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Healer Schadilov. Biography Notes

It seems to be clear why publishers publish biographies of popular authors. The reader wants to imagine an interlocutor, advisor, friend, if you want. The reader wants to see the fate, experience, human affections, weaknesses behind favorite pages ... Finally, the biography of a popular author is a “lure” for the reader.
Why, then, did we hesitate to publish Schadilov's biography? Indeed, judging by the extensive mail, his books immediately and firmly chained to him the reader's interest. Why did we need to wait for this particular book, the book under the name “Ideal food”, unexpected for Shchadilov?
So, "Perfect food."
For those who closely followed previous publications by Yevgeny Shchadilov, a turn is evident in the work of our prolific author. There is no doubt that this book, like the previous ones, will arouse the most keen interest of the public, but how great it would be to explain, motivate, make the logic of the choice of a theme feel. In addition, it would not be too difficult: the topic of nutrition, although at first glance lies apart from the theme of the cleansing of the human body that was systematically developed by the author, is still associated with it. And such a specialist as Shchadilov would have barely exposed this connection. But life does not end where the perfect diet begins. The ideas of Evgeny Vladimirovich are so diverse, and so much lies in the sphere of his interests that one can be sure that this turn is not the last. So, it's time to give readers at least a cursory sketch of the life of the famous healer.
So as not to intrigue readers, let's say right away: Yevgeny Vladimirovich Schadilov was born on August 3, 1952 in Leningrad. They baptized him in the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity on the avenue of Obukhovskoy Defense. This cathedral is well-known to true Petersburgers under the name "Kulich and Easter".
Together with our hero, seven more babies were baptized, and they all screamed and cried, which, however, is not uncommon. Surprisingly, the son of the couple Shchadilovs was quietly silent while the ceremony was going on, so the father lowered him into the font twice. After baptism, the baby immediately fell asleep.
In the biographical sketch one could be satisfied with such a favorable beginning of life, but I would like to say about other good signs. To begin at least from the fact that already the birthday of Yevgeny Vladimirovich promised him success. Born in the year of the Dragon under the sign of Leo combines the power of two elements. Not only does Leo personify courage and strength, which is very important when meeting human suffering, the Serpent serves as a support for this zodiac sign, and this creature, as you know, symbolizes wisdom. A lion is a fire sign, and the elements of fire endow its earthly twin with truly unlimited energy in the sphere of physical health, although this does not exhaust the beneficial effect of the sign. The dragon is a symbol of Water, and Water not only gives strength to heal, but also harmoniously harmonizes with Fire. If, running ahead, to add to this the gift of bioenergy, rare in its power, then the uniqueness of the combination will consist in the fact that such a powerfully talented person is simply obliged to expend the energy of the two elements that have united in him. True, selfless healing is a pledge of his human existence.
Let us return, however, to the future healer's childhood. The next curious episode dates back to the time when Shchadilov was in the first grade. They came to the school to select one first grader to study the violin class. There were about three hundred candidates.

The children were invited one at a time, were hearing, measured their fingers, and were released with God. Only one was needed.
The reader, probably, already understood that our hero turned out to be the only one. (Otherwise, we would not have talked about it). Senseless flattery insults a person, and we will not describe the fine musical brush of Schadilo-va. Let's face it, his hand worked reliably and far from grace. But there was this case with the selection of a music school! After all, pedagogues and musicians in a stocky boy saw something that seemed more important to them than fingers of promising length.
What's next? Next was a specialized chemical school at the Institute of Technology, study and graduate school. As a student, Yevgeny Vladimirovich received two certificates of invention, the so-called red corners. He who understands these matters will easily understand how Schadilov was successful - a student, and what prospects the scientific or engineering field promised him. Such students are happy to leave in graduate school. However, Shchadilov himself remains indifferent to career opportunities and he has been changing jobs for eight years, one after another.
During this time, he has a family, a daughter is growing up, and meanwhile, the search for his place in life is delayed ...
It is worth going back a few years ago when the studies at the institute ended.
After graduation, Shchadilov falls ill. A duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, and subsequently rheumatic heart disease lay him in hospital for six months. Health is gone, like water between fingers, and the efforts of doctors remain unsuccessful. It was then that the future healer's meeting with alternative medicine occurred. Massage, phytotherapy, diet - experimenting on yourself, Schadilov step by step returns to health and, it would seem, finds his life course. He returns to his university and enrolls in graduate school. Fate seems to be experiencing his success: during his studies in graduate school received about two dozen certificates of invention and the medal ENEA. But as soon as our hero seriously immersed himself in postgraduate cares, a new reminder followed. At 33 years old, Shchadilov twice had a cardiac arrest. Only a rare will to live, inherited from him by inheritance, rescues Yevgeny Vladimirovich. (This is indeed surprising: his mother, aunt and grandmother survived the Leningrad blockade, his father spent four years on the front line and remained unharmed, his grandfather was among those who worked beyond the human forces on the Ladoga road of life and lived to 87). Schadilov comes back to life, but by the age of forty the disease is worsening, and the doctors do not promise anything good. Then Evgeny Vladimirovich takes a radical decision: you should get a medical education and how to deal with your illnesses. The approach, as we see, is quite scientific, the result is unexpected. Techniques of alternative medicine, fused with scientific techniques, allowed our hero to first realize his own individuality, the uniqueness of his body and come to his aid, and only then, faced with other people's diseases, to feel their strength to the full.
In the eighties in Leningrad arose and for some time managed to survive the institution of healing. Having already made a conscious choice of life, Shchadilov enters this educational institution. Of all the applicants in the first issue of the Institute of Healing Diploma, only two students were awarded - Evgeny Vladimirovich Shchadilov and the doctor of medical sciences who completed the course of healing. At about the same time there was a school of physical and spiritual health "Unity", and it was there that our hero met his first patient. It was a young woman with a tailbone injury. For four months she could not sit, and here at the very first session of Schadilov she was overgrowing this crack. They said that the next day the doctor, to whom she came to the appointment, did not believe her eyes when the patient sat down in a chair. The happy woman rewarded the healer royally. A two-liter jar of pickled cucumbers was what the healer's first fee was.
Since hundreds of patients have since healed the healer's hand, his capabilities have become increasingly wider, and all new diseases have been inferior to his good healing power. But a completely new stage in the life of Yevgeny Vladimirovich Schadilov was the creation of books about the cleansing of the body. "Cleaning the liver", "Cleaning the intestines", "Cleaning the kidneys", "Cleaning the joints", "Cleaning the blood" - in all these publications, the healer fully implemented the scientific methods that he mastered to perfection during his postgraduate studies. If we add to this an extraordinary gift of a popularizer, it becomes clear what is the reason for the success of Shchadilov’s books. People waiting for healing not only learn how to help themselves and their loved ones, they learn the basics of a sound, sober assessment of their condition. Those who carefully read the book Shchadilova are not afraid of deceivers and charlatans. And this, in our time, you see, is not the last thing!
How does the healer's life today? Patients, books, sick again ... Recently, Evgeny Vladimirovich returned from a trip to Germany. Several lectures were read, about one hundred and fifty people received relief from their suffering and complete cure (including two patients with psoriasis). The healing process was meticulous Germans recorded on videotape.
It is difficult to predict new forms of work that life dictates to the healer, but one thing is certain - he will give his wonderful gift to people in full.


There is a need to be able to, but imagine - most people do not know how to eat at all. It is necessary not only to know what is, but when and how ...

Mikhail Bulgakov "Heart of a Dog"

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Healer Schadilov. Biography Notes

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