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Hard "No"

But instead of 50 I ate 100 grams and the calories in them, of course, were more than 100 grams of Masha's favorite chocolate.
The same thing happened with cereals. At first, Masha ate porridge only for breakfast, and at lunch and dinner she tried to get enough of meat and vegetables. But she lacked a favorite taste, Masha, unlike me, does not like meat at all. As a result, she began cooking porridge for dinner, and in the intervals between meals she ate a bag of oatmeal. It is not difficult to guess that the volume of calories was almost as much as from double servings of desserts. She poured oil on them abundantly (after all, he was also “allowed”!), And this made them even more satisfying.
• Secondly, Masha constantly had a stomach ache. From an excessive amount of fruit ("the same can be"), from Coca-Cola Light, from chewing gums with a sugar substitute, which her friend imperceptibly chewed two packs a day.
As a result, Masha had to stop this “diet” and switch to a normal diet - she began to work on eating less sweet, and not abandon it completely.
Despite the sad experience of a girlfriend, I do not think that banning myself from any products is not an option. Just everything should be reasonable.
Readers probably don’t believe me, but I love Tarkhun drink. I know that this is disgusting and I don’t need to drink it, but I love what to do. Previously, I also enjoyed Coca-Cola and Sprite, but decided to give up on them. “Tarragon”, it seems, is also chemistry, but the stomach is not so much inflated from it, it does not become bad, nothing hurts, as from “Cola” and “Sprite”. Of all the carbonated evils, I chose the least.
I also believe that it is possible to permanently abandon a product such as mayonnaise, especially when it comes to the store version. And instead of it, supplement the food with ketchup, since it is impossible without sauces. In ketchup much less fat than in mayonnaise.
Sweet tooth, try to go from chocolate to fruit candies. Lovers of meat and sausages, replace the fat "Moscow" uncooked smoked sausage with boiled "Doctor".
Fans of flour, go with wheat bread to rye.
If you like chocolate - and there is a lot of fat in it - and you can not refuse this product, try to limit yourself to something else, for example, to use butter at a minimum when cooking. Then you can adjust the amount of fat that enters your body every day.

In order to learn how to replace some products with others, you need to know your tastes (it is easy) and the properties of products, and for this you have my book in your hands.

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Hard "No"

  1. Chancre
    Formed after the end of the incubus. period and is located on the site of the introduction of pale treponema in the skin or mucus. obol. Localization: head floor. penis, anus, large and small labia, posterior commissure, region cervix. Chancre is a single erosion of a rounded shape, saucer-shaped with clear boundaries. The color of eroded meat is red. Discharge erosive serous, scanty. Characteristic
  2. Solid and liquid waste
    Municipal solid waste. The methods of disinfection of solid household waste according to the technological principle are divided into biothermal, mechanical, combined, thermal and chemical. Biothermal methods. The basis of all biothermal methods are the biological processes of decomposition of organic substances contained in the waste due to the activity of microorganisms. Oxidation
  3. Complications of hard chancre
    Various external influences (trauma, non-compliance of the patient with hygienic rules, irrational treatment, the addition of secondary pyogenic and opportunistic infections), as well as factors that reduce the overall reactivity of the body (elderly and early childhood, chronic common diseases of the body: diabetes, berculosis, anemia, etc .; chronic intoxications, especially
  4. Primary syphiloma (hard chancre)
    Clinical manifestations of primary syphilis are characterized by the presence of solid chancre (primary syphiloma) and damage to the lymph nodes and blood vessels. At the end of the incubation period, the first symptom and the main manifestation of the primary period of syphilis - primary syphiloma (synonyms: chancre, primary sclerosis, primary erosion,
  5. Investigation of municipal solid waste
    Samples of solid household waste are taken in two ways: a) large objects, including paper, rags, and bones that have no signs of fecal contamination, are taken from unbroken solid household waste, and 200–250 g are taken from the remaining mass of waste; b) from crushed solid household waste intended for chemical research, samples are also taken in the amount of 200-250
  6. There is no alternative
    Many diseases are primarily social diseases, and hypertension is no exception. Therefore, everyone has the right to know about the clinical examination, the outcome of hypertension. Everyone should understand that there are no absolutely harmless drugs. And with hypertension, they not only reduce blood pressure, but also have a detrimental effect on many organs and body systems. En masse
  7. Rule number 4. Experiments - yes, extremes - no!
    I think, having read how many options for clothes for plump girls, many of you were somewhat surprised: someone probably put a cross on jeans, tunics or kimono long ago. Many pyshechki hesitate to wear pants, but with great pleasure I recommend them to anyone who wants to look slimmer than it really is. It is only necessary to choose a model that fits perfectly on the figure and will emphasize
    Each of these recipes is designed for 2 meals. If you cook for yourself and a partner who does not conduct a detox program, he may add other dishes to them as he wishes. If you are cooking only for yourself, you can leave half the serving the next day or use half the amount of ingredients. If possible, use organic, hormone-free chicken and
  9. Dura puncture.
    Detected by the receipt of the liquor through the needle Tuohy or installed catheter. Possible actions in this situation: 1. Reinstall the catheter in another intervertebral space. If successful, a test dose of a local anesthetic is administered. If, after several attempts at catheterization, puncture of the dura mater occurs again, it is necessary to abandon the procedure.
  10. There is no danger in losing weight.
    Many fear that fasting can lead to tuberculosis. It is believed that losing weight means susceptibility (vulnerability) of this "disease". But this fear is unfounded and is based on a false point of view. Thoughtfulness with tuberculosis is not the cause of the disease, but the result. Weight loss is important for recovery from "acute" disease, and nature provides that such a patient
  11. Atypical solid chancre
    Shankr-panaritium is a club-shaped swelling of the terminal phalanx with sharp pain. There is a lack of acute inflammatory erythema, the presence of dense infiltration and regional lymphadenitis. More often sick honey. staff. Inductive edema - located in the region. large labia, scrotum or foreskin, i.e. in places with a large number of lymphatic vessels. There is swelling of these
  12. Complications of hard chancre
    Balanitis, balanoposthitis, phimosis, paraphimosis, gangrenization, fagedenism. Balanitis and balonapostitis - a bacterial infection joins. Appears puffiness, bright erythema, epithelial maceration. Separated on the surface of the chancre becomes seroz. - purulent .. Phimosis is a narrowing of the cavity of the foreskin, which does not allow to open the head of the penis. Due to edema of the foreskin, the penis appears
    Philosophy in the East is the art of studying the structure of the infinite Universe, the Kingdom of Heaven. Her only goal is to help a person understand this structure and order so that he can achieve freedom, happiness, health for himself. Since this theory is not only dialectical, but also paradoxical and deep, I have simplified it to such an extent that everyone can understand it. The cornerstone of all Eastern religions -
  14. Why do some pictures work and others not?
    Over the years, helping people solve problems with pictures, I was often surprised that some types of pictures helped clarify the situation, while others only worsened understanding. This is not related to the quality of the pictures. For example, people in diagram A were drawn much more accurately than the outlines of the figures in diagram B, but this did not help make diagram A easier to understand. It did not have
  15. My husband is never at home, and I often meet with a work colleague.
    I feel that I am more pleasant with him than with my husband. Should I make a choice? I am sure that both love me, and somewhat confused. In your case, it is best to behave naturally and openly express your feelings to both husband and friend. It is extremely difficult or almost impossible to maintain normal intimate relationships with two men at the same time. Despite the fact that both of you love, such
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