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Everything is new - well forgotten old

Needless to say, long before the scientifically based conclusions of nutritionists, popular wisdom substantiated acceptable and, for the most part, reasonable combinations of food: cereal and butter, soup and sour cream, meat and vegetables, etc., etc.
The moderation in the diet promoted by the “dividers” is not in doubt.
Of course, you should, if possible, introduce more fruits into your food, and combine vegetables with fats, if only because only in this case carotene (provitamin A) turns into vitamin A. Only when combining vegetables with fats does the body effectively absorb such fat-soluble vitamins necessary for life, such as B, E, K. However, overloading the diet with vegetables and fruits is also an example of an unbalanced diet. After all, an excess of dietary fiber, free organic acids, minerals and trace elements depletes some enzyme systems, forcing others to stand idle, and this is not an easy test for an organism, even for a healthy person.
The statement of “dividers” - to use vegetables with fats more often - is also legitimate, although it does not contain anything new. However, reminding about this is always harmless. The ability of dietary fibers and organic acids contained in vegetables and fruits to stimulate the function of the glands of the stomach, biliary excretion and the excretory function of the pancreas has long been noticed.

All this, ultimately, activates, accelerates saponification, the hydrolysis of fats, contributing to their better absorption.
There is no doubt that the principle of diversity and balance of nutrition should be maintained for each meal. But after all the majority of people in the developed countries of the world feed on it, receiving from it a true pleasure.
Therefore, the personal experience of individuals who are trying to protect the whole world from the dangers of mixed nutrition, only indicates serious digestive disorders in themselves and should not be taken into account by the rest of humanity.
There is no doubt that the individual characteristics of the metabolism of such people, including the peculiarities of the digestive system, force them to look for non-traditional ways to solve their problems. But there are not many such people, and besides, it is not correct to mechanically transfer one's individual (even if positive) nutritional experience to other people.
The truth is that for the vast majority of people it is necessary to consider more physiological; still mixed, not separate meals.
Therefore, I consider the normal work of the gastrointestinal tract, the organs of digestion and excretion to be the main contraindications to the use of separate nutrition.

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Everything is new - well forgotten old

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