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In the basis of the formation of a chronical rhinitis, there is a chronic cataract lying on the ground, like a viklik є torsion of the tone of the vessels of the nasal membrane of the nose.

The feuds are cast upon the bow of the bow and the twists of the nose. Udrudnennya nasal dikhannya Vinikaє perіodichno, part_sh on cold. At the position of the recumbent on the back, the pillars are bent out of the lower half of the nose. This is due to the weakened tone of cavernous vessels. Vidіlennya nose Neryasnі, malyut slizy character. When zagostrennі chronіchnogo process vidіlennya styut niniyni, kіlkіst їх it’s meaningful to be.

When anterior rhinoscopy slimes obolonka gperemovana, maximally vidtіnok. Judging calls viklykayut zmenschennya svryaklokoі slizovo ї obolonok, just to tell about the situation of the history of the gypertrophy. The test of court-induced speeches is very important in rhinology. Qiu Likar's trial is guilty of conducting a mayge when the skin is empty. Carry out the punishment of the polaroid in the room, so that you can enter the tampon into the zagalnnos nosovі, injected into the tampon in one tsimoznoschuzhuyuchih pochiv_v 5-10 hilin. After seeing the tampons of the lake, it was vazualno vnazhnakє, on the skilki nosov shells passed and skimmed noses walk. Have a flash card, if the bows of the shell are filled with bullets for rahunok bit by bit, as shown in the test of their volume.
If it’s a bulo wiclican hypertrophic, then the mucous obolonka mayzhe does not pass. Tse y bude viznachat podalshu lіkuvalnu tactics. In the case of a thin coat of the conglomerates of the needs of the conservative lykuvannya, with hypertrophic - hirurgіchnogo. Nerіdko tіlki pіslya conducted a trial from the forever with the help of drugs called drugs in a different world, depending on the nature of the deformation of the front of the nose.

The main differential diagnosis of chronical catarrhal rhinitis and neurovegetative formation of vasomotor rhinitis is manifested in the nose under the catarrhal process and dryness of the nasal membrane of the nose with vasomotor rhinitis. Udrudnennya nasal dikhannya more bends when vasomotor rinіti.

