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Auxiliary medication support.

This topic I left in the end, because any medication is only an aid in the holy cause of improving the figure. You can not rely entirely on them. When advertising promises that the drug will do everything for you without restrictions on food and exercise, and even without damage to your health - do not believe it!
Farm. drugs that help get rid of hated kilos then scolded, then extol. Neither of these is true. Despite serious side effects, these drugs have helped many people in the treatment of severe obesity, which are life-threatening.
I often notice that many of my patients are very cautious about all my prescriptions and biological active supplements. At the same time, almost all of them are forced to take various strong medicines due to such consequences of obesity as increased A / D or diabetes mellitus. Many are very wary of only the very name - dietary supplements.
I will repeat once more and I want you to remember this - there is no cure for obesity!
No drug in itself is able to affect the metabolism so that you will forever rid yourself of the hated excess fat.
At the same time, I argue that it is impossible to reduce the amount of food consumed while maintaining the nutritional value of the diet without actively using biological active supplements. But in order to navigate their diversity, one must at least imagine the mechanism of their actions and the goals that we achieve by introducing them into our diet. All these drugs perform a specific task at certain stages of the procedure. I want to tell you about some of them that I use most often.
The effect of these drugs - makes the technique easily tolerable and not painful, "wean" from sweet, moderate appetite, save from vespers and night gluttony, improve the energy of the body:
1. Due to its vital role in the metabolic process, the liver is particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of various toxic components. It is especially important to maintain the liver during weight loss, because with a rapid reduction in fat mass, additional toxic metabolites enter the bloodstream. It is necessary to strengthen the work of this body to remove the products of the decomposition of fats. In general, with any method of weight loss, this body has a tremendous load. The liver is the largest and one of the most complex human organs, the first line of defense, the key link in the detoxification system, a powerful filter that cleanses blood from harmful substances. Every minute the liver filters about a liter of blood! To maintain the health of the body it is vital to maintain the integrity of the liver cells. In this regard, it is necessary, from the very first day, to take measures to prepare and protect this body. If possible, even before the procedure, start the course of taking drugs - hepatoprotectors, such as, for example, Santegra®'s "Liver Pro", which protect liver cells. It is simply vital for those patients who have chronic liver disease or who have had viral hepatitis once. For people whose age is close to 40, this is also a prerequisite.
2. The next stage of purification of the body is aimed at combating changes caused by the natural process of aging, stresses, life troubles. Inadequate nutrition, bad habits, lack of sleep worsen the state of our health. At this stage, it is advisable to use - Red Clover Forte (product of Santegra ®) collection of medicinal herbs, which helps to further purify the body, removing toxins from blood and cells. This drug also completes the stages of liver cleaning, contributes to the normalization of its work. Improves bowel function, metabolic processes, strengthens the immune system. Active substances in the composition of Red Clover Forte contribute to further detoxification of the body by increasing the barrier function of the liver, laxative, choleretic, diuretic action. They have antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
3. Sugar has always been necessary for man to survive. The brain eats only sugar in the form of glucose; the whole body prefers sugar as an energy source. Even small children prefer sweet taste to anyone else. Why is a man sometimes so irresistibly drawn to the sweet? It has long been noted that some people are characterized by an abnormal craving for sweets. This is a figurative name - carbohydrate thirst. Sugar is necessary for the body. But sometimes not in such quantities as we use it. There is one simple rule. If you constantly want something, then your body does not have enough. In order to understand this I will try to briefly describe how sugar (glucose) is converted in our body. There are two ways of splitting glucose (sugar): glycolysis and pentose phosphate pathway. For simplicity of understanding, I will only say that if glycolysis plays an important role in the energy metabolism, the pentose phosphate pathway eventually leads to the formation of fats. And as it turned out, this is due to the lack of a number of microelements in the body and, above all, chromium. The lack of this particular element often serves as the reason for the shift of the carbohydrate metabolism process to the pentose-phosphate cycle. Thus the person is compelled to use more sweet, the nervous system all the same receives less sugars, and the majority of them is processed and postponed in fats. But it is worthwhile to add chromium preparations to the diet in such a patient, as literally before his eyes he forgets about the "sweet life". Since the concentration of chromium in most types of foods is too low to affect the concentration of sugar in the blood, many nutritionists recommend that their patients supplement the diet with chromium supplements. The positive effect of chromium on insulin sensitivity plays a key role in the treatment of depressive conditions accompanied by a pathological craving for the use of carbohydrates. Additional intake of chromium positively affects the pathological disorders of appetite, reduces the craving for carbohydrates, and libido normalizes. Additives with chromium are usually well tolerated and do not cause side effects. I recommend to my patients suffering from pathological cravings for carbohydrates or having a history of diabetes mellitus taking chromium preparations. One of the latest developments in this field is the Santegra® product - Reglucol ™, in which the key ingredient of the formula is bioactive chrome (in the form of a natural complex of Chromium + GPM ™). This is a natural form of chromium, which has high bioavailability. In the production of Chromium + GPM ™, a multistage fermentation process is used, as a result of which chrome, yeast (sacchromyces ceriviae) and probiotics (bifidobacterium bifidum and lactobacillus acidophilus) form glycoprotein matrices. In this process, chromium from the inorganic form is converted into an organic, chelate form, which multiplies the bioavailability of this important trace element.
