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Most likely, now you are like a person who sits on his usual box and begs a pittance to survive, unaware that the box contains a treasure that will not only provide a person with survival, but also bring wealth that it was impossible to imagine in the wildest dreams.
You are not alone. Millions of Americans, like millions of people around the world, are doing the same. Maybe you are asking to help you solve a small, but inconvenient problem, for example, overweight, chronic fatigue, allergies or digestive upset. Perhaps you want to avoid the emergence of a more serious problem, one of the so-called diseases of civilization: cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, weakening of immunity. Or, perhaps, you aspire to look and feel younger, thereby delaying the onset of old age.
The pennies you beg, these are medicines that, as you were told, can eliminate your health problems. You stretch out your hand, ready to accept any alms, and wait for the help promised to you by doctors, pharmaceutical companies and advertising.
A habitual box on which you are almost unconsciously sitting is your own organism, governed by wise natural laws, and wealth, which is impossible to imagine in the wildest dreams, is a strong health and longevity, which belong to your inalienable rights.
The possibility of healing is much closer than you think. It is in you, and you do not need recipes, treatment procedures or recommendations of expensive specialists
So what is this inner treasure, capable of providing vitality, vigor and energy?
This is something that, in all probability, you were not taught to appreciate, - a system created by nature that allows you to retain your strength and youth, but performs its functions only on condition that you contribute to it in this. This missing part of the puzzle called "health" is an inexhaustible source of healing, revival, restoration and even rejuvenation. It is a detoxification system that maintains the purity of your body.
It includes a variety of organs and physiological processes, harmoniously related, and is a well of health. However, modern medicine obsessed with molecular technologies ignores it, stubbornly concentrating its attention on the increasingly small aspects of human biology and not wanting to notice the complex, comprehensive systems of the organism through which we live and thrive. This is a big mistake. Many diseases that persecute so many people and cost so much money can be cured if, instead of using more and more detailed approaches, attracting more and more qualified specialists, inventing increasingly sophisticated technologies and using increasingly sophisticated medicines, we will rely more on the treasure, which we already have - a system of detoxification of our body - and make full use of its potential.
Detoxification is the restoration of the body, both physical and spiritual. It opens up access to vast reserves of internal energy, the existence of which you did not suspect. You will notice that all parts of your body function better, and the irritating symptoms gradually disappear on their own. And all this happens only because you have included the system with which you were born and who patiently waited for it to finally be used.
Imagine that your right arm was tied to the body right after birth. You grow up using only your left arm, and you consider this position to be normal, since all the others have their right arm also tied to the body. Becoming an adult, you choose a carpenter's profession and in each subsequent year you perform twice as much work as in the previous one. When you are already on the verge of physical exhaustion from an exorbitant load, a stranger calls your door. He unties your right hand, and, to your amazement, you, previously unaware of this possibility, reveal your true potential and begin to carry out a much larger amount of work than before.

The stranger calling at your door is the purification program outlined in this book. Release of the hand is the use of a detoxification system. The next increase in productivity reflects the natural ability of the body to maintain a constant level of energy, avoid colds, flu, allergies and other diseases, and also mature.
Who needs this program? Everyone who leads a modern lifestyle, adheres to the modern diet and inhabits the modern world.
For millennia, mankind has become familiar with the toxic effects that cause dysfunction, damage, disease, premature aging and death. Toxins can cause irritation, stress and all sorts of suffering in both the spiritual and physical spheres due to the impact of completely material chemicals that are by-products of the vital activity of cells. Ancient cultures knew that the human body has a great system of detoxification, functioning as a result of the harmonious interaction of several small systems. This system operates continuously, supporting our life activity at every moment of time. But if a complex symphony of various types of physiological activity is not constantly coordinated, the accumulation of by-products occurs, the person falls ill and eventually dies.
Many diseases can be cured more simply and more efficiently, if instead of more sophisticated medicines we rely more on the system of detoxification of our body

A continuous process of detoxification is an integral part of life, without it our very existence is impossible.
Adherents of the old healing traditions very well understood the importance of using a detoxification system to maximize the spiritual, emotional and physical potential. Wise men and healers of all times and peoples knew that this system should be periodically launched in a strengthened mode, as during daily routine operation it can not cope with the elimination of toxins accumulating due to overeating, active physical activity and stress.
One of the most common effects of malfunctions in the body's detoxification system is inflammation

In ancient times it was understood that some large systems of our body, especially the digestive system, needed to be rest from time to time. Fasting, solitude and contemplation create the basis for a calm, healthy and happy life. This concept was by no means esoteric. The evolution of the human body proceeded under the influence of the way of life of our distant ancestors, who obtained their livelihood by hunting and gathering, so that they often had to starve. For millennia, the times of abundance of food alternated with the times of its acute shortage. The inevitable periods of starvation were the key to health. With their offensive, a detoxification system was activated, and the body got rid of the accumulated slag in it, as it had energy that did not need to be spent on digestion.

