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Lectures Lectures on Valeology 2011
50 lectures. The origins and history of the development of valeology. Characteristics of Valeology as a science. The main tasks of valeology. Social, medical and psychological aspects of valeology. Two spheres of a person's way of life. Aspects characterizing a healthy lifestyle. Life strategy of a long-liver. Possible life expectancy of a person. Definitions of the concepts of health, disease, the third state. Medical methods for assessing the physical and functional capabilities of a person .....
Cheat sheets for the exam Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyles 2011
Armavir State Pedagogical Academy. Cheat sheets on the exam "Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyles (HLS)" Social and psychological aspects of HLS. Piholo-pedagogical aspects of HLS. Fever. First aid for false croup. Traumatic shock. Terminal states. Pneumonia. Frostbite. Burn. Balanced diet. HIV infection. Poisoning. The epidemic process. Infectious process. Prevention of infectious diseases. Infectious diseases. Immunity. Bronchial asthma. Foreign bodies of the ear, nose, pharynx, larynx. Viral hepatitis. Gastritis. Bites of snakes. Renal colic. Resuscitation (revitalization). Indirect massage of the heart. (NMS). Artificial ventilation of lungs. Stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Ischemic heart disease (CHD). Cholera. Drug therapy. Diabetes. Tuberculosis. Types of drug addiction. Drugs. Alcohol. Toxicomania. Children's traumatism. General concepts of microbiology. Prevention of childhood injuries. Desmurgy. Emotional stress. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Reproductive health. Preventive actions. Bleeding.
Griban V.G. Valeology 2011
Зміст View of the author Поняття про валеологію. Об'єкт, Метед та методилогічні основи, шсторія розвитку науки Valeologiya Yak Science Healthy hvoroba Об'єкт валеології Methodological bases of valeologії Basic principles of valeologi cob taіstіrіya rozvitku valeologії Дефініції та понятійний апарат Вплив екологічних факторів на здоров'я людини Людина та її Healthy poses ...
Lectures Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge 2011
16 well-lit lectures will help students from non-medical universities to prepare for the exam. 1. Disease and health. 2. Ecology and health. 3. Health and heredity. 4. Reproductive health. 5. Mental health. 6. Social health and the organization of public health services. 7. A healthy lifestyle. 8. Harmful habits. 9. Terminal states. Resuscitation. 10. Damage. 11. First aid for injuries. 12. Emergency conditions. First aid. 13. Fundamentals of microbiology, immunology and epidemiology. 14. Drug therapy. 15. The main infectious diseases. 16. Methods of research and care for patients.
Lectures Lectures on Valeology 2011
Valeology as a science. The concept of physical health. The concept of mental and social health. The influence of the environment and heredity on human health
abstract Hepatitis C 2011
The concept of "hepatitis C". Clinic of illness. Transmission paths. Risk groups. Prevalence of the disease. Prevention. Treatment. List of used literature.
Lectures Valeology 2010
The subject and tasks of valeology; Basic concepts of health; The main functions of life support; Criteria for good physical fitness; Signs of mental health; Methods of family planning; Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, STDs, AIDS; Hygiene is the basis of health; Harmful habits - a threat to health; Nutrition and health; Tempering and health
Lectures Lectures on Valeology 2010
aleology of nutrition, types of nutrition, the influence of bad habits on the state of human health, the physiology of the human body. Stress, its role in human adaptation to social and labor activity, Immunity, its factors, Environmental aspects of health and perspectives of human survival, Infectious diseases
Abstracts Abstracts of classes on valeology in preschool institutions 2010
Our faithful friends. My wonderful nose. Why should a man have his hands. Vitamins. Study the baby to breathe properly. Human habits. Drink the children's milk. Where health hides. Vegetables
Lectures Lectures on Valeology 2010
For students of 1 course Stress and adaptation. The organization of rational nutrition Course of lectures on valeology Valeology - the science of health. Basic concepts of science. Organization of vital activity. "etc.
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