4. Calcium is the most common mineral substance in the human body. It not only plays an important role in the formation of stagnant tissue, but also is part of the blood, cellular and tissue fluids. This micronutrient directly affects the processes of muscle contraction, and, hence, the whole motor activity of a person depends on it. It also affects the stimulation of the functions of a number of enzymes and hormones involved in the regulation of lipid metabolism. Its role lies in the metabolic transformation of fats. Its high content in the body speeds up their "digestion" by cells and does not allow them to accumulate in adipose tissue. It turned out that an increased amount of calcium suppresses the production of calcitriol, which makes any diet more effective. It is known that a decrease in the production of calcitriol increases the intensity of the utilization of fats and reduces the level of lipogenesis. Although calcium is found in many foods, providing them with an organism is not an easy task, as it refers to difficult-to-digest elements. So, for example, even an excess of saturated fats interferes with calcium absorption in the intestine. Scientists at Harvard University examined 45,000 patients and proved that there is no connection between calcium-rich food and kidney stones. And even on the contrary - natural calcium-rich food reduces the risk of stone formation. But calcium, which is part of the vitamin complexes and nutritional supplements, unfortunately does not possess this property. And only recently was a new product containing calcium - Camosten ™ -product Santegra®, which is easily dissolved in water and quickly absorbed by the body. Calcium citrate, which is part of Camosten ™, is one of the most bioavailable forms of calcium. It is established that the use of calcium citrate does not lead to a violation of the biochemical parameters of the blood and does not cause stone formation in the kidneys. The advantage of this Santegra® product is also that it does not contain sugar, which allows recommending it for diabetics and anyone who adheres to the principles of healthy eating and limits the daily use of sugar. This drug also includes magnesium, which closely interacts with calcium, activating more than 300 enzymes in the human body. It is important to remember that a deficiency of magnesium in a diet rich in calcium causes a delay in calcium in all tissues, which leads to their calcification. Sufficient intake of magnesium into the body is simply necessary for the full assimilation of calcium, phosphorus, sodium ascorbic acid and B vitamins.
5. Vitamins. By themselves, vitamins do not create anything. They are not "bricks" in the architecture of the cell. But it's impossible to live without them. Vitamins catalyze the key reactions of metabolism, without vitamins these processes are very strongly inhibited. In the absence or lack of these substances, dangerous changes occur in the body, the severity of which directly depends on the degree of lack of vitamins. The technology of obtaining vitamins and multivitamin products is reliably worked out and guarantees both high purity and good safety, moreover it is strictly controlled. Currently, US law requires mandatory certification of GMP production only from manufacturers of pharmaceutical (medicinal) preparations. Certification of food supplements according to the GMP standard in the United States is currently carried out on a strictly voluntary basis. Such production of dietary supplements with such a high level of certification to date, there are less than ten of the almost thousand existing to date. A typical representative of such a company that produces expensive but highly purified and highly effective vitamin and mineral complexes is SANTEGRA, which produces its products at one of the largest US companies - GARDEN STAYE NUTRITIONAL. Its vitamin complex - Ultivit showed good clinical results. What kind of vitamin complex to choose - decide for yourself. It depends in many respects on the individual perception and portability of the components of each of them, the financial possibilities and the availability of their acquisition.
