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The basis of the chronic form of chronic rhinitis lies chronic catarrhal, like wiklik, impaired tonus of sudin of the mucous membrane of the nose.

Sickness skazhivatsya on the difficulty of the nasal dizziness and supra-mucous appearance of the nose. Difficulty in the nose of the nose of the vineи periodically, often in the cold. When lying on the boat, the congestion is more or less curved in the lower half of the nose. It is due to weakened tonus of cavernous sudins. Vision from nose is unclear, may have mucous character. When zagostrennі chronichnogo process vidіlennya melt gnіynim, kіlkіst їх significantly zbіlshuєtsya.

With anterior rhinoscopy, the mucous membrane is hyperemic, and the mucous membrane. Sudinozuzhuyuchi hiccups viklikayut change in the appearance of mucous membranes, scho to read about the absence of true hypertrophy. Sample іs with pseudo-sounding cysts є exceptionally important in rhinologist. Qiu test lіkar guilty to carry out even with dermal examination of the empty nose. After testing the pole in the dark, then go to the nasal plugs to enter cotton swabs, which are leaked with one of the sounding sounds for 5-10 hvilin. After seeing the swab visually visually, the nasal conchs were walking on the skilks and the nasal walks were expanded. At a vipad, if the nasal conch boules are wider than the rachahn, I’ll write down, after the completed test, they’ll change.
Since it’s really bad for Wikipedia, then the mucous membrane may not pass. You will recognize fake tactical tactics. I will need a conservative likewise for mucous membranes of ailments, while for hypertrophy I will need hirurgic. Neridko tіlki pіslya carried out a test іs with vinous-sounding medications vinikaє possible in the most recent world, the nature of the deformity of the nose.

The main differential diagnosis of chronic catarrhal rhinitis and the neurovegetative form of vasomotor rhinitis is the appearance of mucous portions of the nose during catarrhal processes and the dryness of the mucous membranes of the nose with vasomotor rhinitis. Difficulty in the nose of the nose is greater than in vasomotor rhinitis.

