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Energy Drug Concept

Drug theory.

All the greats of the world claim that every person has a soul. But those who do not believe in God, for some reason, all at once believed that every person has a biofield. Here in the biofield, everyone believed in once and for all. Apparently, the biofield is the very soul.

In addition, there are people in society who call themselves psychics. Some simply see this soul around the person, some feel something around the person with their hands. Very many of the pendulum begin, the pendulum begins to swing. Almost all of the frame, a copper wire curve is inserted into the copper tube, and now it carries, carries, carries, and suddenly at some distance either flings away sharply, or this wire dramatically attracts.

So all these psychics say that this is the biofield like this around a person with a ball concentrated. In addition, all these psychics claim in one voice that whenever a person smokes a cigarette, he destroys about twenty-five percent of his energy.

Write it down.

Smoking destroys 25% of energy.

Moderate alcohol, moderate drinking destroys about 50% of energy.

Believers say so: “A man with the help of a devil’s potion, alcohol and tobacco, throws out a part of his spiritual energy to the devil.”

Other drugs (and alcohol, tobacco is also a drug) - destroy more than 80%.

If a person destroys 90% of energy, he falls and cannot walk. And tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you will see drunken people wallowing in the streets. These are people who with the help of alcohol destroyed more than 90% of energy. They lie, there is no energy to stand up, figure out where to go, what to do.

If a person destroys 100% of energy, then what is it called? Who knows? This is called death. But death, comrades, death is different. That man lived, fell ill and died. What about this person say? This man gave his soul to God. And the person who killed himself with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, to whom he gives his soul? He gives his soul to the devil.

So know, colleagues, tell everyone and everything. People who died from alcohol, tobacco and drugs, the Orthodox Church considers them suicidal. They are forbidden to be buried along with everyone in the cemetery, they are forbidden to read in the church, they are even forbidden to be remembered in conversation. Because these people gave their soul not to God, but they gave their soul to the devil.

Write more.

Foul language destroys 10% of energy.

Whenever a person destroys his soul, and gives a part of his energy to the devil, the devil rewards the person with so-called devilish pleasure. Man like it. He got drunk: “Gy-gy-gy-gy-gy!” He smoked: “Ha-ha-ha!” He said: “Ho-ho-ho!” That is, the devil gives him this pleasure. Do you understand? Not just like that.

Write more.

Rock, pop music destroys about 15% of energy. Especially hard rock.

These studies were conducted, strangely enough, not in our country, but in the USA and Canada. Doctor, Professor Ryzhenbal conducted these studies, proved: it is satanic music that destroys the energy and soul of a person. Yes, young people like it. So after a drink like to drink. Drug addict and prick himself like. Of course I like it. The devil for it gives pleasure.

That is against it, comrades, no one argues. Disputes begin further.

We have fought for human rights in society. And these fighters squeal and shout: a person wants to kill himself with vodka - let him kill, do not take in head to interfere. This is his main right in life - to take and kill yourself with vodka. This is his personal business. But when you deal with this issue seriously, it turns out that this is not a personal matter, this is a public matter. Judge for yourself.

There is a man who smokes, drinks, destroys his energy. And this man has a mother. And nature is arranged in such a cunning way that at the energy level, parents and children are connected as two communicating vessels. They have a single level of energy in the family. And now he smokes, drinks, destroys his energy, his energy goes down, and whether he wants it or not, his mother wants it or not, the energy from the mother is automatically pumped to his son. And the mother's energy goes down, her son goes up. This is how nature works. Nature is arranged not on the preservation of the individual, but on the preservation of the genus. And if someone in a clan is bad, other members of the clan automatically share their energy with him.

Do people know about this? You know, people know this and know it perfectly. Whatever city I come to, crying mothers come to me. “Vladimir Georgievich, help. Drinks son. Scary drink. You know, he sucked me out of this drunken life. " Mother even says this - sucked. Because the mother understands that something very important son sucks her drunk. He sucks her energy.

This man has a wife. And whatever city I come to, crying wives come to me: “Vladimir Georgievich, the husband drinks. And you know, he comes home drunk, he lights a cigarette, he is shaking me all the time. ” I look - a young woman. I say:

- What do you think? What are you thinking? When did you get married, what did you think about? Did you have an angel? Did you drink or smoke?

