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Introduction to Meditation

Therapeutic moods or meditations are a proven and effective means of psychological self-help. Our conscious mind is accustomed to jump from one thought to another, like a monkey, keeping up with its herd.
In meditation, the main thing is concentration, which brings order to thinking.
Meditation is a temporary halt in the hectic routine ... it's an opportunity to look ... ask yourself simple and important questions.
Who am I? .. What do I really want ... what is valuable to me ... and that I'm willing to pay for it? Who is close to me today ... and who is really dear to me?
How many have passed and where will I go next? .. Have I chosen my way or lost myself? ..
All these are important issues, given that day after day you are exchanging your own years and living your life.
Meditation is an opportunity to gather your thoughts and determine what future for yourself you choose today ...
In some ways, meditations are very simple and look like cleaning in the house. Only in the case of meditations is cleaning in your soul.
We can remember the upbringing our parents were doing, tuning our conscious mind ... and today we are very proud of it ...
We cling to it like a sailor shipwrecked, for a piece of a ship.
Meditation is the self-education of the unconscious mind.
It is very important that everything in your place is in your unconscious, in this cache of hidden forces ...
... so that the wealth of the unconscious is available to you.
Then your harmony will be a reflection of the internal order.
To meditative lessons have become useful, you need to allocate them a certain time ...
You have to be like a disciplined schoolboy who wants to succeed in writing and performing daily tasks.

The only difference is that in your evaluation case, life itself puts it.
The unconscious is the great regulator of your vital bodily functions ...
and give him fifteen or twenty minutes a day - an acceptable fee for unity with his body ...
Conversation with the body
Is it pleasant to be a disembodied spirit?
Do not smell, taste food, touch, do not have the opportunity to stand on the ground ...
Who knows...
I only know that today my body is very tangible, it lives, and I live.
But how to say correctly: "Do I have a body" or "I am a body"?
The last expression is not quite familiar, but it is the right one.
You can not have your body as a driver - a pack animal, you are this body.
But why are we talking about the body as a devoted slave who will never leave us?
Already in early childhood it becomes clear that the body is not only a source of joy. Sometimes the body hurts, suffers from cooling and hunger, lacks caress, feelings of an unfilled inner void.
Indeed, is it not better to be away from him, somewhere from above, dispose of it, impose one's will?
No, not better.
Self-will directed against the body, urging in the form of feeding or starvation - this is suicide.
Diseases of the body are your illnesses, its death is your death. You are present in the world as long as your body lives.
If you are going to be slim, learn how to build your body.
By forming it, learn to respect it, talk to it as an intelligent conversationalist.
If you want to get something from the body, tell him more about IT.

Tell us how good your body will be if you eat right.

Tell and listen. For example:
... I want to enjoy the easy gait, from every movement
... I want a strong and flat stomach, I want strong slender legs ...
The word "inform" is important here. To report something to someone, to inform him is to form it at your own discretion.
Counting and recording calories every day, you, as a neat accountant, report to the body, informing him of their care for him.
The next meditation should preferably be read before bedtime, already in bed.
The place of dreams
In front of you is an antique, darkened cupboard.
You try to see if its door will open, although you are almost sure that it is locked.
To your surprise, the door opens immediately, and you look there.
There are several fur coats hanging there, and it's so nice to touch them and iron the soft fur.
You enter the closet, touching the face with the fur.
Of course, the door remains open ...
like any reasonable person, you remember that you should never lock yourself in a closet ...
And you get even deeper and see that behind the first row of fur coats hangs the second.
In the closet is dark, and in order not to hit the back wall, you stretch out your arms in front of you and take another step, one more and more.
Wait, that just about rested with your fingertips in the wooden wall, but your fingers still go into the void.
"Well, the closet ..." - you think, and pushing the fluffy fur coats, you make your way farther and farther.
Very strange...
It's like snow creaking under your feet, and you even feel it cold and take two more steps forward.
The next second you already feel that the face and hands are not resting on the soft folds of the fur, but in something hard, rough and even prickly.
"Just like the branches of a tree ..." - you think.
And then you notice the light ahead, but not where the wall of the cabinet should be, but far ahead.
Something soft and cold falls from above, and after a moment you see that you are standing in the middle of the forest, under your feet snow, and snow flakes fall from the night sky. You are a little scared, but curiosity is stronger than fear. You look over your shoulder, and behind you, between the dark trunks of the trees, you can see the open cabinet door ... and through it the room from which you came here. You know that you can always go back if something goes wrong, and move forward.
You leave from under thick oil on a glade in the middle of a dense forest.
Under your feet, dry snow creaks, the snow lies on the spruce branches.
Overhead, a light blue sky - this sky is at the dawn of a clear winter day.
Right in front of you, between the trunks of trees, red and huge, the sun rises.
Around so quietly, as if you are the only living being here ...
You hear an easy creak of steps, turn around and see yourself from your dreams ...
slim, beautiful, benevolently smiling. You smile to yourself, and she holds out her hand to you and says she is inviting you to your future.
Because today in the present you too in the future in relation to your past and, however ...
...what's the difference.
Today, preparing for bed, you can choose your dreams ... and choose, decide on your future.
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Introduction to Meditation

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