I believe that taking any vitamin-mineral complexes is a hard and necessary condition for creating a balanced diet
6. Along with vitamins, the necessity of which is definitely established, lipid metabolism involves substances that occupy a special place in the classification and can be called vitamin-like compounds or bioflavonoids. You've probably heard this buzzword. The most important among them in the normalization of lipid metabolism and the treatment of obesity is - carnitine. Now, perhaps, you will not find a single bioadditive from the category of so-called "fat burners", which would not include L-Carnitine. Properties that are attributed to him are simply fantastic. I am often asked to comment on this "miracle supplement", its effect on "fat burning". I will say right away, L-Carnitine does not have any relation to the "burning" of fat! Fats burn only in the mitochondria of muscle cells when performing a strictly defined physical load! It is important to understand and remember! Mitochondria is a personal powerhouse of a cell, one of the final points of metabolism. The faster the "fuel" is supplied to the mitochondria, the faster metabolism takes place. No pills and preparations capable of burning fat! Any drugs and substances can only bear an auxiliary role at different stages of the most complicated process of normalization of lipid metabolism and the treatment of obesity. A unique feature of carnitine is that it increases the permeability of cell membranes for fatty acids. Without increasing the rate of disintegration of adipose tissue, it increases the body's absorption of fat into energy targets, helps to penetrate fats from the blood through the cell membranes into the muscle cells, where they burn successfully with the release of energy. Only this is the mechanism of fat tissue consumption! A remarkable property of carnitine is its ability to reduce the content of cholesterol in the body and slow the formation of vascular atherosclerotic plaques. Under its influence, the formation of lecithin in the liver increases, and since lecithin "flushes" of atherosclerotic plaques, cholesterol, it can be said that carnitine is one of the few compounds whose use makes it possible to achieve active longevity. In addition, L-carnitine contributes to the enhancement of the detoxification function of the liver, the synthesis of protein and glycogen, the more active cleavage of lactic and pyruvic acids, which are "toxins of fatigue". It is more expedient to take carnitine for half an hour before any aerobic exercise. At the same time, fats, entering the muscle cells, burn most efficiently there.
7. Coenzymes are cofactors, on which the work of relatively large and complex enzymes completely depends. One of the most "famous" coenzymes is Q10 (ubiquinone). According to the molecular structure, it is similar to vitamin K. Now this substance is attributed to many unique properties, and maybe, therefore, it is part of almost all elite cosmetics. Coenzyme Q10 is an essential component for at least three mitochondrial enzymes, that is, it directly affects the combustion of fats in the mitochondria of muscle cells. Considering, in the same way that his deficiency is found in almost half of patients suffering from obesity, its use plays no small role in the treatment of this disease. Not unimportant and the positive effect of Q10 on the skin. Usually, in thinning people, especially not young age, the skin is not elastic enough, which is manifested in the formation of numerous wrinkles and skin folds. What would not be ultimately like "sharieja" should be in advance to worry about nutrition and normalization of skin conditions. Cuenzyme Q10 is a natural substance necessary for the production of cellular energy, which stimulates the work of cells in the deep layers of the skin. It takes part in the metabolism, provides the regeneration process in the upper layers of the skin, making it more elastic and smooth. Recommended combined external and internal application of Q10 preparations, since only with local use Q10 affects the most superficial keratinized layers of the skin, and deep-lying living layers turn out to be unattainable. The additional intake of Q10 is especially important given the fact that, due to the restriction of the diet, its content in the skin cells drops sharply. As a result, the amount of lipid peroxides increases, the structure of the skin is disturbed. Santegra® offers a high-quality product - CoQ10, containing the recommended amount of coenzyme Q10 - 30 mg. Take Q10 should be taken with food to ensure its maximum absorption. It is soluble in fats, and therefore its absorption increases significantly if it is taken with food containing fats, especially vegetable oils (Omega 3).
8. Moxonidine (Physiotensis) The ability of the hypotensive drug Physiotense (moxonidine) to improve metabolic parameters, while reducing blood pressure, makes it a drug of choice in the treatment of patients with arterial hypertension on a background of excess weight and with a metabolic syndrome. In multicenter clinical trials, which included almost 4,500 patients, Physiotensis in addition to the hypotensive effect contributed to a significant decrease in body weight. The effect of Physiotense depended on the degree of obesity of patients - there was no weight loss in patients with normal body weight, and, conversely, in patients with a 3 degree obesity, the effect of moxonidine was maximal. British scientists have proved these effects of Physiotense experimentally. It turned out that moxonidine reduces food intake and body weight in genetically obese hypertensive rats of the Zucker line. These experimental data serve as another confirmation of the most rational choice of Physiotense (moxonidine) in the treatment of patients with hypertension on a background of excess weight.
