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The development of science about healthy people is a secret. Vinikaє bagato pereshkod ob'ktivnogo y sub'ktivnoy character. I often want to because of the fact that special technology is not in order, to understand the meaning of "healthy" is treated ambiguously. Not clearly marked is a Valeological Institute of the Middle Sciences. Є Ask for the з з з г г є є ю. So, at the Institute of Ecology and Toxicology (metro Kyiv) N. Prodanchuk and I. Wise to write, scho "zberezhennya i zmіtsnennya health of people - the main meta gіgієni". I would like to mean the author’s self-titled robot: “Gigin is a science about the flow of different officials of the middle hand and the viral nature of healthy people.” Tobto about the gigantic achievements є not healthy people, but the middle age. Gigina doesn’t have to deal with fragmented health criteria and formulate health reserves, and, as a rule, is assigned to the Great Medical Encyclopedia, because it increases the number of officials who need to be healthy and healthy.

V. Kolbanov (St. Petersburg), I’m surely one of the galleys of preventive medicine, and valueology cannot be clearly attributed to the medical sciences. Valueology can’t be shunned by preventive visits and protection by a huge health, won’t be aimed at healthy people with victorious positive officials, and not more than those who are shy. The surrounding methods are available, valeology is vistorist, physiology, clinical, laboratory, psychology, social and social methods are needed to formulate and maintain healthy people and function.

Deacon’s author to introduce the problems of science about healthy people to sanology - systems and methods that will quickly drain on the power of organisms. This is straightforwardly spotted in the Soviet Socialist Republic, for example, from the 60s of S. Pavlenko and S. Oleinik, as well as the ability to mechanically undergo sanogenesis in the course of a long period of health and safety. For I. Brekhman, the main idea is that there are scientific gallows in that, where sanology is about science, and not science about healthy things like that, like Valeology, I want to be close to medicine, all the same, science is about straightforward I am. Moreover, for the rest of the fate it became apparent that I was guilty of straightforward behavior at my own physiological day to fix the trouble before the people. Subsequently, the American scientist R. Ruben was established, moreover, by ontogenesis (vision, hearing of the central nervous system) of the fetus in the other half of the vaginality of the gateway, to change their minds for a foolish industrial development.

Remaining an hour of systemic valueology, mustache has been practiced at the practice of protecting health. Zokrem, also widely used in terms of "valeopharmacology", it is necessary to prescribe up to one of the pharmacological pharmacology. For the І.
Yakovleva and my spouse, valeopharmacology, vivcha, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical care, and I will be victorious to achieve that healthy health, I will become somatic, mental and social well-being. At the same time, the valopharmacology of looking at the normal structure and function of the organism is not a substrate for the development of pathological pathology, but the basis of non-specific resistance, which is important for health and health.

On the basis of the remote point of view, the majority of the secondary sciences V. Kolbanov sawing the gadgets, in the dialectical aspect, a part of clinical medicine is practical - all day is important for health; valueology - a borderline and integrative gala of scientific knowledge in the field of medicine, physiology, psychology, theory of physical education, social science and pedagogy, explicitly attributed to European health in the field of pathogenesis.

Significantly valued language scholarship on this stage is becoming a part of different programs for schools. Zavіduvach CHAIR valeologії Dnіpropetrovskogo іnstitutu pіslyadiplomnoї osvіti Morozova zasvіdchuє scho dumb dosі chіtkih programs іz valeologії, Absent profesіyno pіdgotovlenih fahіvtsіv have bagatoh vipadkah subject vikladayut vipadkovі people Zi svoїm spetsifіchnim Buchan Zdorov'ya that rіznimi rekomendatsіyami in the Branch quackery, ekstrasensoriki. I do not want to analyze for I-XI classes, I do not care about any kind of science - a scientific message of relevance - I’ve got to accept authorization.