- No, you know, they got married, he drank and smoked. It somehow did not concern me much. But the child was born, but he was drunk ...

ABOUT! The child was born. See how interesting. Married man and woman. In the church, they are not married. They are strangers. There is no connection between them. He smokes, drinks, walks, and this applies to her, but does not shake. Until the moment when a common child is born. As soon as the common child was born, dad sucks energy from the child, the child sucks energy from the mother. Mother shook.

Do people know about this? They know. And they know perfectly.

Here is the head of the family stayed at work. Well for work. Seven, eight, nine, it is not. At home everything is calm. Well, he did not stay at work, but poisoned himself somewhere with alcohol poison. And at home everyone is already walking like this, they know, crawl on their horns. The energy has already gone there. Already in the house they know how he will come.

Now we have a lot of so-called difficult children in schools. Difficult children are the unhappiest children of which at home both the father and the mother suck energy. Together. And now this energetically gnawed child comes to school, he begins to be impudent to the teacher, so that the teacher shouts at him, swears, the teacher at this moment gives him energy. The teacher comes home as a squeezed lemon, but he gives his energy to a difficult child. This difficult child begins to beat the weak. So that the weak are afraid, and through fear he rips the energy off of him. But be sure, as soon as he grows up, this difficult child, he will quickly drive his father and mother to the grave: he will set up a reverse process.

In Omsk, two young people came to one of the classes. We arrived at Mercedes, all in gold. They waited for the end of the lesson, they fit, and they ask me very respectfully:

- Vladimir Georgievich, could you treat our child? You know, some kind of sickly, painful, very poorly developed. All psychics, which only did not come to Omsk, we drove to him, they conjured over him, and he got worse and worse. But here, they say, in the classroom miracles happen at all. Here we would like you to treat it individually. Do not worry about money: how much do you say, pay so much, steal a lot, there will be no problems.

And I look, I say:

“So you both smoke.”

- Yes, we both smoke. We smoke, yes.

- What about alcohol?

- We have all the work through alcohol, we have no work without it.

- What do you want?

- And we want the child treated.

- And why would your child be healthy? You are two throats from your own child sucking the last life energy.
Why would he be healthy? It is necessary to drive you to these courses and to treat you from both this and that.

- Oh, no, no. Sorry.

Back, back, to Mercedes and left. And where does the child? The child has nothing to do with it.

In Moscow, one woman after these classes came up, almost asking for sobbing:

- Vladimir Georgievich, please for Christ’s sake: talk to my husband.

They have a child epileptic in their family. And in epileptic children, energy is on the verge of collapse, very weak. And here she speaks, the husband drunk comes - the child shakes. The husband lights a room in the room - a child by the layer, an attack. I said to him: “What are you doing?” He laughs: “Oh, this is all your medications have brought.” What kind of drugs are there?

Write down everything.

The use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs is the exhaustion of energy, health and life from their own children, parents. And through them - from relatives and close people. This most disgusting phenomenon in our life is called "energy vampirism".

I already told you, colleagues, that I travel a lot across the country. And I must say that our activities are of great interest to all media. Everywhere I go, I’m on TV, radio interviews, newspapers and more. But I noticed that ninety-five percent of all interviews with me never reach the viewer, the viewer is never reached. And if something and publish, then something about an enema, about the eyes, here it is possible. And I suddenly realized, comrades-in-arms, that this is what I am telling you here about alcohol, tobacco and drugs turns out to be absolutely prohibited for our people. Absolutely forbidden. You can progandan any debauchery on TV, the word of truth about alcohol, tobacco, drugs, no one will ever tell you.

But there are sometimes correspondents who already have a terrible situation in the family. They want to try themselves and say: “Vladimir Georgievich, you are the largest sobering specialist in our country. Tell me, what is the worst thing in this problem (alcohol, tobacco, drug)? How can we scare our children? ” And I always say that.

