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abstract Inclusion in the development of valeologii Ukraine Ukrainian 2009
Valeologiya (lat. Valeo - buti zdorovy i grats. Logos - scholarship, science) - the science about the form, saving and health of people in the spiritual, mental, social and social plan. Science valeologiya vinikla on the stick of low sciences, science of medicine, physiology, psychology, pedagogy, sociology and science.
Lectures A course of lectures on Valeology 2008
Voronezh, VIRT, Department of Pedagogy. Specialty 100200 "Tourism". Lectures, quizzes, literature. Valeology - a set of knowledge in their practical application of the physical, mental and moral health of a person when interacting with the environment; about the preservation and strengthening of health from the moment of birth to a very old age, the prevention of disease, the return to the state of health after an illness, the extension of healthy life.
abstract Valeology 2008
What is valeology. Story. Goals, problems.
Malyarchuk N.N. Valeology. Tutorial 2008
The manual is devoted to the consideration of the problem of the formation of a value attitude to the health of students. The materials of the course "Valeology" are prepared in accordance with the state educational standard of higher professional education on the basis of state requirements for the mandatory minimum content and level of training of graduates of higher educational institutions. The materials of the training manual cover a wide range of modern scientific ideas about individual health, health culture, healthy lifestyle, factors that both destroy and preserve physical and mental health.
N.A. Melnikova, E.A. Shamrova, n. V. Gromova Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyle 2007
The textbook, developed on the basis of the State educational standard of higher vocational education of the second generation, is designed to compensate for the lack of information and provide the level of knowledge necessary for the successful development of skills on the course "Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyle." In the second part of the work, there are sections on first aid for emergency conditions and clinical death, general care for patients. Designed for students of all faculties studying the course "Fundamentals of medical knowledge and a healthy lifestyle."
Melnikova N.A., Lukyanova V.N. Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyle 2005
A teaching aid developed on the basis of the State educational standard of higher vocational education is intended to fill in the insufficient amount of information, to give the level of knowledge necessary for the successful formation of skills on the course "Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyle." The paper presents the following sections: "Physiological tests for determining the level of health, functional capabilities of the human body and signs of health problems", "Research and evaluation of factors of the educational process affecting the health of schoolchildren", which together reflect the content of the program of laboratory and practical courses.

Designed for students of all faculties, college students studying the course "Fundamentals of medical knowledge and a healthy lifestyle."
Guliy I.S., Simahina G.O., Ukraine A.I. Foundation Valeologiya 2003
It was noted that such projects were about the fundamental achievements of biologists, biologists, physiologists, gigantic hunts, gerontologists of vivchennyi chinniki, scooped into the camp of healthy people. Distilled in the law of the establishment of the new science of valeologiya, negotiated priests and methods of realizing the system of valeologicheskoy osvit, a healthy way of living. Particularly respectable come valeologіchnnі rolі kharuvuvnya at formvannі, saved and zmіtsnennі zdorovya. The handbook is meant for students of different schools, lecturers, lecturers, and also fahіvtsіv with nutritional health and healthy living.
V.P. Brovyakov, L.I. Kudryavtseva, P.P. Purygin Functional elements of Valeology 2003
The monograph examines the issues of valeology from the point of view of the functional approach - the division of valeology into functional elements. On the one hand, the functional element contains the basic meaning of one or another valeological issue, and on the other hand, it optimally implements the interiorization function in studying it. The set of functional elements of valeology gives a more complete picture of it as the science of a healthy lifestyle. Together with the theoretical issues of human interaction with the environment from the point of view of physical, chemical, mental and social movements of the individual, practical ways to correct the behavior of the individual in the built environment to ensure and maintain health and a healthy lifestyle are considered. The monograph is intended for teachers and students of humanitarian universities, as well as for professionals involved in familiarizing the youth and the general population with a healthy lifestyle.
E.N. Weiner Valeology 2001
The textbook is developed in accordance with the program of discipline for students of non-valeological specialties of universities and universities. The main purpose of the textbook is to prepare the student for professional pedagogical activity focused on health saving education and upbringing of students. For university students.
B.N. Chumakov Valeology Course of lectures 2000
The manual "Valeology" includes 16 lectures, which reflect the numerous theoretical and practical non-traditional factors affecting human health. The book analyzes in detail the data on social medicine, physiology, motor activity, nutrition, mental hygiene. We consider the issues of intimate relationships, culture of communication in the home, school and work. The ABC of health and longevity should be learned with the help of intelligence and scientifically grounded modern information. Therefore, the book, first of all, is designed for teachers and students of pedagogical and humanitarian universities, students of pedagogical colleges, medical schools, as well as a wide range of specialists involved in the upbringing, prevention, treatment and psychophysiological rehabilitation of the younger generation.
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