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Control robot Control robot for valeology 2010
Methodological basis of valeology. Об'єкти валеології, tasks, straight lines. Adaptation, reactivity to organisms. The concept of the Stresa for G. Selye. Practical dodotkovі teorії. Valeologicheskie techniques of samodiagnostics. Conduct an assessment of the features of the optimally optimized mas ti la іndeksu VMI, rozvitku zahmyvovan sertsevo-sudinnoї sistemi.
abstract Hardening, its types and influence on health 2010
Introduction The physiological nature of hardening The individual characteristics of a person for tempering the body The impact of natural factors Types of hardening Air quenching Solar baths Water procedures (wiping, douche, shower, swimming in natural pools, swimming pools) Snow baths Walking barefoot Bath or sauna with swimming in cold water Conclusion Conclusion List literature
Course work Health-saving technologies in school 2010
STATE EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT OF HIGHER PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION "KEMEROVSK STATE UNIVERSITY" Biological Faculty We have prepared a program for the introduction of health savings in school conditions. The themes of the main problems are revealed, sources of literature are indicated, examples of the use of these technologies in school are given. Also, work is useful for amateur reading.
abstract "Valeology, science" 2010
Вступ Item валеології Осноні поняття предмету валеології Health problem in life of people Valeology and novel paradigm of health protection Visnoki List of vikoristano drugs
abstract Female sex hormones. 2010
Functions of hormones. Chemical structure. Biosynthesis of hormones. Sources.
Lectures Course of lectures on Valeology 2010
Valeology is the science of health. Basic concepts of science. Stress and adaptation. Methods and methods of physical recovery of the body. Methods and methods of psychological recovery of the body.
abstract Gymnastics Strelnikova 2010
Plan Entry Yak mi dihaeto? Dikhalna gimnastiya Strelnikovo. The complex is in the right of the dihalastic gimnastics of Strelnikovo. Wisnowski Literature
Test Verification work on valeology 2009
Option number 16 1. Mental health rights. Accentuation of character. 2. Individual indications and contraindications to physical activity. 3. Valeological methods of self-diagnosis. Hold a sample with breathing (tests by Stange, Genci) and test Rufieu. Evaluate the results.
abstract «Adaptation - protective mechanisms of the human body» 2009
Immunity Vaccine types of vaccines. Vaccination Serum Biological adaptation Human adaptation to environmental conditions and social environment Biological rhythms Important achievements of chronobiology STRESS (stress-reaction) Regeneration Types of regeneration
Yu.Yu. Shurygin Scientific and practical bases of health 2009
The training manual presents theoretical and practical issues related to the formation of a responsible attitude of each person to their health, its preservation and strengthening. The problems of the state of health, characteristic for the population of the Republic of Buryatia, are discussed and ways of their solution are suggested. The presence of an index with more than 360 medical and social terms and definitions allows using the allowance as a dictionary reference. It is intended for students of all specialties when studying the subject "Scientific and practical bases of health", as well as for all those who cherish their health and are looking for ways to strengthen and preserve it.
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