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Now Marusa is two years old, and I can finally say that after all the changes, I had a new, very harmonious rhythm of life. The daughter is growing, the work goes on as usual, the nervous divorce is left behind. I have everything in my hands, I look to the future with optimism and I am glad about every new day. Motherhood absolutely turned my life around. Now I first need to make Marusya happy. Happy child - happy mom!
Despite the fact that Yura and I did not manage to save our family, we found a middle ground that made me and my daughter happy. In principle, for a long time I could stand next to this man and endure it. But despite the fact that it was very difficult, I recognized that there was no harmony in the family. A child, seeing our scandals, becomes unhappy.
I sincerely believe that bloomed, giving birth to a daughter. Many people tell me that now I look much younger than five years ago. And I myself look at my old photos and see that I have become a completely different person. I can not say that the difference is caused by losing weight - I have not dropped 25 kilograms! With care for Marus, a big care came about herself, because her daughter needs a healthy and strong mother. Everything became more harmonious: thoughts, feelings, and regimen, and diet. Another look, a different smile, self-perception, so it turns out that Ksyusha Borodin today and then are two different people. Everyone tells me about this - from strangers to relatives and closest friends.
Quite recently, our friendship with Nastya was seven years old, and we, of course, arranged a hen-party about this. Nastya raised a glass.
- Dear Ksyusha! I want to say a few words about you and our friendship. So many years have passed since our acquaintance, and we are still there, we support each other and by this we make life better. We are joined by new friends.
Then Karinka winked at us.
- Let's drink to the strong and beautiful women who live with pleasure and do what they want without breaking themselves. You, Ksenia, are very harmonious in essence, you are a very solid person. When circumstances or people try to break you, you bend, and then break out and keep going forward. For the friendship that helps each of us to go its wide road to great achievements! You know, I think that Ksenia has a special feature.
Nastya sipped champagne and continued:
“You are pushing the people with whom you communicate.” They see how penetrating you are, how you strive to fulfill your dreams, and there is an incentive to achieve something in life.
- Girls, do not praise me so much! You must admit that each of us does this only because it is a woman’s mission to inspire loved ones. If you are light and pleasant, if you are smiling, if you are open for communication, if you easily go through life, you are drawn to. Good people stick, and money, and respect, and good luck. You and I are not boring moles that bury themselves!
- No no! We look around and even learn from our mistakes, ”Karina continued. - Let's raise the glasses so that we always draw the right conclusions!
I clinked glasses with the girls, mechanically took a sip of champagne and for a second carried away thoughts to the past. I remembered the times that preceded the divorce. When I realized that I did not see any reason to keep my family, that I tried everything, my hands just fell.

It seemed that if there were no Jura in my life, everything would collapse. As practice has shown, this is absolutely not the case. Often, men suppress a person in us and make us build a life around it.
Probably, then you become unhappy. You put a fence around this front yard, you start growing flowers there, and you completely forget about yourself. Karinka brought me out of my stupor:
- Ksyusha! Ksyush! What are you doing?
- Yes, I thought about my mistakes, about Yura and how I treated marriage. You know, girls, at last the thoughts have come in order and I can formulate some of my conclusions.
- Come on, come on, share! - Nastya interjected with her eternal curiosity.
- I came to the fact that we must first take care of yourself.
I can not call myself a feminist who seeks absolute independence from the whole world. I do not think that without a peasant life will be good, no. Of course, men should be present in our lives, but I am opposed to women lining their lives around them. A normal self-respecting woman should be engaged in business, she should not be completely dependent on her man. Even if you do not work, you must be busy with something: either study, or go in for sports or charity.
Each of us must be passionate about something in order not to be completely under the wing of our man, because then accusations of dependence can begin. To get married and have children is hard work, but besides parenting, cooking, ironing and cleaning you have to do something, otherwise you will not be interested in a man. If there is a job, it is generally wonderful!
You know, I saw a lot of relationships when a woman was completely dependent on a man, financially and morally. And when men threw such women, for them it became a heavy blow. After all, the whole life consisted of raising one's peasant on a pedestal.
After the divorce, I think that there should always be some workarounds so that you know that even if this person is not in your life, nothing will end, and you can safely go on.
. . I spoke and spoke, pouring out the thoughts that had been raging in my head for the last year. And the girls listened and supported me. As always.
Now all women who are interested in the secret of my weight loss, I say: it all depends on the emotional state.

If you feel comfortable, if you are good in your weight, you are not obliged to drop everything and lose weight. The main thing is to appreciate yourself and give yourself attention and care.
No matter how much you love a husband and children, you are obliged to devote yourself once a week for at least three to four hours. Manicures, pedicures at home or in salons, it does not matter. Skin care should be necessary so that there is no “one cream for the whole staircase”.