It is terrible that alcohol, tobacco and drugs destroy the gene pool, the heredity of nations. The gene pool of our people is being destroyed. There is a degeneration, it's scary. It is already visible on the eyes that there is a degeneration. It is terrible that alcohol, tobacco, drugs kill people in their prime. It is just killing people. Mass, million murder of our people. This is also scary. It is terrible that alcohol, tobacco, drugs, stupid people. Duplication of our nation is underway. But the most terrible and disgusting in this problem is that in our country, comrades, stunned the older generation. We have stunned the older generation. And this stunned older generation shakes the dubious devilish alcoholic-tobacco joys without allowing normal development and entry into the life of the younger generation. To your own children. This is the most terrible and disgusting thing in this problem, this “energetic vampirism”.

How is a parent obliged to raise his children? Every parent must come home necessarily sober, in a good mood. He should play with the child, teach him something. In the process of communication, add energy to the child for development.

I now remember how my mother raised me. Until the fifth grade, every evening she came to my room when I fell asleep, and surely something good-good would whisper in my ear. And she will surely blow me to the forehead, so that all my evil thoughts have gone out of my head. I can therefore have grown up like this.

We have something that is happening in families now. Just think what is happening in our families now.

Removed everything from hands, rubbed all hands to heat and made a palming.

So, eyes are all closed, calmed down, relaxed, we begin our evening palming, we begin to relax the muscles of our eyes.

Our eyes are good, our eyes are resting, every day our eyes see better and better. The muscles of our eyes relax. Our entire optic tract relaxes.

Today we have taken another decisive step in the destruction of programs of bad habits in our mind and subconscious. We go to classes at the People’s University, we gain knowledge and skills in order to help ourselves, to clear our mind, soul, body, get rid of bad habits, illnesses, restore our health, eyesight. And we also go in order to master Shichko’s psychoanalysis and the Bates method to learn how to help other people.

Indeed, colleagues, behind the windows of our hall is a huge country. Great people literally perish in ignorance. And who if not we will tell people all this terrible truth about them.

Today we learned about the energy concept of drugs. It turns out that the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs is not just a personal matter for everyone, but it is sucking energy, health and life from their own children and parents, and through them from relatives and close people. This most disgusting phenomenon in our life is called "energy vampirism".

Know, associates, about this. Know and remember always.

Today we also learned about a simple and effective way to clean the body at the cellular level - the miracle of starvation. Tomorrow we all have a holiday of soul and body. Day of medical fasting. We will clean every cell of our precious organism from alcohol, tobacco, food and environmental slags and poisons. In the evening we will come out of hunger with the help of live foods, not more than 400 grams.

I believe, colleagues, that all of you with dignity and honor and perform this homework. Spend twenty-four medical fasting and get a great result.

Today at home, in the evening, before going to bed, we have a lot of work to be done to purify the mind, soul, body: this is pouring over the Ivanov system. After that we will warm up, do some warming exercises, put on something warm and do our homework. We will write an essay on the topic "My eyes: how, when and why I lost my sight." We will finish the essay with the obligatory section “I promise my eyes: I promise to love my eyes, remember them, take care, give them rest, relaxation, and training. Every hour I will do palming. Three or four times a day, I will solarize my eyes in the sun. I will do special exercises for the eyes, and my eyes will serve me perfectly, will serve my whole life. "

After that, taking into account all the comments and wishes, we will write a diary of vision correction No. 3 to the top five with a plus. In your diaries, many of you write that you like our classes, that you do not even get tired here for three hours more. Thank you, comrades, for your kind words. Believe that we also need them, our hard work. Well, there are still many new, surprising discoveries and victories over their vices ahead of us all.

Life, sight, life.

And now everyone has their eyes closed, their palms on their nose, they all sat up straight. All eyes under the palms slightly closed, loosened, closed, loosened, closed, loosened. All eyes are closed, palms removed. And all with their noses on the blackboard they wrote: “TO GIVE THE VISION TO THE PEOPLE”. And now the eyes all got wet like children, breathed deeply, breathed out and opened our eyes, quickly blinking. Blinked, blinked, blinked, blinked, blinked, blinked. They looked at each other, looked at me, looked at the hall. We rejoiced at the colors that you open before your eyes.

On this our today's lesson is over. Goodbye. Good luck to you.
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Energy Drug Concept

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