Lіkuvannya hronіchnogo catarrhal rinіta. Nasamredde ryvoryuyt recommendation not zlovzhivati ​​sudnozvruzhuyuchimi krapley! From the licoriceous method of the vicorevism in the vyuchchі rechovini (3-5% rozchin protargol abo colargola in viglyadі krapel for the nose; In case of empty nose, it is possible to administer ointment and emulsions, as well as antiseptics (streptocide, sintomitsinova, Sunoref and other). Widely ikoristovuvatsya fіzіotherapeutic procedures: UHF, LUCH-2 per nіs, KUF - endonasally.
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    For just chronically atrophic undead, characterize with the atrophic process of part of the emptying of the empty nose, go back to the rest of the body (regio respiratoria). Porus Nyuha zizchayno not vіdbuvatsya, because the process does not spread to the scents zone (regio olfactoria). Forgive the chronic atrophic process of nasal obstruction of the nose, we can dissect and intercourse. With roslit
    Characteristic for the entrenchment of the development of the growth of the nasal sheath, above all in the local area of ​​the cavernous tissue. Part of everything for the bottom of the bow sink, more low — the middle one, and the other - the back edge of the lemusha and the front third of the front of the nose. Hypertrophy may be: 1) diffuse, if hypertrophic eyes were covered with the entire lower part of the middle of the nose sink; 2) deceiving, if
    With catarrhal laryngitis, on the first plane there is a sign of rosace of the bloodstream and blood flow, which is a common epithelium, which can be metaplazed from a cylindrical to a flat, rosy-lipped, worn out a little bit. In pіdepіtelіalnomu sharі v_dnaznacja krug-loklіtіnna інфілтрація. The main symptom characteristic of all forms of chronical laryngitis is є hoarseness. Virazhenіst її іза ід - від
  4. Chronic catarrhal endometritis (endometritis catarrhalis chronica)
    Chronic catarrhal endometritis refers to chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus, characterized by a constant release of catarrhal exudate from the uterus. Etiology. Chronic catarrhal endometritis usually develops from acute endometritis, if the causes that caused it were not promptly resolved. In cows, chronic endometritis is most often the result of acute
  5. Chronic catarrhal-purulent endometritis (endometritis catarrhalis et purulenta chronica)
    Chronic catarrhal-purulent endometritis is called long-term inflammation of the uterine mucosa, accompanied by the release of mucopurulent exudate. Etiology. Chronic catarrhal-purulent endometritis usually develops from acute endometritis or arises from chronic catarrhal endometritis with the introduction of pyogenic microbes. Chronic
    Chronical tonsillitis may be specific and nonspecific. The specific chronic tonsillitis is the infection of the migdal granulomas (tuberculosis, syphilis, scleroma). Chronical nonspecific tonsillitis є capturing the influence of the infectious-allergic nature of the various manifestations of the viglyadі art postframe ignition, schro morphologically alter the alterations, eksdatsіyy
  7. Chronic latent endometritis (Endometritis latens chronica)
    Under the latent chronic endometritis understand the inflammatory process of the endometrium, occurring without clearly expressed clinical signs and usually in the absence of abnormal discharge from the uterus during periods between estrus. It is diagnosed only during estrus due to the presence of purulent veins and other inclusions in the mucus and is the cause of multiple non-productive insemination of cows (microbial
  8. Chronical paradise
    Chronicles of the World Historical dovdka. Paralyche bjvl vіrunoso etiologii first describing Burnside at 1933 p., Detailed
    Hronіchni zapalnі processi in the city of close to 8% of all capture of the ENT organ. Hronіchnі zakhvoryuvannya gortanі є social problem, that scho, wikliyuyu pushenennaya voice, lead to vratti pratsezdatnostі people bagatokh profession, incoli on dovgy lines. In addition, the very same on the background of the chronical seizure of the gortana and the rapid growth of the larynx. 16 - 20% of patients with cancer of the larynx poperednіm
    The morphological essence of a hyperplastic laryngue is characterized by rostroennya otluchno ї fabrics from a vibrant sphere of the sheath in a rakhunka emerged eksudatu, scho prizvodit to swelling soft fabrics. In case of chronic hyperplastic laryngitis, the hyperplasia of a bipartisteal epithelium is taken, and also metaplasia of a cylindrical epithelium into a flat-numbered flat in a subglobular section. Intrusion
  11. Chronichna promenade pain
    Koli Vinikє chronicle promenade painful? Chrony of the promenade of the branch is set at the sides of the mainstream in small doses, or when it comes to the whole body of the radionuclidus, similarly analogous to the zovnіshnіm dose of navantazhennya. The chronological interchange of the mob can be the result of a guest of the promenade and the motive of the internal i
    When an atrophic laryngeal disease is present, dryness, first-hand, third-party til at the gortana, cough, and coughing up, it is worth it. Characteristic є zmіna voice prodigam dobi. In case of a severe atrophic process, the gortana may have a stiffened voice until athena and a downturn during heavy crusts. At tsomu pіd hour laryngoskopi ′ 'assigned atrophic vієєї slizovo ′ shell of the larynx.
  13. Exudative-catarrhal diathesis
    Exudative-catarrhal diathesis is the ability of the hereditary congenital and acquired properties of the body to respond with an increased response of the skin and mucous membranes to individual external stimuli. Exudative-catarrhal diathesis is caused by genetic factors (genetic burden - in 70-80% of children), age characteristics of the enzyme system of the digestive tract and
  14. Інфекційна катаральна garyachka sheep
    Infektsiina cataralah (febris catarrhalis), a bazaar, a bazaar The link with characteristic urazhennyam of the language of the branch was called “blue tongue” or “black mouth”.
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