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abstract Vnesok in the development of valeologicheskih Ukrainian 2009
Valeology (Latin valeo - buti healthy and Greek logos - science, science) - science about formvaniya, zberezhennya zmіtsnennnia zdorovya people in the spiritual, psychic, phisical and social plan. The science of valeology on the style of low science, zokrema meditsini, fiziologii, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, and so on.
Lectures Course of lectures on Valediology 2008
Voronezh, VIVT, Department of Education. Specialty 100200 "Tourism". Lectures, control questions, literature. Valeology is a complex of knowledge in their practical application about the physical, mental and moral health of a person when interacting with the environment; on the preservation and strengthening of health from birth to old age, the prevention of disease, the return to health after illness, the extension of a healthy life.
abstract Valeology 2008
What is valeology. History. Goals, problems.
Malyarchuk N.N. Valeology. Tutorial 2008
The manual is devoted to the problem of forming a value attitude to the health of student youth. Materials of the course "Valeology" are prepared in accordance with the state educational standard of higher professional education on the basis of state requirements to the mandatory minimum content and level of training graduates of higher education. The materials of the manual cover a wide range of modern scientific ideas about individual health, a culture of health, a healthy lifestyle, factors that both destroy and preserve bodily and mental health.
NA Melnikova, e. A. Shamrova, n. V. Gromov Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyles 2007
The manual, developed on the basis of the State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education of the second generation, is designed to fill in insufficient information and provide the level of knowledge necessary for the successful development of skills and skills in the course "Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyles." The second part of the work presents sections on first aid for emergency conditions and clinical death, general care for patients. It is intended for students of all faculties studying the course "Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyles."
Melnikova NA, Lukyanova VN Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyles 2005
The educational and methodological manual, developed on the basis of the State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education, is designed to fill in insufficient information, to provide the level of knowledge necessary for the successful development of skills and skills in the course "Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge and Healthy Lifestyles." The following sections are presented in the work: "Physiological tests of determining the level of health, functional capabilities of the human body and signs of health disorders," "Research and evaluation of the factors of the educational process that affect the health of schoolchildren," which together reflect the content of the program of the laboratory-practical course.

It is intended for students of all faculties, students of colleges studying the course "Fundamentals of medical knowledge and healthy lifestyle".
Guliy IS, Simakhina GO, Ukrainets A.I. Basics of Valeology 2003
Vikladeno сучасні відомості about the fundamental life of the biology, bіохімії, фізіологи, гігієни харчування, геронтології у вивченні чинників, що впливають на стан здоров'я людини. Rozglyanuto zakonomirnosti stanovlennya novoya science valeologii, discussed shahi that way realizatsii sistemy valeologicheskoi osviti, a healthy way zhittya. Osobliva uvaga pridilyayutsya valeologichnyi rol'i kharchuvannya u formavanni, zberenehnі t zmіtsnennі zdorov'ya. Pіdruchnik is recognized for students of vichaschih navichalnyh mortgage, vikladachіv, lecturers, and takozh fahіvtsіv z nash nedividualnogo zdorovya ta zhivotnogo zhittya zhittya.
V.P. Brovyakov, L.I. Kudryavtseva, P.P. Purygin Functional elements of Valeology 2003
The monograph deals with the issues of valeology in terms of a functional approach - the division of valeology into functional elements. The functional element on the one hand contains the basic meaning of one or another valeological question, and on the other hand it optimally realizes the internalization function in the study of it. The totality of the functional elements of valeology gives a more complete picture of it as a science of a healthy lifestyle. Together with theoretical questions of human interaction with the environment from the point of view of physicochemical, mental and social movements of the individual, practical ways of correcting the behavior of a person in anthropogenic environment for maintenance and maintenance of health and a healthy lifestyle are considered. The monograph is intended for teachers and students of liberal arts institutions, as well as for professionals involved in introducing young people and the whole population to a healthy lifestyle.
E.N. Weiner Valeology 2001
The textbook was developed in accordance with the program of discipline for students of non-valeological specialties of universities and universities. The main goal of the textbook is to prepare the student for professional pedagogical activity, oriented to the health-saving education and upbringing of students. For university students.
B.N. Chumakov Valeology Course of lectures 2000
The textbook "Valeology" includes 16 lectures, which reflect numerous theoretical and practical non-traditional factors that affect the state of human health. The book analyzes in detail the data on social medicine, physiology, motor activity, nutrition, psycho-hygiene. The issues of intimate relations, the culture of communication in everyday life, study and work are considered. The alphabet of health and longevity should be cognized with the help of intellect and scientifically grounded modern information. Therefore, the book is primarily designed for teachers and students of pedagogical and humanitarian universities, students of pedagogical colleges, medical schools, as well as a wide range of specialists engaged in the upbringing, prevention, treatment and psycho-physiological rehabilitation of the younger generation.
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