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Three week cleansing

After the end of the third week, you will feel what it means to stop, and perhaps even reverse, the aging process. You will see how vigorous, energetic and full of strength you can feel in your true, physiological, not calendar age. Often, those who adhere to the program, undergo amazing metamorphosis.
Conducting a three-stage purification program is like wiping dirty glasses: you start to see the world in a completely new, much brighter light.

They lose weight, their complexion improves, the whites of their eyes become whiter and brighter. They sleep better and stay fit throughout the day. They get rid of a wide variety of disorders that have plagued them for a long time - from constipation to joint pain. Very often, the disease slows down or even completely disappears, which are considered chronic or curable only with the help of medications. If you feel your body's ability to heal itself, you will no longer be considered a deadly condition that you would fear before, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Over the long years of work in the field of medicine, I almost did not meet patients who had a health plan - not a list of tests and examinations carried out in ordinary clinics, but a plan of procedures that improve the health of the whole body.

Optimization of the functioning of body systems has a beneficial effect on the psychological state. Mood improves, clarity of mind returns. After the program, many discover that their desires become more moderate, unhealthy foods and drinks with a high content of caffeine lose their attractiveness, and with it the normal attitude to food returns. Most say that things at work have gone smoothly, and relationships with others have improved markedly, since the depth of their own health problems has been replaced by optimism and openness.
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Three week cleansing

  1. What is cleansing
    The possibility of healing is much closer than you think. It is in you, and you do not need recipes, medical procedures or recommendations of expensive specialists. Cleansing increases the intensity and effectiveness of the detoxification process, supports it with the help of suitable nutrients, restores bowel functions. Today, cleansing and detoxification programs are regaining
  2. Gradual cleansing
    Assa, very carefully watching herself, herself discovered the cleansing mechanism: My state of health. In general, normal, performance at the usual (not too high compared to other people) level. Every three or four days I have symptoms of intoxication. For myself, I explain it this way: in my Body in various places, various “containers” are hidden with any badby. When it comes to
  3. Purification programs with additives
    Purification programs with nutritional supplements have appeared in the detox world relatively recently. You drink cocktails specifically designed to provide the body with proteins, fats and some carbohydrates, as well as nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary for the liver. You also eat a limited amount of solid food that is not
  4. Weekly cleansing
    In the first 3-5 days of the program, you will see how much the body resists the change of deep-rooted eating habits, even those that you deeply consider to be harmful and from which you would like to get rid of. But it is necessary to conduct at least a weekly program. By the end of the week, as the toxins are released from the tissues they occupy for their subsequent neutralization and
    At first, the author did not cause any concerns about the recommendation read in “VN” (1998. No. 61): “When a disease is detected (it was a cancer — M. Zh.), You should immediately switch to a balanced diet and clean the body of toxins, chemistry, various poisons and slags ... To clean the intestines with known techniques. " Then the author was shown the information sheets of V. N. Peskov. In one of them
  6. Quantum Detoxification: Purification of Consciousness
    At the heart of the ancient traditions of health care is the idea that changes in consciousness entail changes in the body. Harmony in the body largely depends on the harmony in the mind. In India, the word amma refers to all toxins that accumulate and undermine health, both physical and mental. Most practitioners of oriental medicine know that cleansing the patient’s mind
  7. Two week cleansing
    If you find the strength to continue, do not stop. Set a goal to stick with the program for the second week. This will bring you even greater benefits, because the functioning of body systems that are affected by toxins and therefore slow down their work is optimized, and other systems that are in a state of heightened anxiety to help you survive
    Every time when a new patient comes to me, at the first admission we discuss with him for about an hour the current state of his health. As a rule, people say that doctors diagnosed a particular disease and prescribed certain medications for them - mainly to relieve symptoms. Before confirming the diagnosis, I say that through these symptoms, their body and soul inform them that
  9. Purification methods
    This presentation of the main mechanisms of detoxification helps to understand why different programs produce different results. Some are designed to remove toxins quickly, others do it slowly. But they also differ in how well they align the intensity of the detoxification regime with the intensity of the hepatic detoxification, and this, in my opinion, determines their safety for
    Most likely, now you look like a person who sits in his usual box and begging for pennies to survive, unaware that the box is fraught with treasure that will not only ensure human survival, but also bring wealth that could not be imagined. in the wildest dreams. You are not alone. Millions of Americans, like millions of people around the world, do the same
  12. Detoxification of air by plants
    If, being in the audience, you constantly suffer from headaches, distraction of attention or respiratory failure, the reason may not be a healthy microclimate in the office, associated, as a rule, with harmful substances in the air. Such phenomena are observed most often in newly renovated cabinets. In the air, audiences (especially with European-quality repair) are in a certain,
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