9. Garcinia Cambodian - Garcinia cambodgia - an evergreen tree of the mammoth family. In South Asia fruits of Garcinia have been used for centuries in cooking. It is believed that the addition of Garcinia makes the food "more satisfying and satisfying". Garcinia Cambodian includes hydroxyl ammonium acid (GOTS-citrine), which reduces the formation of new fats in the body, affects the oxidation of fats by increasing the formation of endogenous carnitine and partially regulates appetite. Биохимический механизм этого процесса следующий: гидроксилимонная кислота, имея близкую структуру с лимонной кислотой, образующейся в клетках нашего организма, угнетает активность фермента цитратлидазы и тем самым по конкурентному типу подавляет образование ацетил-КоА, что, в свою очередь, ограничивает дальнейший синтез жирных кислот через малонил-КоА. В то же время под действием ГОЦ-цитрина происходит активация фермента карнитинацилтрансферазы, благодаря чему активируется образование карнитина и, соответственно, усиливается транспорт внутриклеточных жирных кислот в митохондрии и их окисление в этих субклеточных образованиях. Регулирующее влияние ГОЦ- цитрина на аппетит заключается в его опосредованном влиянии на активность нейронов гипоталамуса, отвечающих за чувство голода и сытости. Блокируя образование жирных кислот из углеводов, он поддерживает такую концентрацию глюкозы, при которой нейроны гипоталамуса не стимулируют аппетит. При обычной дозировке гарцинии камбоджийской аппетит подавляется на 43% на протяжении 6,5 часов и на 29% на протяжении 24 часов. Лучше принимать гарцинию за 30 минут до еды.
10. Последние десятилетия широко применяются для лечения ожирения лекарства, действие которых основано на коррекции серотонинового обмена (стимуляция высвобождения норадреналина и серотонина и ингибирование их обратного захвата). Влияние на серотониновый обмен оказывает успокаивающее действие и уменьшает аппетит, поэтому данные препараты значительно снижают гиперфагию (т.е. переедание). По химическому составу это дериваты амфетамина, фенфлурамин, дексфенфлурамин, фенилпропаноламин. По названиям это «Изолипан», «Минифаж», «Тримекс», «Диетрин». Идея снизить вес под воздействием на определенные рецепторы головного мозга ненова. Однако многие производимые ранее лекарства этой группы вызывали лекарственную зависимость и имели много побочных эффектов. Исключение составляет новый препарат «МЕРИДИА MERIDIA» (сибутрамин), разработанный немецкой фирмой «Кнолль АГ». Механизм действия этого препарата заключается в том, что он физиологично воздействует на специфическую область головного мозга, тем самым способствуя появлению чувства насыщения. Благодаря этому становится возможным снизить количество потребляемой пищи. Подавляется желание съесть что-нибудь сладкое или перекусить между приемами пищи. Это актуально только в первые несколько дней прохождения методики, во время которых организм адаптируется к новому режиму питания. Обычно я назначаю этот препарат в самом начале на очень короткий срок, не превышающий двух недель, но очень часто многие мои пациенты перестают принимать его самостоятельно гораздо раньше. Это зависит от индивидуальных особенностей организма, его способности к адаптации. Хотя я часто использую этот препарат в своей практике, и на собственном опыте убедился в его эффективности и безвредности для организма, следует все же помнить, что «МЕРИДИА MERIDIA» это лекарственный препарат, а не пищевая добавка. У него есть определенные противопоказания. Его нельзя принимать самостоятельно! Для этого необходима консультация и назначение врача!
Применение перечисленных препаратов на разных этапах прохождения методики делает ограничения питания легко переносимыми и не мучительными. Они позволяют не только «сидеть» на низкокалорийных и ограничительных диетах, но так же уменьшают углеводную жажду, умеряют аппетит, улучшают и поправляют измененный обмен веществ организма. Но верить в то, что препараты для похудания все сделают за Вас без каких либо усилий с Вашей стороны так же наивно, как верить в вечную любовь или всеобщее равенство.
Я часто настоятельно рекомендую всем своим пациентам, после моих назначений, самостоятельно, изучить информацию о предлагаемых препаратах. При этом я подробно объясняю механизм действия каждого из них, и обосновываю необходимость в их применении.
Если же ориентироваться только по тому, что пишут на этикетках этих препаратов, может сложиться представление, что все они нам крайне необходимы.
Еще и еще раз хочу подчеркнуть, что любые препараты, используемые в процессе лечения ожирения, являются только необходимым дополнением к целому комплексу основных мер. БАДы - только подспорье в святом деле усовершенствования фигуры. Полагаться на них целиком и полностью не стоит. Когда реклама обещает, что препарат все сделает за вас без ограничений в еде и физической нагрузки, причем без ущерба для здоровья - не верьте!