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  1. Conclusion
    Based on the analysis of the content of the article, the following conclusions can be drawn: The most important hardening is important to begin at an early age, when the body is in the formative stage, and the mechanisms of immunobiological protection develop. For full hardening, it is necessary to use a complex of tempering procedures, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. How for example age
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    In conclusion, we can give an example (of many), showing that Sytin's method is truly unique and effective. So, in the Institute of Normal Physiology. Acad. PK Anokhin RAMS in the presence of academician KV Sudakov as a result of applying this method for ten minutes a 28-year-old employee of the employee (28 years) was taken off with a pulse rate of 120 beats per minute. After
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    In conclusion of the dissertation, the results of the research are summarized, the results of solving the tasks are summarized, the prospects for further scientific research and the prospects for the use of the results are indicated, and the main conclusions are formulated: 1. Readiness for professional activity is the cumulative psychological neoplasm of the initial stages of professionalization
    In conclusion, it is advisable to briefly summarize data on the most common mechanisms of resistance among the main clinically significant microorganisms. Causative agents of community-acquired infections • Staphylococcus spp. - resistance to natural and semi-synthetic penicillins associated with the production of? -lactamase. • S.pneumoniae - resistance of different levels to penicillin (part of the strains
    In conclusion, the following should be noted. The inner world of the person we expect to see as our customer is complex and multifaceted. In everyday work with customers, one should not be limited to intuitive, sometimes superficial knowledge and notions about consumer behavior, since the true motives of behavior lie much deeper than it seems on the market.
    In conclusion, we will try to take stock of the work we have done and put forward some general provisions that we think follow from the theoretical and experimental research conducted by our research team. However, before embarking on this, it is necessary to raise the question of the degree of proof of the provisions that we intend to put forward. The monograph touches on a very wide
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    In conclusion, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of a balanced content of the described nutrients in the composition of any diet. On average, physiologically most acceptable ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates as 1: 1: 4. For people engaged in physical work, this ratio should be approximately equal to 1: 1: 5, and for knowledge workers - 1: 0.8: 3. Given the characteristics of carbohydrate
    In conclusion, I give an answer to another question that you, of course, ask yourself: Why are there so many feelings of guilt on our Earth, if we only suffer from this? Guilt appeared on the planet simultaneously with the separation of the sexes. Previously, we were simply without concepts of good or evil, because these concepts, generated by the mental sphere, did not exist at the very beginning of human history.
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    If you have read this book, then "Conclusion" you do not need. You yourself have already done it. If you are one of those people who, like Alexander the Great, looks at the end of the book and decides to read it, then for you there are a few lines. In order for the reader to understand this book in his own way, it must be read. It is not necessary to read in a row, first. You can start reading from any chapter. Even with any small section. Select
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    And instead of a conclusion, I would like to quote Rudolf Zagainov’s words: “Long-term meditations on his profession give reason to consider it not only difficult (according to technology, effort and other components), but also cruel, ruthlessly screening psychologists who cannot cope with the tasks by the will of fate they had to be taken, not corresponding to them. Be
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    The opinion of the pathologist about thanatogenesis, the mechanisms of death, taking into account the clinical and morphological data is set out in the clinical-pathoanatomical epicrisis containing the doctor's judgment about the cause of death. The conclusion about the cause of death is more accessible for understanding by relatives and representatives of non-medical departments who, according to the duty of duty, are familiar with the pathoanatomical documentation. Still
  12. Conclusion
    Dear reader! You have read the entire book. We hope that the information contained in it helped you to develop a clinical thinking, i.e. the ability to properly collect the necessary information and process it into a detailed clinical diagnosis. It is well known that recent advances in science and technology have significantly improved the recognition of internal diseases and deepened the understanding of many of their questions.
  13. Conclusion
    Diagnosis and treatment of gastritis in animals, in particular dogs, is a particularly urgent task, the solution of which is an important condition for raising the standard of living of the animal. In this paper, such concepts as chronic, acute and specific forms of gastritis were considered. The distinctive features of chronic gastritis from peptic ulcer, stomach cancer and functional disorders are given.
  14. Conclusion
    Summing up the data in the monograph, the following points should be emphasized. Along with the ever-increasing profile in medicine, new specialties are being created. And one of the first isolated obstetric anesthesiology. The first anesthesiologists in the field of obstetrics and gynecology appeared in the late 50s, and independent departments in obstetric institutions appeared in the mid-60s
    Effective emergency medical care for pregnant women, parturient women, puerperas and newborns in the acute period of obstetric and gynecological situations at the prehospital stage is a necessary condition for their successful treatment in the hospital. Its tasks include the correct recognition of pathological conditions and the skillful execution of therapeutic and tactical measures. The materials given in
  16. Conclusion
    When assessing the general layout of the dairy farm for 800 cows of the Ilyinsky state farm, the following drawbacks were noticed: there is no landscaping of the territory within the livestock facility with deciduous trees, there is an intersection of “clean” and “dirty” paths, and there are no sanitary inspection rooms and disbarriers. Also, when examining a livestock facility, we found: hard coatings in
  17. Conclusion
    Although the model of coronary heart disease in animal experiments differs in many ways from its clinical counterparts, it nevertheless provides important information and allows us to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms of potentially lethal ventricular rhythm disorders. On the one hand, experimental data make it possible to re-evaluate the observed clinical
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