Now the situation is completely different. We are faced with a kind of evolutionary paradox. The more we are exposed to the toxins contained in the food we eat and in the environment, the higher our need for detoxification. However, the ability of our body to cope with external influences is not keeping pace with the growth of this need.
And is it possible? The world has radically changed over the course of one century, but for the slightest genetic change in the human body it takes many generations. The stronger the effect of toxins on us, the less vital vitamins in our diet, the more intense our life, the greater the pressure on our great system of detoxification. It continues to do its daily work, supporting life in us, but from time to time it malfunctions due to the extra workload associated with the inherent poor quality of food, pollution and stresses of the 21st century.
The main cause of such common disorders, as headache, stool disorders, overweight, depression, are disturbances in the work of the detoxification system. If you look older than your years, often feel tired and constantly feel unwell, this is a direct consequence of its overload. But the situation can be corrected by purification.
Toxins are not harmless substances at all. They penetrate into the human body and destroy it from within

Sadly, today, most premature deaths are a direct result of the failure of the detoxification system. One of the most common consequences of failures in its work is inflammation, which is a necessary but dangerous excess strategy for survival. Representatives of modern medicine only recently realized the fact that inflammation usually accompanies the diseases that have taken the epidemic today - oncological and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and weakening of the immune system. Nevertheless, they still refuse to understand that these problems are rooted in the toxicity of modern life and our inability to resist it. Only having pulled out roots, it is possible to overcome illnesses, before time bringing to a tomb millions people.
In our first meeting with Helen in a wellness center in lower Manhattan, where I talked to patients a few days a week, she was very upset. After another annual medical examination, her attending physician said that she should take pills to lower her blood pressure. She did not really want to resort to drugs, because she believed that there were more natural ways to reduce pressure, but the doctor did not offer her any alternative. Helen did not fit. She needed a partner, with whose help she could restore health, and not dependence on an expensive medicine. In addition, it seemed to her that the daily intake of chemicals would have a negative effect on her body, although she could not explain why she had such a feeling.
As a first step toward lowering blood pressure, I suggested that Helen carry out a cleansing program. After hesitating a minute, as this might affect her work, she agreed - she really did not want to take the pills. She conducted the program, strictly observing all the requirements and carefully performing all the prescribed exercises for five days a week, although slightly reduced their intensity. The results were impressive: Helen's blood pressure dropped by 25%, she lost about 10 kg of weight, the body fat decreased by 7%, and the level of cholesterol - by 40%. She did not feel hungry, was energetic and slept well. Even the attending physician congratulated her on success. Having abandoned some of the eating habits and giving rest to her digestive system, Helen embarked on the path of restoring health. In time, taking the necessary measures, she achieved a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol level and thus avoided a visit to the cardiologist's office.
I developed my own purification program, aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the detoxification system, and I often use this tool in my practice. Although I specialize in cardiology, I am amazed at the ability of this program, based on simple methods, to significantly and comprehensively improve the health of my patients.
Many doctors still consider purification as an auxiliary treatment. However, the integration model of medicine combines traditional and modern methods of treatment. We - doctors who received education in the West - have never been told about detoxification as an important source of health, whereas its healing effectiveness has always been quite obvious.
During the detox program, you improve your own health and improve your ability to maintain it at a high level

The present book and the program outlined in it were born from the experience of helping many people who regained their health, regained their cheerfulness, vitality and happiness and got rid of the diseases that once poisoned their lives. After reading it, you will understand that there is a link between exposure to toxins and most diseases. You will see that toxins are not harmless substances, they penetrate into the human body and destroy it from the inside. As they accumulate in one system of the body after another, starting with the intestine, a variety of problems arise.
Regardless of the duration of the program you choose, the probability of a disease with coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes or some other modern disease will decrease after it passes

You will see that doctors do not recognize and ignore the early signs and symptoms of toxins, often writing them off to the normal wear and tear of the body, as if nothing can be done. Unrecognized early symptoms result in the development of serious disorders. As a rule, they are treated with medicines or through surgical intervention, and the cause that caused them remains unnoticed. In the end, overloaded with toxins, the body systems are denied one after another, and it turns out to be vulnerable to chronic diseases.
Modern medicine is still turning a blind eye to the apparent link between exposure to toxins and diseases. Doctors usually wait until a crisis requires urgent intervention, and then, when it comes to saving the patient's life, they resort desperately to radical drugs - potent drugs and surgical operations. This heavy medical artillery only aggravates the situation of the patient, without affecting the true cause of the disease.
Such intensive detoxification programs as raw food, fasting and juicing can deplete the body and create a health hazard
This book reveals the connections that have so far been ignored by most modern doctors, as in the case of the usual box on which you have been sitting for many years and who does not come to your mind to open it. She explains how different and what unites hundreds of flood-prone detoxification programs and what they are based on. She explains in detail what toxins are, where they are and how they affect the body. This is the most real guide to survival and prosperity in the toxic world.
I will explain how irritation of the intestines caused by toxins in food or the environment can manifest symptoms that you would never associate with toxicity: seasonal allergies, skin rashes, depression, or just apathy.
But more importantly, I will provide you with the tools for reactivation of your own detoxification system, so that when it cleanses the body, it will restore its ability to self-heal, regenerate and even rejuvenate.
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