Chronic catarrhal rhinitis. Nasampered hvirimyuyut recommendation not to be sick with a judging sound droplets! With the right method of victorious vaginal speech (3-5% of protargolum abo colargola in the nose, speckles for nose; venous mucous membrane of the nose 3-5% with bladder nose 4-5 times between 2 and 3 days). At the empty nose, you can administer an ointment and emulsion, which can take revenge on antiseptics (streptocid, sintomitsinova, "Sunoref" and іn.). Widely victorious physical therapy procedures: UHF, LUCH-2 on nіs, KUF - endonasal.
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    For simple chronic atrophic undead, it is characteristic that the atrophic process is part of the part of the mucous membrane of the empty nose, which can be seen as regio respiratoria. The destruction of the scent doesn’t happen to happen, the scraps of the process do not expand to the scent area (regio olfactoria). A simple chronic atrophic process of the mucous membrane of the nose can be buterolitim and intermediate. When pouring
    Characteristic for the whole conquest є sprouting and perspiration of the mucous membranes of the nose, it is important in many localized cavernous tissues. Part for all is to defend the lower nasal concha, more often - the middle, inodi - the posterior margin of the lemis and the anterior tertiary of the nose. Hypertrophy can be but: 1) diffuse, if the hypertrophic snakes are recognized by the entire lower abo middle nasal concha; 2) deferred, if
    In case of catarrhal laryngitis on the first plan, I will try to distribute the bloodsuckers of the blood circulation and the serpentine epithelium, which can be meticulously meticulously meticulously in the dilyanka. The circle is localized in the field of information. The main symptom characteristic of all forms of chronic laryngitis is hoarseness. Virage ії Різна - від
  4. Chronic catarrhal endometritis (endometritis catarrhalis chronica)
    Chronic catarrhal endometritis is called chronic inflammation of the uterine mucosa, characterized by the constant discharge of catarrhal exudate from the uterus. Etiology. Chronic catarrhal endometritis usually develops from acute endometritis, if the causes that caused it were not addressed in a timely manner. In cows, chronic endometritis is most often the result of acute
  5. Chronic catarrhal-purulent endometritis (endometritis catarrhalis et purulenta chronica)
    Chronic catarrhal-purulent endometritis is a long-term inflammation of the uterine mucosa, accompanied by the release of mucopurulent exudate. Etiology. Chronic catarrhal-purulent endometritis usually develops from acute endometritis or arises from chronic catarrhal endometritis with the introduction of pyogenic microbes. In chronic
    Chronic tonsilitis can be specific and non-specific. Specific chronic tonsillitis is an occurrence of migratory infections in granulomas (tuberculosis, syphilis, scleroma). Chronic non-specific tonsilitis є zavoryuvannyam іninfektsіyno-allergic nature with special views in the eye of the eye of the initial ignition reaction of the migdala, which is morphologically violated alteration, that is
  7. Chronic latent endometritis (Endometritis latens chronica)
    Latent chronic endometritis is understood to mean the inflammatory process of the endometrium, proceeding without clearly expressed clinical signs and usually in the absence of pathological discharge from the uterus in the periods between estrus. It is diagnosed only during estrus by the presence of purulent veins and other inclusions in estrus mucus and is the cause of multiple infertile insemination of cows (microbial
  8. Chronical and paralich
    Chronic upper paralich (Paralysis chronica apium, black spruce, paralich, black nose syndrome, twig of the fox bribe) - the black spruce twig, which is characterized by the signs of nervous system, is more Istorichna dovidka. Paralich bjіl vіrusnoї etiologії better describing Burnside in 1933 p., More
    Chronic firing processes in the larynx store about 8% of all entrained ENT organs. Chronically seized the larynx є with a social problem, that is, because they have lost their voice in voice, raise up to half the prazdatatnosti of people to make a lot of mistakes, write down the lines. In addition, on the background of chronic congestion of the larynx, the cancer of the larynx is not very well developed. In 16 - 20% of cases of cancer of the larynx, anterior
    Morphological essence of hyperplastic laryngitis is characterized by the growth of fully-grown tissue in the hairy ball of the mucous membrane, and exudate by the claw, which can be brought up to the comfort of soft tissues. In case of chronic hyperplastic laryngitis, hyperplasia of the bagatosharovy epithelium is accelerated, as well as metaplasia of the cylindrical epithelium in the bagatoscharovy flat with falsified yogo hyperplasia. Vnaslidok
  11. Chronicle of the twig of the twig
    Koli vinikaє chronichna promeneva twig? Chronically exchanged for twigs to be distributed among the creatures in the possession of the trivial form of irregularity in small doses, but if they are exposed to the whole body, the organs are radionuclide, and they are analogous to the dose of the dose. Chronicle of the exchange of twigs may be the result of the state interruption of the intersection of twigs, and you may break into the heirs of a familiar internal і
    In case of atrophy of laryngitis, ailments of vomiting, dryness, perspiration, extrusion of extraneous body in the larynx, cough with sputum, and it’s bad to evacuate. Characteristic є zmіna voice stretch doby. With a severe atrophic process in the larynx, there is a loss of voice to an aphony and that loss of dying with bought crusts. At the full hour of laryngoscopy, atrophy of the entire mucous membrane of the larynx is indicated.
  13. Exudative-catarrhal diathesis
    Exudative-catarrhal diathesis is the ability of hereditarily determined congenital and acquired body properties to respond with an increased reaction of the skin and mucous membranes to individual external stimuli. Exudative-catarrhal diathesis is caused by genetic factors (genetic burden - in 70-80% of children), age-related features of the enzyme system of the digestive tract and
  14. Інфекційна катарана Гарычка's sheep
    Infectious catarrhal garyachka sheep (Febris catarrhalis infectiosa ovium, bluetong, blue tongue) is a viral transmissive spruce, which is characterized by wild grass, necrotic inflamed mucous membranes, and also In zvyazku with the characteristic izmerennyas of the tongue of twig distal I will call “blue tongue” or “black mouth”.
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