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Acidity (pH)

Some products directly contain acids and alkalis (soluble salts) in their composition, others increase acidity or alkalinity in the body in combination with juices and digestive acids (sour lemons promote alkalinity). As mentioned above, a diet rich in alkalinity-enhancing foods plays a key role in maintaining long-term health. It promotes detoxification, as the body is already working to eliminate acidic metabolic waste. The optimal state of the internal environment of the body is slightly more alkaline than neutral. You can easily check your pH with litmus paper dipped in saliva. They are available in health food stores.
Table No. 2. The list of products that increase the acidity and alkalinity of the internal environment of the body
Acidity products Alkaline Enhancement Products
Alcohol The nuts Most ripe fruits
Bananas Pork Most vegetables
Beans Plum and prune Barley
(most species) Pic Buckwheat
Beef Carbonated drinks Brown rice
Hen Crustaceans Quinoa
Most croup Sugar Lima beans
Milk products Sweet potato Adzuki beans
Eggs Tomatoes (recycled) Soya beans
A fish Turkey Brazilian nut
Mutton Unripe Fruit Sprouted almonds

Increased acidity of the internal environment of the body is manifested by a decrease in bone density. An increasing number of women are diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis. In such cases, most doctors prescribe additional calcium and recommend their patients to use more dairy products in order to get more building material for bones. They do not understand that a bone, like an alkazeltser tablet, excretes its salts in an attempt to neutralize the constantly increased acidity of the blood. The bones dissolve due to blood acids, and at the same time, doctors recommend eating more dairy products that increase acidity. In addition, calcium is not deposited in the bones without a certain level of vitamin D, and doctors rarely prescribe an analysis for the content of this vitamin. If in such situations the diagnosis “defeat by toxins” was made and the determination of acidity was prescribed, this would be the first step towards the improvement of the organism.

Eating out during an elimination diet is not a problem. You just have to choose more picky, where to go to eat, and carefully study the menu. In Italian restaurants serving pizza and pasta, it is more difficult to avoid unacceptable food, but even there it is possible.
Typical restaurant dishes that do not meet the requirements of an elimination diet are sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, pasta, sushi, tomato sauces, tofu dishes, wheat flour noodles, soy sauces, fried potatoes, omelettes and other egg dishes, wheat flour tortillas , burritos, pancakes with meat, coffee and any desserts, except fruit salads and fruits.
Order dishes that contain a lot of protein, vegetables and permitted cereals, such as brown rice (Indian restaurants offering a wide range of vegetarian dishes are a good option). Ask the waiter to remove your wine glass and not bring a basket of bread, and you will see that the situation is much simpler than you might think.
A native of Italy, Marco contacted me several days after he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, which had already metastasized to other organs. He coughed, gasped, quickly tired and suffered from depression. The skin of his face had a grayish tint. An Italian doctor took him a few weeks of life and offered to undergo a course of chemotherapy as a means of last resort. He boarded a plane and flew to New York.
During the conversation with him, I carefully weighed every word. It turned out that Marco throughout his life was a heavy smoker, he ate mostly red meat, pasta, bread, butter, cheese, fatty desserts and drank wine daily. He loved sweet things. From time to time he ate vegetables richly flavored with mayonnaise.
There are many cases in which patients who were predicted by their doctors that they would die soon after lived for decades. “Life does not end until it ends” - this is their motto. Almost all of these miraculously surviving people are united by one thing: for the sake of recovery, they radically changed their lives. Those who were under the influence of severe stress, seriously engaged in meditation. Atheists have become deeply religious. Hamburger lovers have become vegetarians.
Marco frowned when I started talking about vegetable juices that supply the body with nutrients, antioxidants, and blood alkalinity. He could not imagine life without meat and wine and categorically did not want to give up perennial habits.
Then I told him: “There are no incurable diseases, there are incurable patients. Everything that you have done so far has not benefited your health. If you continue to behave in this way, you will endanger your own life. " In the end, he realized the seriousness of his position, and cardinal changes occurred in his mind. The moment of truth came for him, and he decided to try to perceive food not as a means of receiving pleasure, but as a means of healing. A complete change in nutrition is not a guarantee of cure for any ailment. Of course, I did not advise him to abandon the traditional methods of treatment. Marco’s story serves as an illustration that the most effective tool for healing is the willingness to try new ways to solve a problem if the previous approaches do not help.
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Acidity (pH)