В заключение этой темы, хочется сказать,- я рад, что люди недоверчиво и творчески подходят ко всем новым препаратам для похудания. Стараются найти объективную информацию об этих препаратах. Но чаще всего, полученные таким путем знания все равно не заменят опыта и знаний врача. Поэтому я бы несколько изменил старую поговорку - «Проверяй, но доверяй»!
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Вспомогательная медикаментозная поддержка.

  1. Вспомогательная вентиляция легких с поддержкой давлением
    Одним из эффективных и широко используемых методов ВВЛ является вентиляция с поддержкой давлением — ВПД (Pressure support ventilation — PSV, или просто Pressure support — PS, а также Assisted spontaneous breathing — ASB). Сущность этого способа заключается в поддержке каждого самостоятельного вдоха быстрым созданием в дыхательных путях заранее заданного положительного давления. При инспираторной
  2. Медикаментозная поддержка при проведении перкутанного коронарного вмешательства. Ведение больных в ранний и поздний период после стентирования
    До проведения процедуры рекомендуется болюсное внутрикоронарное введение нитроглицерина, что позволяет оценить истинные размеры сосуда и снизить риск вазоспастической реакции во время процедуры (Рекомендации для нитроглицерина: I С). Введение нитроглицерина можно проводить повторно во время процедуры или после нее, учитывая показатели АД. В редких случаях вазоспазма, резистентного к
  3. Респираторная поддержка при остром респираторном дистресс-синдроме, концепция "щадящей" ИВЛ, вспомогательные методы оксигенации
    Одной из наиболее трудных задач респираторной поддержки является проведение ИВЛ и ВВЛ при остром респираторном дистресс-синдроме (ОРДС), для которого, как известно, характерны стойкая, плохо поддающаяся коррекции гипоксемия, выраженная неравномерность поражения легких, частое развитие осложнений — баротравма легочной ткани, присоединение нозокомиальной
  4. Drug dependence
    Cause Drug medication can be caused not only by drugs with psychotropic activity (narcotic analgesics, psychostimulants, tranquilizers), but also other medications with their constant intake. The basis for the formation of such a dependence is the ability of many drugs to change a person's mental state, influence the mood, reduce anxiety, fear,
  5. Medication Therapy
    Для медикаментозного лечения в гинекологии чаще применяются антибактериальные, кровоостанавливающие, обезболивающие средства, иммунокорректоры, биостимуляторы. Обезболивающие средства в гинекологии используются для симптоматического лечения при болях после операции, заболеваниях с выраженным болевым симптомом (онкология, альгодисменорея, эндометриоз, воспалительные процессы и др.). For
  6. Medication Therapy
    В ранних, начальных фазах заболевания лечение очень эффективно и под воздействием соответствующих процедур все болезненные симптомы быстро исчезают. If the disease is started, recovery is slower and requires a whole range of treatment measures, which includes physical education, physiotherapy and the use of medicines. Medical therapy in the treatment of VSD for
  7. Перкутанные коронарные вмешательства и медикаментозное лечение
    Метаанализ рандомизированных контролированных исследований показал, что перкутанные коронарные вмешательства, по сравнению с медикаментозным лечением, приводит к более выраженному уменьшению симптомов стенокардии. В то же время исследования не включали достаточного количества больных для информативной оценки влияния перкутанных коронарных вмешательств на последующее развитие инфарктов, смертей
  8. Медикаментозное лечение ХСН с систолической дисфункцией ЛЖ
    ОБЩИЕ ЗАМЕЧАНИЯ Фармакотерапия является основным лечебным подходом при ХСН. С учетом прогрессирующего характера последней медикаментозное лечение пациентов должно осуществляться в течение всей их жизни и контролироваться (то есть оцениваться и надлежащим образом корригироваться) врачом. To date, the algorithm for treating patients with heart failure and systolic LV dysfunction has been developed in detail,
  9. The medicamentous component of neuroprotective therapy
    At present, numerous targets are singled out - the key links in the mechanisms of disorders that develop during cell hypoxia. Accordingly, numerous drugs with neuroprotective properties have been created, applied and continue to be created by these "targets" (Table 2). Table 2. TARGETS OF MEANS OF EXPOSURE Violation of the supply of neuron with energy Macroergs, metabolites
  10. Медикаментозная тахикардия
    Препараты наперстянки ввиду особенно частого их назначения имеют наибольшую вероятность индукции желудочковой аритмии. Подобным нарушениям ритма нередко предшествуют симптомы общей интоксикации, но иногда их могут опережать сердечные эффекты. В некоторых случаях первым проявлением бывает бигеминия, обусловленная регулярными желудочковыми экстрасистолиями; другим серьезным признаком может быть так
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