Enlighten your neighbors with the superiority of the macrobiotic path. To health and happiness, especially if they suffer from the same diseases that you had. If you do not do this, you are not completely cured. You are still exceptional, antisocial, selfish and
  5. Build your dairy store
    Just as you save money to a bank for a rainy day, it would be wise to create a vault for your milk in case circumstances arise that would force you to stop feeding for a day or two. Open a “milk account” in your freezer and stock up your “white gold” with a few
  6. Appendix №15 (title page of the abstract)
    KAZAN STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY Department of Biomedical Ethics and Medical Law with a course in the history of medicine KAZAN SOCIETY OF DOCTORS Work completed: Checked: Kazan
  7. Overview of your health plan
    Your list of goals may include some or all of the following items. Add the ones you see fit. 1. Find a broad-minded doctor. 2. Eat healthy foods: organic, unprocessed, 51% of the diet in raw form, without chemicals, purchased at the local farmers market. 3. Install homes water and air filters. 4. Periodically spend
  8. Your milk is medicine for your baby.
    “Make food your medicine,” wrote Hippocrates. These words of the first doctor of medicine were not written about breast milk, but they are ideal for this case. Despite the fact that breast milk is a prophylactic for some diseases, it may also be an effective medicine for a child who is already ill. This is especially true for diseases
  9. Clear sheet. You can start a new life! Right now!
    Stand up straight, relax. Start with the palm of your left hand to stroke your belly clockwise. Seven circles - then the right hand enters: without interrupting the movement of the left, the right hand describes the circles above the head in a clockwise direction. After another seven laps, add a left heel tapping on the floor in time with the rotation. After seven more circles, add the torso of the torso to the right-left simultaneously with all
  10. Nutrition as a factor in the preservation and promotion of health. Physiological norms of nutrition. The value of the individual components of food in human nutrition. The value of proteins in human nutrition, their norms and sources of entry into the body
    Nutrition is one of the most active and important environmental factors, which has a variety of effects on the human body, ensures its growth, development, preservation of health, disability and optimal life expectancy. All this is provided by a daily, regulated meal with a certain set of foods. Foods are complex
  11. Asthma Control Test
    Take this test with your child and discuss the results with your doctor.
    1. What diseases can be transmitted to humans with the meat of sick animals? a) brucellosis; c) tuberculosis; e) hepatitis; h) tuleramia; and) cholera. b) syphilis; d) anthrax; g) foot and mouth disease; k) plague; 2. What animal flesh can cause trichinosis? a) cattle; d) a ram; b) pigs;
  13. TEST number 1. Check for toxins
    Answer the following questions and rate your condition on a ten-point scale: 1 point - categorically not, or almost not, 10 points - happens every day or corresponds to 100%. Circle the appropriate score. The more points you have, the more you need to carry out any detox program. After the program, I will suggest that you pass this test again,
    Direct quantification of personal parameters is not always possible, in science, therefore, they use indirect quantification, indirect measurement of personal parameters with the help of tests. What is a test and how can they measure personality? Test / from English test - task, sample / - method of personality research, built on its assessment based on the results of a standardized task, test, sample
  15. Test number 4. Additional check for toxins
    As a rule, most people who do not suffer from diseases or disorders, feel well and want to preserve this state, carry out cleansing once a year. Now I invite you to take the test again, which you have already met at the beginning of the book. Answer, as before, the following questions and assess your condition on a ten-point scale: 1 point - categorically not or practically does not happen,
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