  1. Touch level
    The sensory level of development of the psyche is associated with the transformation of the originally undifferentiated sensitivity into differentiated sensations. As shown by A.N. Leont'ev, the latter occur during the mastering by animals of more and more complex and diverse habitats. Among other mental processes, sensations are distinguished by their paradoxical specificity. L.M. Wecker notes that, with
  2. Perceptual level
    The next level of mental development is perceptual. It is associated with the ability of animals to perceive holistic objects and situations. Studies of "perceptogenesis" have shown that it is a stage process, including a number of intermediate stages between the sensation and the perception of the whole object (L.M. Vekker, B.F. Lomov). It can be assumed that similar transitional phases characterized and
  3. Lactic acid level
    If the rate of metabolic processes is significantly increased, the “normal” level of oxygen consumption may not be sufficient. Thus, the assessment of the main components of the oxygen transport system (DO, and V02) allows us to determine the supply of tissue to them, but does not provide information on its adequacy. With absolute or relative oxygen deficiency, the anaerobic type of respiration is activated, the end
  4. The level of the human psyche
    The level of the human psyche is characterized by the presence of speech-conscious sociogenic consciousness. The development of human consciousness is due to the development of the knowledge system, as well as the development of moral and ethical ideas and norms. Human knowledge, including the knowledge of moral values, is also due to the processes of intuition, but higher than at the previous stage of development of the psyche,
  5. Level (state) of consciousness.
    A normal child has a meaningful and lively appearance, is able to respond to external stimuli, including (if he is older) and answer questions, participates in an invitation to contact (contact). The figure shows that the child responds adequately to the medical examination and is calm in the presence of the mother. Impaired consciousness (drowsiness, confusion or coma) are the most important signs of progressive
  6. Undifferentiated Sensitivity Level
    The lowest, germinal level of mental development, which responds according to A.N. Leontiev, undifferentiated sensitivity, immediately follows the pre-psychic form of life and the pre-psychic form of reflection. Accordingly, the phase of the background activity (always corresponding, as shown in § 3 of Chapter 1, to the previous level of development) is carried out here at the pre-mental level and
  7. Postconventional level (after 13 years)
    True morality is characterized by this level. Having reached it, a person judges behavior on the basis of his own criteria, which naturally implies a high level of intellectual activity. Stage 5: "social norms, principles and values." Answers: 1) “If Heinz does not do everything possible to save his wife, he risks losing the respect of others. is he
  8. The level of the psyche of highly developed animals
    The level of the psyche of highly developed animals is associated with the initial level of development of intuitive processes. Intuition is usually interpreted as “knowledge that arises without awareness of the ways and conditions for obtaining it,” or as an appropriate process, as “one of the forms of unconscious reflection”, “unconscious thinking activity on processing and generalization of previously acquired information.” Characteristic
  9. Social background and educational level
    The social characteristics of the personnel of the Armed Forces, first of all, social origin and position, as well as the level of education, were of particular importance for understanding the psychology of military personnel throughout the XX century. Moreover, the importance of social origin from the beginning of the century to its end was constantly decreasing, and its real social status was mainly important for personnel officers and
  10. Knowledge of Intellect card method
    Whatever knowledge of the intellect cards you might have, when starting to read Supermindings, your initial approach should be to look at the book, pay attention primarily to its structure, mark the parts of particular interest to you, and then You are invited to formulate the main objectives that you will pursue, starting a detailed study of the book.
  11. Conventional level (10-13 years)
    A person who is at this level of moral development is guided by generally accepted, traditional principles and norms of behavior that all or most other people envisage. Stage 3: "approval by other people." Answers: 1) “There is nothing wrong with Häjnz Priinz wanting to save his wife, no. But he showed everyone what a good husband he is. Everyone knows that love is priceless. Her nothing
  12. Initial level of knowledge
    To prepare for this topic, a student should KNOW: ¦ Characteristics of a full-term, premature baby; ¦ Physiological conditions of newborns; ¦ Characteristics of newborn health groups; ¦ risk groups of newborns; ¦ Risk factors for setting risk groups for newborns; ¦ Pathological conditions during pregnancy, leading to hypoxia of the newborn; ¦ Health Criteria
  13. Highest level of health - spiritual
    Considering spiritual quality as the highest level of health, we will dwell on various approaches to understanding spirituality as a phenomenon. In particular, theologism connects spirituality with the sacral principle, the world mind and makes it inherent only to people who believe in higher, divine powers. The paradigm of theology is distinguished by a holistic view of man in all its totality. Authentic
  14. Pre-conservative (pre-moral) level (4-10 years)
    The actions of people who are at this level of moral development are determined by external circumstances (rules) in order to avoid punishment and deserve a reward. The views of other people are not taken into account by this subject. This level of development determines the first two stages. Stage 1: "humility and punishment." Children's answers? 1) “Heinz had to buy medicine. If he stole it, his
  15. The level of cardiac glycosides in the serum
    Cardiac glycoside levels in most clinics are measured by the radioimmuno method [30]. This method has a number of disadvantages, including potential errors associated with residues in the serum or plasma of radioisotopes used for diagnostic purposes. Although between serum levels of cardiac glycosides and their pharmacological action, there appears to be
  16. Acid-Base State
    Virtually all chemical reactions in the human body depend on maintaining the concentration of hydrogen ions in a physiologically acceptable range. The concentration of hydrogen ions is strictly regulated, because its changes can cause dysfunction of many organs and systems. A complex system of regulation of the concentration of hydrogen ions is often called the acid-base state, the knowledge of which is extremely
  17. Acid-base balance
    Most fruits and vegetables have an alkaline reaction, and meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, sugar, pastries and yeast bread - acid. Food products with a high proportion of non-metallic elements (sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine) are acid-forming, that is, they are responsible for the formation of acids during the metabolic process. Products that reduce acidity and are, therefore,
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