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Control robot Control robot valeologі 2010
Methodological basis valeologіі. Ob'kti valeologіії, zadachi, straightforward development. Adaptation, reactivity to the body. Conceptual Stresa for G. Selye. Practical data theory. Valeologic methods of self-diagnosis. To conduct an assessment of individual characteristics that are optimally optimized by the government and military development, development of a military and judicial system.
abstract Hardening, its types and effects on health 2010
Introduction Physiological essence of hardening Individual features of a person to hardening the body Exposure to natural factors Types of hardening Hardening by air Sunbathing Water treatments (rubbing, dousing, shower, bathing in natural water bodies, pools) Snow baths Walking barefoot Bath or sauna with cold water Winterizing Conclusion List literature
Course work Health-saving technology at school 2010
STATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION OF HIGHER PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION "KEMEROVSK STATE UNIVERSITY" Faculty of Biology We have compiled a program for the introduction of health care in school conditions. The themes of the main problems are revealed, the sources of literature are indicated, examples of the use of these technologies at school are given. The same work is useful for amateur reading.
abstract "Valeologiya, yak science" 2010
Introduction The subject of valeologiya ї Fundamentals of understanding the subject of valeologії Problem zdorovya v zhitt lyudi Valeriologiya і new paradigm of the protection of the health of visnovki List of Vikoristo literaturi
abstract Female sex hormones. 2010
Functions of hormones. Chemical structure. Biosynthesis of hormones. Sources
Lectures Course of lectures on valeology 2010
Valeology - the science of health. Basic concepts of science. Stress and adaptation. Methods and methods of physical recovery of the body. Methods and methods of psychological improvement of the body.
abstract Gymnastics Strelnikova 2010
Plan Entry Yak mi dihaихmo? Dikhal gіmnastika Strelnikova. The complex has the right dykhalno gіmnastiki Strelnikova. Visnovok Literature
Test Examination of Valeology 2009
Option number 16 1. Mental health rights. Accentuations of character. 2. Individual indications and contraindications for physical exertion. 3. Valeological methods of self-diagnosis. Hold samples with breath retention (Shtang, Genchi tests) and Rufe’s test. Rate the results.
abstract "Adaptation - protective mechanisms of the human body" 2009
Immunity Vaccine types of vaccines. Vaccination Blood serum Biological adaptation Human adaptation to natural conditions and social environment Biological rhythms Important achievements of chronobiology STRESS (stress reaction) Regeneration Types of regeneration
Yu.Yu. Shurygin Scientific and practical foundations of health 2009
The textbook presents theoretical and practical issues relating to the formation of a responsible attitude of each person to their health, its preservation and strengthening. The problems of the state of health characteristic for the population of the Republic of Buryatia are considered and the ways of their solution are proposed. The presence of an index containing more than 360 medical and social terms and definitions, allows you to use the manual as a dictionary-reference. It is intended for students of all specialties when they study the subject “Scientific and Practical Basics of Health”, as well as for all those who value their health and are looking for ways to strengthen and preserve it.
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