Appearance in Ukrainian valeology in such an hour, which was created for an hour, was visible to the protest. The Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods of Ukraine (left) (2000 p.) Devoting food and drink to the middle generation — problems of valueology. The documents that were accepted on the forum say: “Know with school programs, but also one hand in one class for one class -“ Ivorova’s P. Ivanov’s system ”, for the fourth class I’m starting to change, on the 9th - of asthmatic and monthly astrological cults, on the 11th one should understand the meaning of the car, and for those who want to take it, it is recommended that they take the occult and magical literature. rights broaden pseudo-religion svitoglyad "

All the half-heartedly є, but, the respect of V. Morozov, to us, the Ukrainians themselves, who were guilty of the minds of an environmental disaster and social insecurity, requiring that the mystery be healthy. “We live like that, as the daddy started us; to be happy with the year, we have all the pluses and minuses. I’m left, sorry, to appear more. We don’t have to completely neglect our own health.” .
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  1. Methodological fundamentals of valueology. Objects of valeology, tasks, straightforward development.
    Valueology - a complex of knowledge in the third practical addition about the physical, mental and moral health of people at the expense of a discreet medium; about saving and maintaining health at the time of birth and to old age, prevention of illness, about turning to health, and promoting healthy living. Valeology as a science about healthy indivium, suspensions
  3. The concept of whirlwind robots in the Western forces and the rest of the form of Ukraine about the whirlwind work and the MPZ
    By the method of increasing the number of whirlwind robots in the Ukrainian Forces and in the form of Ukraine, in order to identify and in ambush in order to revive them, the President of Ukraine has approved the concept of the new form of war. The entire Decree of the Ministry of Defense, the Command of the National Guard, the Head of the Sovereign Committee at the right of the defense
  4. Course robot. Toxicology of proto-teratrin and the most alkaloid chemeritsy, 2008
    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Introduction, Botanical description, Active substances and their properties, Active substances and their properties, Pathogenesis, Clinical signs of various types of poisoning, Pathological and anatomical changes, Diagnostics, Treatment, prevention, Veterinary and sanitary assessment of animal products, conclusion, list of used
  5. The methodology for predicting the development of psychogenic entrances in the middle of a special warehouse
    The effectiveness of the special warehouse in the fighting situation, the nature of the fighting psychological injuries removed, the urgent need for operational psychological assistance and the need for the psychological rehabilitation of the patient’s methods of prediction. For a healthy living environment, you need to be aware of the key understandings, with the following:
  6. The methodology for predicting the development of psychogenic entrances in the middle of a special warehouse
    Efficiency of a special warehouse in a combat situation, the nature of their elimination of combat psychological injuries, the provision of operational psychological assistance, and the implementation of psychological rehabilitation methods to lay down the above-mentioned methods for predicting a psychological prediction. For a healthy environment in combat, you need to become familiar with key interpretations,
  7. The subject of valeology
    Valeology (Latin valeo - healthy but Greek. Logos - scholarship, science) - the science of formulating, preserving and maintaining healthy people in the spiritual, mental, physical and social plan. The science of valeology vinikla on the stick is low in science, the basis of medicine, physiology, psychology, pedagogy, social science is skinny. On this day, the basic principles of science about indivisible health can be presented
    Innovation of the fundologist valeologії І. Brekhman (1921-1994) is not less lazy for the well-established conceptual new science and name the vibrations for it, and the first for the original interpretation of the very understanding of "healthy". There are three peculiarities in the interpretation: - Interpretation of understanding of individual health and health with the priority of health, which has become the main category of valeology;
  9. Bringing together a list of Valeologian Ukrainian endeavors
    He is rightly respectful of the science of healthy people in the nowadays rooted society of I.I. Brekhman, who is a kind of man in Vladivostok. Itself win formulating the methodological foundations of saving and maintaining healthy and healthy health. The hour of our homecoming is adaptogenic, for example, when you become a new proponent of science - pharmacosanation (“faces” for healthy people), win time about
  10. . Object valeologії
    The subject of science is the subject, which is clearly marked by activity. At a medical facility є a twig of people and a middle ground, it’s supposed to undergo life insurance. Healthy Lyudin is not trashy at the field dawning lіkarya. The process of lower health, the form of the greeting card and the cob (non-demonstrative) forms of catching the baby without the control of the drug, without active calls in advance
    Valueology is populated year by year, a Wiklikan with pure ideas and the best possible methods, however, like genetics and cybernetics, the same age as supra-marriage, cynicism, quackery, non-rule, amateurism. That is all the science of fasting and developing. Professionals G. Apanasenko, L. Popova (m. Kyiv), M. Goncharenko (m. Kharkiv), associate professor at Ukrainian Science School of Valeology. V. Kulinchenko (metro Kyiv),
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